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bartman71 USW
12/11/15 1:43 am

If you want jobs back in the US, your buying habits speak loudest. If you are willing to buy foreign, simply because it is cheaper, greedy corporations are all too happy to comply. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

PresWK Minnesota
12/10/15 9:10 pm

I want cheap shit, not some gay little sticker that means the product was made in the USA for a much higher price

Pirate Uses the Tap
12/10/15 7:20 pm

Walmart is a china store.

12/10/15 7:29 pm

China has the right to manufacture and Walmart should have the right to sell those products. We should boycott goods because of the way they were produced not solely because of their country of origin.

12/10/15 8:31 pm

Like unsafe working conditions and child labor that kind of stuff. Not just because it's Chinese.