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Would you rather lose an arm or an eye? (UserQ)

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09/04/11 4:39 pm

i would rather lose a testicle

08/31/11 2:22 pm

I said eye because of the concern for depth perception and that I already have poor vision, I want to keep my vision as good as possible.

victoria5 Ohio
08/28/11 9:18 pm

eye... I'd get to wear a cool eye patch :)

kandykane California
08/28/11 10:20 am

Now that I've seen these comments, I'm changing my answer to arm.

08/27/11 3:33 pm

You can get one of those fake arms but u can't get a fake eye

08/26/11 10:54 pm

I have lost an eye & believe I would choose losing an arm. Maybe different if I had lost an arm. But one good eye is very precious & I try to protect.

3LJH3 Texas
08/26/11 9:46 pm

It would be alot easier to cope with havin one eye than one arm

08/26/11 1:37 pm

You can't drive with one eye.

08/25/11 10:30 pm

I'd get to wear an eyepatch.

08/25/11 10:26 am

No clue what automail is though.

08/25/11 10:25 am

Aj, the megabuster is an excellent idea haha.

kitten2cat Unknown
08/24/11 11:10 pm

(continued)No one would want to look at my face.

kitten2cat Unknown
08/24/11 11:09 pm

My arm. I could just get a fake arm, but who would love a girl with no eye???

08/24/11 4:45 pm

Both if I could.......just kidding.

08/24/11 12:00 am

I'm curious why a question like this was even asked... (I guess that's just me...)

AJ22 Virginia
08/23/11 10:25 pm

Lose an arm and get automail. Or the mega buster....

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:59 pm

said "eye" b/c I'm already myopic! as long as I lost my lazy eye, I am good!

08/23/11 4:53 pm

An arm?!?! You people are crazy!

08/23/11 2:19 pm

Said eye before I realized two important things and changed my mind. You won't have great depth perception/ be able to view 3d things (Like movies. An if you don't like them now they'll be getting better soon). Also, and more importantly, if you lose an arm you can always get an awesome prosthetic!

08/23/11 1:08 pm

Right arm or left arm? Good eye or bad eye? How am I losing it? These are all very important considerations...

08/23/11 8:06 am

Eye. I would still be able to swim. Swimming is my life!

08/23/11 7:52 am

I live for football and I would rather loose an arm to still enjoy the natural beauty around me

08/23/11 2:01 am

@handy, but what if a drummer like Neil peart lost his arm, no electronic drum could replace that arm.

08/23/11 1:25 am

Why would anyone drag politics into this, keep that shit to yourself. My hands do to much for me, I'd have to go with losing the eye. What a bad ass storage compartment, right? haha

JoeMo410 Louisiana
08/23/11 12:47 am

Can only see bright lights in my right eye. been like this for 8 years. Now I'm about to lose it. Won't even affect my life.

08/23/11 12:30 am

You could have an eye patch! Chicks dig eye patches...

08/22/11 11:36 pm

A Robotic arm would be so great!

flippy Pennsylvania
08/22/11 11:17 pm

An eye because eye patches are cool

LadyBatman Texas
08/22/11 10:36 pm

I'm already legally blind in my left eye, might as well loose it if I had a choice.

08/22/11 10:22 pm

I am a staunch republican.

08/22/11 10:12 pm

Eye because u can just wear an eye patch

08/22/11 9:46 pm

the drummer from def leppard only had one arm.

08/22/11 7:56 pm

I would rather lose my eye. Because you only need one to read music and playing instrumental music has made my life to this point

08/22/11 7:10 pm

Loose eye = eye patch

08/22/11 6:39 pm

As a guitarist, losing my arm would ruin whatever skill I have.

higuys Illinois
08/22/11 6:31 pm

loose eye and you lose depth perception

08/22/11 5:49 pm

I chose eye just because I need it less than my arms. Either way, I get early retirement. WooHoo!!!!

6fingers Texas
08/22/11 5:49 pm

Lost 4 fingers on my right hand when I was 13. (now AKA 6fingers). Knowing what I know now I'd give up the arm instead of an eye except the patch would be cool. If you lose an arm no one would say anything if you were wearing an eye patch too. They'd just think it happened in the same accident.

08/22/11 5:31 pm

I agree with the leg idea.

08/22/11 4:53 pm

I would wanna loose an eye for a bad ass eye patch XD

juiceman1601 Alton Il.
08/22/11 4:09 pm

Lose an arm, get an artificial. Lose an up, sorry for your misfortune.

Hestia Vermont
08/22/11 2:07 pm

I'm not really using my left arm THAT much...

However, if 'leg' was one of the choices here, I'd pick that in an instant.

Punchy57 Michigan
08/22/11 1:35 pm

Jtjr99 - I bet you are a democrat. Avoiding answering the question with a post like that.

08/22/11 1:33 pm

As an optician this was the hardest question to answer on this app.

08/22/11 11:21 am

The guy who won the medal of honor got a robotic arm and can do most of the stuff he could do before. But if u loose your eye your depth perception gets messed up