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rynefrompf December 13th, 2015 9:02pm

Libertarianism as an ideology will not live on for much longer as a separate ideology in the American political consciousness.

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DGroot America
12/13/15 3:13 pm

No, as a lower case l or as a philology, it will continue and grow. As a party it will continue to falter because not everyone is fit to be as ruggedly individualistic as Libertarianism requires.

FLAmerican Pensacola
12/13/15 2:59 pm

Lord no, it's a growing, but also historic ideology dating back for centuries. It's not going anywhere as much as socialist, conservatives, and progressives aren't going anywhere.

veritas1 Panda
12/13/15 2:05 pm

Nah. Libertarians are a stubborn bunch (which is not necessarily a bad thing).