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Think December 15th, 2015 12:12am

Mr Obama and his inner circle have each acknowledged that ISIS uses social media to communicate. Yet, Jeh Johnson directed those performing background checks that they could not use social media for vetting. Do you support Mr Obama's policy?

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JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 9:48 am

Deciding not to do something because of the fear of how the decision will be publicized in the news, is a common and legitimate justification of not doing it. Happens all the time when companies/organizations implement new policies. Nothing new here. Do u want the gov looking at your Facebook page, questioning your late light drunken rage against Obama's policies or the black lives matter movement in an arguably racist way, even tho you didn't mean to make it sound racist or extremist? I'm guessing you wouldn't. Check your white privilage, homie!!

Think Lovin Life
12/15/15 9:53 am

James ... it's understandable that you'll carry the water for this ridiculous dereliction of duty bred by MrO throughout his administration.

The answer is yes, if I put the info out on Facebook, I have no expectation of privacy from the government.

The real question is, given their now totally discredited vetting methods, will you still stand with MrO -- against MrO's own FBI Director -- and support the vetting process that MrO claims is "thorough"?

Think Lovin Life
12/15/15 9:57 am

James ... I don't drink. I am disgusted by hate groups like black lives matter, the racist groups like the NAACP. And the first amendment protects my right to expose the truth about these horrible organizations, even if you don't like it.

It's clear, that if you had your fascist way, the right to free speech would be curtailed.

Lucky for the majority of Americans, you're not in charge.

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 10:16 am

And what about an American's free speech to pledge allegiance to an extremist hate group (like the kkk or isis) on facebook. Would you protect their right to express that speech? I.e. they could say all that without ANY reprocussion at all?

Think Lovin Life
12/15/15 10:45 am

James ... First let's knock off the pathetic attempt at moral equivalence. How many people have the Democrat created KKK killed in the last decade? They're disgusting and should get no more air time than they get now.

Next, you're attempting conflate our need to vet foreigners with the rights of privacy. When MrO himself speaks frequently about Muslim terrorists using social media to communicate it's is moronic to then suggest that our gov't can't use those same tools to determine who is and who isn't a terrorist.

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 10:52 am

Right. I'm just saying, let's not be so quick to implement things that may later come back to bite yourself in the ass.

I'm going to laugh if u vote 4 this and in 5 years get arrested under the very law u voted 4.

I'll also cry, if the visa versa happens to me.

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 10:54 am

Not saying you or I are extremists, but sometimes implementing laws to protect ourselves end up hurting ourselves.

Think Lovin Life
12/15/15 12:47 pm

James ... you may be half-baked and do stupid things that could result in incrimination, but I'm fully-baked and confident that any review of my online or offline personal life is not going to lead to an arrest.

Be safe!

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
12/14/15 10:47 pm

PC turned deadly. I knew it would happen...

paganraccoon ABC123
12/14/15 8:58 pm

They don't acknowledge ISIS anything. They call it ISIL which is extremely demeaning to Israel.

12/14/15 7:38 pm

Who has time for that when there are millions of right wing Christian terrorists bombing abortion clinics every single day!

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 9:41 am

Maybe not bombing, or even shooting. But christian extremists ARE most definitely terrorizing Planned Parenthood facilities and anyone who is seeking PP services (average Americans).

12/15/15 9:42 am

Lol, you must live in a completely different world than the rest of us.

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 9:57 am

I live in wisconsin, if that's the "completely different world" you're talking about.

I take it you haven't heard (probably because Fox doesn't tell BOTH sides of the story)that ppl frequently vandalize, throw bottles at, throw pork products at, glue the locks shut at, throw bricks/rocks at windows at, verbally/physically harass customers of, plant homemade pipe bombs at....etc. - at planned parenthood facilities.

Just so happens that these people are ALMOST ALWAYS affiliated with a branch of Christianity.

It also just do happens that they tend to vote GOP.

Why is that?

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 9:59 am

Trying to make ppl scared so they don't use a facility, because of your political or religious ideology, is the definition of terrorism.

12/15/15 10:01 am

I don't watch fox, and I've never seen anything but an occasional, random story about that sort of thing anywhere.
I think you need to get your tinfoil hat adjusted and start worrying about actual threats.

12/15/15 10:02 am

Even this most recent shooting is pretty obviously about a guy with serious mental health problems, not some sort of Christian terrorist.

JamesTiberius think outside the box
12/15/15 11:22 am

Colorado Springs. An area with one of the largest concentrations of mega-churches in the U.S. where major Christian organizations are headquartered. Where the average belief about abortion is pro life.

Ok, I'll give u that this doesn't necessarily mean he was born into a Christian family or has those beliefs. He could be atheist.

But all the radio stations, billboards, shops, local media.....all have a slight Christian bias in their content.

You're saying this guy wasn't influenced by any of that?

Humans make psychological decisions based on nature/nurture. Partly based on what naturally is going on in our genetics, but equally important is our environment - how we were raised, who we were raised by, our childhood friend/influences, pop culture, Christian culture, holidays, the government, our needs for goods & services.

So maybe this guy was ONLY influenced by his crazy genetics and not by the political right saying names like "baby killer", but I doubt it.

rons Thanks America
12/14/15 7:24 pm

Totally incompetent

jvc1133 61535
12/14/15 7:12 pm

Obama's a disappointment to his radical Muslim brethren. ; )

12/14/15 7:12 pm

They are too busy listening to your private phone calls and reading your private text messages to be watching public social media sites.

Think Lovin Life
12/14/15 7:13 pm

Max ... they're too busy sympathizing with radicals to properly vet additional refugees, which is why we must take a break.

12/14/15 7:14 pm


10M allowed in on visas last year, I think we are doomed.

12/14/15 7:39 pm

They're bypassing all of that anyway by just marrying citizens.

12/14/15 8:35 pm

Are you looking for a place to move? We are.