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Hooah December 14th, 2015 11:31pm

Ideology series: those that have liberal or left leaning ideologies tend to be members of the Democratic Party. Do you know what the Democratic Party officially in?

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12/14/15 5:50 pm

Thanks for posting the link to the Democratic Platform. I thought that kind of rhetoric was blacklisted along with Mein Kampf and the Anarchist Cookbook, but I guess it slipped through the cracks.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 5:53 pm

America don't blacklist people or literature anymore, because we're not fascist. Did you know we fought a war against fascism?

12/14/15 5:59 pm

No. "We" didn't. Your Grandparents did. Your generation is creating safe places to hide from offensive ideas.

FYI, the Democratic Party blacklists everyday through social pressure using political correctness.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 6:03 pm

Oh of course. My eyes have been open. Thanks dumbass. I don't have time for comments that excuse fascism.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/14/15 6:13 pm

Fascism: forcibly suppressing opposition & criticism

Bigot: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 6:17 pm

I know what fascism is. If you don't check out my polls. You'll find them quite interesting

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 6:39 pm

Okie dokie then.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
12/14/15 11:58 pm

I LOVE the callback to that craven generation that had to be forced to fight the Nazis, and then after millions had died and they pretended to come in like a conquering hero.

I don't have awhile lot of respect for the so-called "Greatest Generation".

12/15/15 6:36 am

Ahw. The little socialist hates the WW2 generation.

You don't need to express axioms. We know you hate the traditional virtues of manhood epitomized by the WW2 generation.

Go back to your gender neutral safe-space. I'm about to get political and I don't want you to bleed all over your YouTube channel with your fragile feelings.

Ready? I warned you.

Socialism sucks, Bernie Sanders sucks, Obama sucks, Hillary sucks, Afrocentric Blacklivesmatter Nazism sucks, Secular Humanism sucks, Welfare sucks, free College sucks, minimum wage hikes suck, unions suck, common core sucks, social healthcare sucks, climate change sucks, self-loathing white keep DD who hate white people suck...and you also suck.

You may cry now.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/15/15 6:39 am

Secular humanism? Looks like someone has to go talk to Macchiavelli about republican government. I also love how you listed all those things that suck, but you love fascism. I hate fascism above all other political ideologies. But if you want to see in Mussolini's Italy or Hitler's Germany in America, vote for Trump.

12/15/15 6:44 am

I love fascism? That's news to me. Here I thought I was a Reagan Conservative.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
12/15/15 8:32 am

Reagan conservative?

Are you in favor of granting amnesty to all undocumented immigrants? You also like massive deficit spending, I assume. Plus you'd never think about openly insulting a fellow Republican.

I do believe you are a conservative, as the extent of your "getting political" was about as nuanced as a third grader on the playground.

I hope you live a long, long life and get to see as people slowly begin dropping gendered pronouns and the world changes around you, mocking tinged with pity the only response your regressive ideas evoke. I want to hear you grumbling bitterly for decades.

12/15/15 10:43 am


Being a Reagan Conservative doesn't mean I have to defend every position he took. I studied his background, his political ideology and the reasoning he used to arrive there. I use him as the hallmark personality of Conservatism because he embodied it best....not perfectly...but best.

Thank you for wishing me longevity. I'm sure I'll see the downward spiral from normative to mental illness progress to it's full potential.

Unlike you, I'm not interested in winning an argument or feeding off the repulsion I can invoke by challenging another state of normal, like these perverse leftists who are now fighting to get mother-daughter lesbian relationships normalized.

Instead, I'll continue to fight for the sake of my daughter's dignity to be able to use the public restroom without Steve the Transvestite pissing in the stall next to her.

Merry Christmas.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
12/15/15 1:24 pm

You're a grotesque fuck. I almost feel bad for you. Your children are going to grow up in a world you refuse to recognize. You'll either have to change, pretend, or lose your children forever.

Hatred like yours doesn't breed anything but bitterness and hatred in those around you.

12/15/15 1:29 pm

**Slow Clap**

Hatred? I don't hate Steve the Transvestite. I just love my daughter and since she was born a girl, I'd say her dignity infinitely exceeds Steve's sexual identity crisis.

What is it you socialists keep spouting at Conservatives and our love of rugged individualism?

The good of the many outweigh the need of the few.
(Except when you don't want your penis. Them everyone must agree that you're now a girl.)

You need a Lithium prescription.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
12/15/15 1:38 pm

You say "rugged individualism" but you mean "toxic masculinity".

12/15/15 1:46 pm

No. I mean...get off your ass and earn a living using your natural talents and education by competing in the free market.

Toxic masculinity? What kind of KoolAid are they serving in the Nazi cafeteria? Lol.

12/15/15 1:48 pm

Omg....are you a Teacher? I just realized you sound exactly like a liberal university professor.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/14/15 5:26 pm

This fully nails my beliefs as a liberal democrat. My first choice is sanders although he's too soft on military policy generally for my taste being retired military. Excellent post I'm sharing.

SupremeDolphin They.them
12/14/15 6:54 pm

I would like him to be more like Paul on war. Other than that, I love his domestic reform platforms, and his strong stance against climate change is long overdo. I also strongly support a single payer system. Capitalism CANNOT handle people's health. It has failed.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/14/15 6:58 pm

I agree mostly except I'm a complete no go on anything Paul. Lol

Yes capitalism screws up everything it touches regarding social policy. Look at for profit prisons and yes Medical care.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 4:46 pm

I'm sorry, did I make an error somewhere?

12/14/15 4:55 pm

I'm serious. Should that last word be, "is?"

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 5:05 pm

Yes it should. Thanks for catching that.

Think Lovin Life
12/14/15 8:10 pm

Zia ... you're so funny! You suggest that the problem is that others can't read, yet you proven that you can't write. Oops!

Thanks for yet another laugh!

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 8:11 pm

Good one Think, you're so clever 😂

Think Lovin Life
12/14/15 8:15 pm

Zia ... you make it too easy! You provide so many opportunities to expose your regular hypocrisy.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 8:18 pm

I think this is the only time because of a typo. I'm not a hypocritical person.

Think Lovin Life
12/14/15 8:23 pm

Zia ... this isn't just a typo, what about the poor sentence structure?

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 8:30 pm

Yes, it is a rather poor sentence structure. It should read, if properly corrected, " do you know what the Democratic Party officially believes in?"

That phrase makes more grammatical sense. But that hardly makes me a hypocrite.

12/17/15 3:41 pm

I was really just looking for clarification. I make mistakes too.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 4:32 pm

Are there any other ideologies y'all want me to cover in this series? I will be doing one on libertarianism.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/14/15 4:31 pm

Here is the official platform of the Democratic Party: