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Cole12 December 12th, 2015 7:04pm

Are you studying for any tests this weekend?

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12/14/15 12:05 am

I have three finals left (Art History, Environmental/Geology, and American Politics). I had a French exam and a Microecon exam last week

Rosebud Ohio
12/13/15 9:29 am

Not this semester. Will be next. Excited to be going back to college now that life is a little more stable and I've made up my mind on a career path. Had to do some growing up there first.

12/13/15 12:59 am

Buddhist tradition, accounting, statistics, macroeconomics, aaaaand business law 😓

Taylorism California
12/12/15 11:50 pm

"Studying". I should probably get to it lol. 1 week left of my first semester in college :)

Brilliant10 Ioway
12/12/15 10:34 pm

I have a test on trigonometric identities and another one in AP Stats on something on Monday so yes. (I'm supposed to be studying right now...whoops) Oh I'm also studying Scotty from Star Trek for a play I'm in.

aj1545 Cat Lady
12/12/15 8:44 pm

That will be next weekend. This one is projects and papers.

LadyA Earth Explorer
12/12/15 4:17 pm

Translating. About as tedious as studying for a test.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 4:03 pm

How'd they go? Were you in intro accounting this semester?

political Georgia
12/12/15 4:09 pm

All A's. I won't take the first accounting class until next fall.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 4:12 pm

Congrats! I guess your program is a little different than mine. At my school, every business major has to take an intro accounting course, and most take it in the fall semester of their sophomore year. It's a weed-out class.

political Georgia
12/12/15 4:27 pm

My program is similar. The problem I'm running into is that I have not had a computer class. That is a prerequisite for accounting classes. If I would have had a business advisor earlier, they would have had me take the computer class this semester. Now, I have to take it this semester.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 4:33 pm

That sucks.

political Georgia
12/12/15 4:37 pm

Yep. Taking college classes in high school helped me get ahead, but I wish my advisor knew more about the business pathway.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 4:44 pm

I ran into the same thing with my adviser - she didn't know anything about the business courses. I stopped going to her and just followed the degree requirements outlined by my school.

political Georgia
12/12/15 4:46 pm

Yeah. I knew that the CISM class is required. I just didn't realize how it's important to take it early on. It shouldn't really set me back though. I still have to finish up my core.

bioarchnomad Michigan
12/12/15 2:20 pm

For the first time I can say no! I graduated in August, only commencement is left next week and I'm free! (well until grad school anyway)

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
12/12/15 2:15 pm

Yep. I have two finals left. Should be easy though...English and music.

curtron basement of the Alamo
12/12/15 2:05 pm

I'm taking the weekend off then cramming from Monday to Thursday.

12/12/15 2:02 pm

2 on Wednesday 2 on Thursday 2 on Friday then I'm done!!!

Laserbeam Back soon
12/12/15 12:55 pm

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bubba2526 New Jersey
12/12/15 12:32 pm

Yup got a final for a civil law class

Brilliant10 Ioway
12/12/15 10:37 pm

How many of them do you think are actually studying though?

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
12/12/15 12:18 pm

4 finals all within 24 hours of each other starting Monday. All I'm doing this weekend is studying lol.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 12:20 pm

Good luck! I'm fortunate that mine are spread out - 1 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday.

Cole12 ...
12/12/15 12:10 pm

Bacardi 151 + Tequila shots + finals = bad situation. I was planning on studying all today, but I felt like shit this morning. Not going to be a fun couple days.

shnibbydawhale Nihilist
12/12/15 12:19 pm

Ooo rough life. Took my first final absolutely hammered last year. The next day trying to do a calculus final at 7:30 am was horrible.