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AlohaSnackbar December 15th, 2015 1:26am

Am I a Richard for recording the amount of times my English teacher says "Um" or "You Know" daily for no real good reason?

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12/14/15 7:18 pm

Love it!

knetzere Illinois
12/14/15 7:11 pm

Every speech class ever we were told those kinds of phrases were death to a speaker.

Then comes Obama declared the greatest orator to ever grace a stage I was very confused the first time I heard him speak

AlohaSnackbar Long Island
12/14/15 6:58 pm

I've been doing it for a while, the all time record for "Um" was 200, while "You Know" stands at 64. At 40 minutes per class, that's 12.5 ums per minute and 1.6 you knows per minute.

LilDoggies LawnGuyLand, NY
12/14/15 6:48 pm

You are not a Richard sir you are a Saint. God bless

AlohaSnackbar Long Island
12/14/15 6:49 pm

Just doing the good lords work my friend