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RichardF December 14th, 2015 7:07pm

Are you currently working 40 or more hours for the same company but are considered a part time employee by the company to avoid paying benefits?

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mugendraco Alabama
12/14/15 1:42 pm

Yep. As an Uber driver I work over 60 hours per week sometimes, and usually take home a lot less than a minimum wage worker makes doing 40. And they consider us contractors, not employees, so we don't get benefits either.

12/14/15 2:40 pm

Is there some reason why you stay with that job?

mugendraco Alabama
12/14/15 2:43 pm

It's the only job I could get. I've been applying to every job I can find for over 2 years, and Uber is the only place that would take me. If I quit, then I'm back to no income at all.

12/14/15 3:03 pm

Very understandable. I hope your job search turns up something soon.