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HopefulChaos December 11th, 2015 5:07am

SOHAH: have you ever choked someone during sex?

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rons Thanks America
12/12/15 2:57 pm

Full nelson only!

Laserbeam Back soon
12/11/15 6:22 pm

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Happy Hong Kong
12/11/15 1:31 pm

I really don't understand this kind of sex play.

I dated a girl once who wanted to be choked and spat on while being called a whore. The whole thing turned me off, so I terminated that relationship.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
12/11/15 12:34 pm

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12/11/15 11:58 am

One girl I dated liked it. Never very hard, firm grip basically. She liked to scratch too.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/11/15 11:34 am

Lightly, yes. I prefer to be on the other end of that though.

mugendraco Alabama
12/11/15 8:47 am

One fetish I've never understood, along with the fascination with feet.

mugendraco Alabama
12/11/15 9:00 am

Choking causes me pain, and pain is my number one turnoff. Seriously, any bit of pain, and I instantly lose wood.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/11/15 8:16 am

Only once. This nutty Braud I hooked up with a few times was into that shit. She weighed about 95lbs and I was afraid Id accidentally kill her so I refused to do it.

We compromised and I kinda locked my elbow and leaned on her throat a bit but you better believe I didnt grip my fingers around her neck bc NO ONE would have believed me when I said she was asking for it.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
12/11/15 7:04 am

Yes, but nothing that would leave bruises from fingers. I hadn't tried that until my current partner, but I do like it. If he's watching me play, I like him to do that right when I finish.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
12/11/15 5:57 am

Not really into that

12/11/15 2:54 am

Just with my cock. 😉

RebelProud Bungholio
12/10/15 11:36 pm

Yeah I get off on choking my SO during sex. I like a little slap and tickle.

chippy4 Raxacoricofallapatorius
12/10/15 10:44 pm

The first part of that question wasn't necessary.

RoDe Latinus wordsus
12/10/15 10:46 pm

Welcome to SOH. It's a common disclaimer, which also allows folks to search for these polls if they want to, like a tag.

bs75758 Michigan
12/11/15 5:48 am

It's also used as a filter to allow only those aged 21 and up to see the poll.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
12/11/15 5:56 am

Not sure why 21 and up, 18 is legal

alynn Somewhere wonderful
12/11/15 7:06 am

It's probably 21 and up because it matches up with the age categories in the poll results.

Also, users on the web version of SOH can see SOHAH polls, regardless of their age.

inge MIA
12/10/15 10:35 pm

No but I love being choked. 😍

StilettoMiss SF med law, meme queen
12/10/15 10:30 pm

With a stiletto. It was hot.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/10/15 10:19 pm

Technically, yes. But not with my hands.

inge MIA
12/10/15 10:35 pm


think4yourself Not a safe space
12/10/15 11:21 pm

Rotavelle said you are kinky.

F1Dan Parked in your spot
12/10/15 10:13 pm

It has been requested before, so yes.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
12/10/15 10:11 pm

Gaah and shudder! Hell no, I don't choke, slap, or use any form of "playful" violence during sex. Sweet, loving, dreamy, that's how I like it. Suggest any form of force and see me run from you FTL 👽