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ctlibertarian December 13th, 2015 3:18am

Does Bernie Sanders understand economics?

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Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
12/13/15 12:49 am

Clearly he does... What he wants has been done in many EU countries and they're doing fine.

12/13/15 12:41 am

It's amazing how people who have taken their intro to economics high school course think their federal reserve wizards when in actuality they couldn't tell you the differences between Keynes and Hayek. Clearly Bernie Sanders understand economics and anyone who has studied it in depth will tell you that

Posco BBQ Enthusiast
12/12/15 9:06 pm

Of course he does. It's the psychological aspects of utility that people disagree with him.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/12/15 8:25 pm

No, lmao.