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Show Of Hands November 30th, 2012 12:00am

To avoid the "fiscal cliff," would you support a plan that raised taxes on $200k+ immediately but deferred most spending cuts until 2014 or later?

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skibrush Missouri
12/05/12 5:02 pm

The Bush tax cuts were a ploy to begin with. Get rid of the Cuts for the wealthy. It's time the privileged few start paying their share.

12/05/12 8:39 am

Cut spending, raise taxes. That's the only thing that will get us on the right path.

12/03/12 9:48 pm

I understood theses taxes to be personal income taxes, not the corporate taxes. So I see these business owners that say they need to cut employees, are doing it to take more $ out of the business to make up the tax bite out of their own personal income.

12/03/12 9:02 pm

No tax increases you Obama ass eating jerks.

12/03/12 8:02 pm

What kind of liberal bull crap question is this???? I want NO taxes and spending cuts NOW!!!

12/03/12 5:03 pm

Banks loan on the equity in a business. The more taxes I have to pay is that much more equity I have to take out. That then limits my ability to borrow and grow the business. They will not call my current loans growth will just be more difficult.

RayX quit
12/03/12 4:08 am

Sadly banks don't loan on losses.

RayX quit
12/03/12 4:05 am

How will the bank respond to your reduced ability to grow?
What would you do if they pull your loan?

RayX quit
12/03/12 4:03 am

So bank financing is critical for your growth. All that profit doesn't allow you to finance yourself. Your profit and borrowings are required to purchase inventory & receivables.
Won't the taxes hurt your growth?
Will the taxes hurt your ability to borrow?

Robin Arizona
12/02/12 11:55 pm

I still don't understand what's the point in raising taxes when it doesn't even put a dent in the debt or pay for the spending. All it is is punishment for hard work. Sadly I would have to take a loan to pay more.

12/02/12 9:28 pm

I have to show profits to be able to secure financing. I can't just break even or I wouldn't be bankable.

RayX quit
12/02/12 9:01 pm

You are a good example of what GOP claims.
Your profits enable your growth.
However, as a privately held company you have no incentive to show a profit and have a lot of accounting flexibility. You can legally avoid taxes.
The whole system is flawed.
Time for a flat Tax or Fair Tax.

12/02/12 7:42 pm

I own a small business with 75 employees it is a S corporation. So even though I take a $70,000 salary I have to pay tax on the $500,000 in profit. A higher tax rate would decrease the amount of capital in the business. Limiting the ability to grow the business and create more jobs.

mac007 Mars
12/02/12 6:53 pm

We need to raise everyone's taxes and cut all wasteful spending now or we'll pay for it sooner or later. I can guarantee you won't like that. The clock is ticking!????

12/02/12 5:45 pm

Cutting spending will hurt the economy and 'kill' jobs more than tax increases on income over $200k. We should defer spending cuts until the economy is growing sufficiently. We don't have to increase the tax rate, but it would put a dent in our deficit and have minimal impact on the economy.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/02/12 4:24 pm

Public jobs and private jobs are both jobs. If a government worker makes $60,000 hell pay the same rate, buy the same things, buy the same car, contribute to the economy. Cutting his job would not help.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/02/12 4:21 pm

Because the House controls revenue bills. And they've been pretty uncompromising the last 4 years, didn't work out too well.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/02/12 4:18 pm

I have a feeling this wouldn't have happened under Romney either... In fact I know it wouldn't.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/02/12 4:17 pm

Well, income tax, at least. And some others.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
12/02/12 4:16 pm

There's a reason they don't pay taxes...

bbkkanders Kentucky
12/02/12 4:11 pm

Let's head to the cliff full steam ahead. CUT THE DAMN FREEBEES AND ALL THE SPENDING.

12/02/12 11:47 am

The tax needs to be spread out more evenly. Right now the wealthy pay most of the tax in this country and the lower income people are getting a free ride. The lower income folks need to pay their fair share.

Contra Michigan
12/02/12 10:33 am

No. We need high tax relief for all income groups (low flat tax), eliminate corporate taxes, and phase out welfare and entitlements. Under Obama though this will not happen though.

