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Elliebear DFW
12/12/15 9:32 pm

I used to work at Sonic Drive-In and what most people didn't know was that we made about $4 an hour plus tips. We're viewed as waiters and waitresses.

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/12/15 10:23 pm

This isn't really about sonic. This is like picking up a pizza to go.

Elliebear DFW
12/13/15 9:13 am

Oh ok I get it now. Lol whoops. But to answer the question like that, then no I don't tip.

susanr Colorado
12/12/15 7:17 pm

I do, but not 20+% as I would for table service; more like 10%. Somebody's cooking, putting together, & packing the order, and I'll be they're not making a living wage.