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GrandmaALiCE December 15th, 2015 4:58am

Inspired by @Kay41: Are you familiar with Toastmasters International?

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tcadez Minnesnowta
12/17/15 1:47 am

I am a Toastmaster. Have been for a little over a year. It's a great organization. In fact later today I'll be heading to our last weekly meeting in 2015.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/17/15 8:42 am

That's great! How many speeches have you given?

tcadez Minnesnowta
12/17/15 8:50 am

Hmm... I should know it off the top of my head, but I don't. Over 15. I completed my manual within the first year and I've competed in a couple of contests. Almost made it to districts with my humor speeches 2 years in a row.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/17/15 8:39 pm

Hey, that's great! I love Toastmasters contests, but humor isn't my thing.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/15/15 12:31 pm

I was a stay at home mom, until my children were teenagers. When I went back to work, I discovered that I badly needed help learning to communicate. To make a very long story shorter, Toastmasters really turned my life around.

I joined originally, for work reasons. By the time I retired, I was hooked on the organization and I'm still an active member. I recommend it highly!

Rosebud Ohio
12/15/15 6:36 am

Yes. I really don't remember where but a member was telling amazing stories. I wanted to join but was just a kid, so at the mercy of my parents. Cool group.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/15/15 12:12 pm

Look into it again. Go to and use the Find a Club button. There are clubs all over the country, at many different times and locations. It really is an amazing organization.

Rosebud Ohio
12/15/15 12:33 pm

Thanks! I'll look into it when I get home. I know I could use anything that improves my communication skills.

Rosebud Ohio
12/15/15 12:37 pm

Just did a quick search, there are several in my area, and at least one isn't restricted to just members (but does fall on the one day I probably couldn't get childcare coincidentally).
I may yet be able to join. :)

shygal47 Florida east coast
12/15/15 6:04 am

When I was working I always wanted to join so I could learn good public-speaking skills but the closest group was 50 miles away.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/15/15 12:19 pm

I'm sorry to hear that.

cpaswr just say the letters
12/14/15 10:22 pm

I was a member until my son was born.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/15/15 12:17 pm

Your time is more limited now, I understand. Do you think you might go back at some time?

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
12/15/15 12:16 pm

Are you a member or have you ever been a member?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
12/15/15 12:24 pm

I have not. I was planning to join around the time that I realized Dad needed me, so I have never been a member.