12/02/12 10:19 am

Why does the house have to be the only one that compromises? We simply spend too much!!!

12/02/12 10:17 am

Huh that would actually make sense! No wonder Mr. O doesn't look into it.

MrWolfe Nashville
12/02/12 10:15 am

I say again... The GOP house would be wise to comply with nearly every administration request at this point within reason.
The proposals must be given a chance to work. If they do; everyone wins.
If they don't (which is more likely mathematically), the electorate can make changes in 2014/2016.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/01/12 10:46 pm

Hell no! If Dems want the tax hike, then give the cuts! It's called compromise. If they won't cut anything, then the cliff is their fault. Just because Barry won the presidency, doesn't mean he gets a "do whatever I want" card. Present some cuts!

12/01/12 8:30 pm

Anyone who would like to pay more or additional taxes may do so, there is no law against it. Everyone, regardless of income, should pay some federal income tax. It would make a philosophical difference in the citizen. Class warfare is a terrible waste and absolutely despicable.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
12/01/12 2:48 pm

Vermont! Secede already! And take Obummer with you!

shaness New York
12/01/12 11:20 am

No we didn't. The New Deal and WWII were different things, bud. So I'm waiting for some enlightenment from those brilliant facts of yours...

12/01/12 10:09 am

Hahaha. Fail. Already addressed that.

12/01/12 10:02 am

Are the rates going to go up or down? It's a raise. Drop the semantics.

12/01/12 10:01 am

I don't understand why the democrats refuse to be accountable by refusing to lower spending. When you're in debt that's the first thing you do!

EarlyBird Portland
12/01/12 9:52 am

I would like to see spending cuts way before 2014.
As far as tax increases, they can start anytime as far as I'm concerned. And yes, I will be affected by the increases.

12/01/12 8:18 am

This is the s conservatives get in return when they "compromise."

Had it been Obama the headline would have read "Obama sacrifices and compromises to work with the GOP"

12/01/12 8:13 am

Headline today "GOP Turns on No Tax Pledge" ( in my big city liberal newspaper )

This is why no one can compromise with you people. Libs will do nothing but use it to campaign in 2014. Calling my congresswoman again Monday to say again no compromise.

Jason19 New York
12/01/12 7:50 am

You have to start somewhere. Eliminate enough small things and it starts to add up. 100 million eliminated 100 times is 10 BILLION eliminated. Small?

RayX quit
12/01/12 7:11 am

If they have so much money to spend they could give me some and I could help them spend it.

Btw I don't agree. We are way beyond spending our way out of this.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
12/01/12 7:05 am

Not really a raise. Cuts are expiring.

onlinespec Dallas, TX
12/01/12 6:40 am

Bring on the fiscal cliff, the automatic cuts are more than congress would ever come up with, I fear they'll find a loophole and there will be no real change

CAModerate California
12/01/12 6:10 am

I fail to understand the fact that if I earn more money that I am obligated to pay more taxes. I have a responsibility to support myself and my family. I am not responsible for the bad choices others make. Cut the govt workforce by half.

Jason19 New York
12/01/12 6:00 am

Well it's because the leaders from both sides are selected by the elite corrupt establishment faction, be it democrat or republican. We in the republican party need to rise up and through a grassroots movement retake the republican party and introduce true fiscal conservatism.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/01/12 5:59 am

UC I hope you are kidding. We are globally heading for a communist run capitalist system managed by computers. The writing is on the wall. We shall see how this transpires. Is this the rock that smashes the iron and clay legs?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/01/12 5:18 am

This is not a statement as much as an honest question. I am loosing faith in these leaders.

Jason19 New York
12/01/12 5:17 am

What's happened is the republic party has split. On one end you have the establishment republicans which are like democrat lite. On the other end we have the various conservative groups which stand for those values.

12/01/12 5:16 am

Obama has had 4 years to research and figure this out

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/01/12 5:13 am

I like what the Republican Party say they stand for. However, I am loosing faith in their integrity. In fact I am shifting away from their lies. They seem to be mainstream American, but they appear to be bad for America. What happened to integrity and truth we can trust?