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Yak December 13th, 2015 6:34am

Do you think the safety of US citizens is more important than the feelings of Muslim Americans?

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mac Oregon
12/13/15 8:56 am

Everyone deserves safety and equality. ALL.

12/13/15 10:34 am

Everyone agrees that is ideal. The difficulty we're facing as a nation, is when one is pitted against the other and you need to compromise on one of them.

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/13/15 1:21 am

I think the 1st amendment is more important than "safety". The fact is that no security is 100% effective. The fact that some people are frightened of Muslims doesn't mean we should turn our back on what this country was founded on.

RB20 Indiana
12/13/15 1:38 am

I hope you feel the same about the second amendment

12/13/15 1:55 am

A) The 1st amendment doesn't apply to potential immigrants
B) Staying alive is an important value

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/13/15 2:44 am

A) Muslim Americans are not immigrants.

B) If staying alive is your goal, you shouldn't drive a car or fly on a plane or basically do anything because your odds of dying doing pretty anything are higher than being killed by a Muslim. Fear is overriding logic by so many Americans, and frankly it is embarrassing.

12/13/15 7:19 am

A) We're discussing things like the temporary ban on Muslim immigrants
B) You're confusing rational fear with irrational fear

mac Oregon
12/13/15 8:59 am

Shit- not Yak! Lost, I am on your side! More coffee here....

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/13/15 1:55 pm

Yak, you're the one with irrational fear if you fear refugees, which btw wasn't being discussed since Muslim Americans aren't refugees. Of all the ways to get into this country, that's the most torturous path. Silly, embarrassing, irrational fear… plain and simple.

12/13/15 2:24 pm

A lot Muslim Americans feel uncomfortable with Trump wanting to stop Muslim immigration. The refugees and potential immigrants don't have 1st amendment rights, so if there's a danger involved - there's no rational for accepting them.

Some people (like you) think being safe will "offend" Muslim Americans, and therefore we should put ourselves in danger rather than make them "uncomfortable".

Similarly, there are many necessary safety measures which can and should be implemented - right here in the US. The only rational not to implement them is if you think offending Muslim Americans is worse than Americans dying.

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/13/15 2:50 pm

Yak - since you want to move the goalposts after being called out, let's have THAT discussion now.

Banning Muslims from entering is the damned dumbest thing I've heard of. How do actually think that would be implemented? Do you think all Muslims look the same because they don't. Many Muslims don't dress or look like I imagine you think they do. Islam is a religion and you can't pick out a Muslim just like you can't pick out a Christian from a crowd. Muslims come from all corners of the globe and all shades of skin. This policy doesn't keep us safer. It feeds into the ISIS propaganda and it's just a rallying cry for those who don't have critical thinking skills. Your only hope to keep all Muslims out is to shut down all international travel to the US because Trump's idiotic ban idea is what happens when an arse gets up on stage and starts spewing crap.

wolf124 California
12/12/15 11:43 pm

Muslim Americans = US Citizens.