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MattMaster98 December 14th, 2015 6:13am

Would you give up your presidential vote for $100,000?

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AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
12/14/15 9:59 am

For one election, or forever?

Highlander1 Iowa
12/14/15 9:14 am

It's shameful that that many Americans would give up what so many fought and died for.

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/14/15 4:22 am

Sure. With our current electoral system, most votes are meaningless.

karion Illinois
12/14/15 2:43 am

Only once. I've never missed voting in any election, so I wouldn't feel too guilty using the money to pay off my kids' college loans.

susanr Colorado
12/14/15 12:11 am

No. Not for any amount of money.

bartman71 USW
12/13/15 11:19 pm

Intriguing. I would be out of debt, but at what possible cost?

Twinkeys Minnesota
12/13/15 11:15 pm

I'd give it up for way less than that.