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Hooah December 11th, 2015 3:15am

Should Congress pass the Zadroga act?

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Ebola1 Florida
12/10/15 9:45 pm

I don't understand. Doesn't Obamacare take care of everyone? Isn't that what we have SS disability for?

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/11/15 6:28 am

That's not how Obamacare and SS work. Obamacare just establishes an exchange market for health insurance companies. It also is expands Medicare and Medicaid. If these first responders live in a state or Medicare and Medicaid or not expanded, then they don't receive benefits. If it also earn median income, then they don't receive benefits.

Ebola1 Florida
12/11/15 8:26 am

Then why do they need special consideration if they don't meet the criteria of other safety net programs?

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/11/15 4:28 pm

Because 9/11 first responders. That's why.

Ebola1 Florida
12/11/15 5:27 pm

So they need special consideration for doing what they were paid to do and still have median incomes high enough that they don't qualify for other programs? Don't you think there should be some means resting? Are there physical exams required in the legislation to determine who really needs it?

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/12/15 2:17 pm

The legislation is only made for 9/11 first responders. The medical benefits are only for 9/11 first responders. It was passed by George W Bush, and needs to be renewed before it expires.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/12/15 2:19 pm

It's like how veterans get benefits through the GI Bill. The GI Bill only works for veterans.

Ebola1 Florida
12/12/15 2:53 pm

Like the Black Lung legislation for coal miners? It would be interesting to know how many first responders claim benefits under the program. The GI Bill is completely different. I'll admit I haven't researched this issue but I've seen much abuse in similar programs and would have to see the particulars before giving it my endorsement.

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/12/15 3:00 pm

I would assume none. However I do have a correction to make, Bush didn't sign it into law, it was signed into law by Obama. Its a federal version of former New York Governor George Pataki's piece of legislation. Abuse I would believe is minimum since the benefits would have to go through the state of New York then the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, then World Trade Center Health Program, then NYPD and NYFD.

jvberg Winter has Come
12/10/15 9:41 pm

I'd love to see an argument against it. These people are hero's and deserve to be treated with the best care possible regardless of cost

12/10/15 8:24 pm

Pass it, I do not understand why anyone would not vote yes!!

Hooah Fmr. Zia
12/10/15 8:19 pm

I almost post this poll with the responses : "Yes" or "I'm stupid". I feel strongly about this. Here's the second half of the video in the link:

Maj Worth Economist
12/10/15 9:33 pm

Those should have been the responses.