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Show Of Hands December 11th, 2015 6:00pm

Do you have synthetic plants in your home?

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cowboy Proud Father
12/17/15 8:41 am

In my fish tank.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/13/15 8:54 am

Yes. People are too old to get real trees.

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
12/12/15 2:02 pm

I just got the fake tree out of storage. So yes.

Starkey Nashville,TN
12/12/15 5:13 am

If a Christmas tree counts, yes. If not...then no.

EarthMunkey The Golden Rule. Always.
12/12/15 4:49 am

Yeah but the fake ones are like in lamps or some wreaths. The ole xmas tree is super fake and sparkles.

slickspin Heart of Texas
12/11/15 10:19 pm

There is a fake asparagus fern on top of the refrigerator. It looks so real, people comment on how nice it is!

NexusBlue California
12/11/15 9:54 pm

I have both real and fake. My house is dark ( in a forest ) so only low light plants live....but I like the look of other kinds of plants so I get fake ones.

12/11/15 9:19 pm

I once had a plastic plant and found out my brother was watering it while I was on vacation. Pretty realistic plant.

blw1104 Pennsylvania
12/11/15 7:02 pm

Fake plants are only good for accumulating dust. The only fake plant I have is my Christmas tree. I don't count's not permanent.

shygal47 Florida east coast
12/11/15 4:33 pm

A mini-Christmas tree on the dining room table. All others are alive and kicking.

jmw7477 Indiana
12/11/15 4:26 pm

We have a shelf above our kitchen cabinets. I put some fake plants and pottery pieces up there. We've also used various vines (some just leaves, some with flowers) to cover things. My husband ran the rear surround sound speaker wires through the ceiling. So, I used a floral vine to cover the wires. We have some wooden cabinets that we got free because they were scratched or the top corner was broken off. I covered those with vines.

12/11/15 4:22 pm

People still do real happy holiday trees?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/11/15 4:17 pm

"Yes", I have 3 trees, as large as can possibly fit. They are way cool, and VERY realistic!

TreeHugs Oregon
12/11/15 3:19 pm

Some fake ivy in places that get no light on top of shelves and cabinets. I have lots of real plants too.

12/11/15 2:24 pm

Should have just said fake plants. I thought we were talking about marijuana clones or something before reading the comments

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/11/15 2:21 pm

Not at the moment, but we will have one once the "tree" goes up.

CudOfCow Oregon
12/11/15 1:58 pm

A fig tree, a giant marimo moss ball, big philodendron, some type of palm that I have yet to identify, a whole bunch of spider plants and these climby vine things that are in every room. I want to get a snake plant, I hear they are really good for filtering the air in your home.

seb766 Missouri
12/11/15 1:54 pm

No, I'm not a Hoosier

tdaddy Kentucky
12/11/15 1:16 pm

Yep, we have artificial flowers in almost every room.

Jeninerd Hoth, AK
12/11/15 1:02 pm

No. I used to have a real rubber tree (lol) left over from the previous tenant in my apartment, but it died last winter.

meb1 somewhere in MN
12/11/15 12:50 pm

I have a lot of real ones, and a couple of fakes in dark places where real ones wouldn't survive.

Frannyyyy Delaware
12/11/15 12:23 pm

We have real plants that we water and also synthetic ones on display like dining table center pieces.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/11/15 12:22 pm

Sadly. I don't plan to have any when I move, but Mom was a fan, so there are lots here.

susanr Colorado
12/11/15 12:06 pm

No. I have a dozen real ones but no fake ones.

Carolynn new jersey
12/11/15 12:06 pm

Just my holiday tree.

rambo088 kansas
12/11/15 11:10 am

Not including the Christmas tree

EarlyBird Portland
12/11/15 11:08 am

We don't have room for fake plants. My father won't stop buying orchids.

pauldabb85 Orlando
12/11/15 11:05 am

Does my Christmas tree count? Then yes.

EarlyBird Portland
12/11/15 11:09 am

Good one. I hadn't thought about that.