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drself December 15th, 2015 1:44am

The White House says, it doesn't know why so many Americans are buying guns. If you want to know, ask in the comments. I am sure someone will let you know.

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cowboy Proud Father
12/17/15 8:58 am

Barry Soetoro is the greatest gun seller ever. That's is his only redeeming quality. From the Mexican drug cartel to ISIL. He loves giving guns away.

GlockMan1 Alabama
12/15/15 7:29 pm

President Obama is the greatest gun salesman of all time. Every time he gets a burr in his pants about banning guns, sales skyrocket.

12/15/15 6:08 am

They are lying. They know why.

dudley northern Virginia woods
12/14/15 11:46 pm

People do not trust the White House to protect them and they suspect that the WH wishes to outlaw guns entirely.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/14/15 11:36 pm

Becuz it has become increasingly clear if we want any measure of safety - or at least a fighting chance - we damn well better be prepared to defend ourselves. Current Admin sure as hell isn't going to get it done.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 8:14 pm

I know why.

BrokenMirror free speech
12/14/15 7:48 pm

Wow, the head of the free world doesn't know what 97% of Americans do.

jlong105 Indiana
12/14/15 7:39 pm

Three words:

Best Christmas ever!

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/14/15 7:10 pm

More criminals are using their easily accessible assault rifles.. it's good to have the same level of firepower.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/14/15 7:10 pm

Plus if the government tries to steal them they'll help protect our rights

drself Gated Community
12/15/15 9:22 am

What is an assault rifle? Is that like an assault hammer, but with a rifle?

knetzere Illinois
12/14/15 7:06 pm

Probably because they want to. There are many reasons that someone might want to make any purchase

bowtieguy wishin I was fishin
12/14/15 6:57 pm

People want to protect themselves and they fear that with the recent mass shootings that it will become harder to get a gun legally

Iamamerican California
12/14/15 6:52 pm

Obama is the best gun salesman we've ever had! The more he talks about gun control, the more people buy guns!

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
12/14/15 8:04 pm

Well then why do republicans hate him so much? :)

snozwaffer Dove Canyon, CA
12/15/15 4:02 am

Because I don't want to have to spend my money on guns right now while prices are inflated because of the fear of losing our second amendment rights.

drself Gated Community
12/15/15 9:25 am

Obama has created jobs in the gun industry. So when he says, he has created US jobs, he is not lying, for once.