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Squidboy December 10th, 2015 3:29pm

PSA: In the link is an interactive map of all the shootings in 2015. Enter your address & you can get details of every shooting around you. Factoid: <2% of gun deaths were from 'mass shootings' this year.

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drself Gated Community
12/13/15 12:14 pm

How many were bad guys shooting bad guys or bad guys shooting unarmed good guys.

Looks like we need to let them good guys to arm themselves, if they want.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/13/15 12:56 pm

@drself that's a good question and that index doesn't seem to gave it and the data seems hard to find. However, the FBI reports 258 'good guy' killings in 2012.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/12/15 4:44 pm

Looks like between 40-50.

But its Camden which is about 8miles away

That actually not bad for Camden 😂😂

SonoranBloom Formerly cowtown2
12/12/15 2:07 am

Two shootings in my area in the past year. Closest one is 8.5 miles from the town where I live.

KatG Liberal in Ohio
12/11/15 10:15 pm

3 shootings, one fatal.

I typed in Dayton and it said 4 shootings, but I know it's much higher than that. It's more than 4 per least.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/12/15 5:46 am

Interesting, a few people have said there was more than listed. Makes me question the stats...or their criteria a little. And what's up with Dayton?

12/11/15 7:58 am

Boo this skewed and slanted effort to draw uncritical support for your "facts".

First identify what qualifies as a shooting, because if a cop firing his service weapon adds to the statistic, you've already lied.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/11/15 8:31 am

See for yourself, if these are not accurate, I would like to know.

12/11/15 8:33 am

Don't shift the burden of proof. You made the assertion, defend your source.
I'm not here to do your homework.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/11/15 8:36 am

It wasn't a question and I have no agenda. I'm sharing an interactive resource. If you don't want to look at it that's fine with me. You can keep your guns, that's fine with me too,

12/11/15 8:38 am

This is a polling app, not Facebook. If you don't provide a dichotomy and simply bait people to politically loaded have an agenda.
You're transparent.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/11/15 8:49 am

My 'agenda' is if you are going to have a debate about gun control or any other topic...use facts.

corino Utah
12/11/15 4:56 pm

Thank link does not provide an interactive map, only "coming soon" message

corino Utah
12/11/15 11:56 pm

🔫 When you take into account the rate of gun ownership in the county and the population - this is the most pro gun argument I've ever seen.

corino Utah
12/11/15 11:57 pm

If it's an argument against anything - domestic disputes and picking fights with police.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/12/15 5:48 am

@corino I don't know if it's an argument for or against anything, but it's certainly interesting. 100% agree on the domestic & police thing. After suicides, it was a shocker to see that you are more likely to be shot by a family member than a criminal.

12/12/15 5:52 am

More nonsense. That statistic only compares home invasion with domestic violence, not open street robbery, gangland violence, bank robbery, hunting accidents,. Etc. it's a cherry picked stat used to inflate the anti-gun argument.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/12/15 6:10 am

The site reports 2,136 home invasions & 1,167 defensive actions taken. That's pretty significant. I would be curious to see a summary of incident types. I will look for that.

12/12/15 6:57 am

Within a fair margin, about 1/3 of US homes have a gun. (1) The high-end estimate is 310 million guns. There are approximately 123 million households. (3) So, we arrive at approximately 41 million homes with guns.
We should be in agreement thus far. If not, I cited my sources.

Your source claims that there is a greater chance of getting shot by a family member than by some other means? Correct the phrasing at your leisure.

According to the 2009 FBI study source, 24% of the 13,636 gun deaths are attributed to family. 76% occurred from assailants outside the home. So we're already starting to debunk your politically loaded source, because the actual homicide data shows that IF you get killed by a gun, there is a 1 in 4 chance it occurred inside your home by a family member and a 3 in 4 chance that it was not a relative. The source further elaborates that it's a 2 in 4 chance that you.....
(3) Households -

12/12/15 6:59 am

....met the assailant before in your life. (4) I know these cool, interactive maps are super fun to use, but if you cite a source that asserts itself as a subject expert, make sure it's not an agenda driven source.

(4) FBI study -

12/12/15 7:01 am

Correction ** 2 in 4 chance you NEVER met the assailant before**

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/12/15 8:23 am

The pew research info is good and the number of guns and households is a common fact. I looked at the 2009 fbi stats. Maybe i am interpreting them incorrectly. In this breakdown of assailants....about 28% are unknown and about 3% are multiple unknown. That leaves about 69% for known. If that's correct, you are over 2x more likely to be killed by someone you know. Am I reading this wrong? I can't find a breakdown of domestic vs other.

12/12/15 9:33 am

Someone you know being neighbors, coworkers, friends, acquaintances.....not family inside your home.

Gun deaths from the gun you buy and keep in your house accounts for 1/4 of gun deaths.

And again....that's 4,000 out of 13,000 total.

What percentage of 41 million is 4000? .1%
That's the real statistic.

.1% of gun owners died by their own handgun.

So when you say you're more likely to die from your own gun in your own house...are you being intellectually honest? Or for fairness your source intellectually honest?

12/12/15 9:41 am

Correction, 3,000 out of the 13,000 gun deaths in 2009.

I don't like the source you use because here is how it skews the truth.

Since 1/4 of gun deaths are with your own gun, they promote this idea that you have a 25% chance of dying from your own gun and THATS not true.

You have a .1% chance of dying by your own gun.

12/12/15 9:43 am

Also it appears I have fat fingers.

It's not .1%. It's .007%
Someone check my math. I had Irish coffee this morning.

12/12/15 9:45 am

41,000,000 homes with gun. 3000 out of 13,000 gun deaths occurred from their own guns, 3,000 deaths out of 41,000,000 homes...roughly .007%.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/12/15 10:01 am

Irish coffee in the morning....mmm! I like your calculations. Yes, the chances of getting killed by a gun is remote, the chances of being killed by your own gun is even more remote.

knetzere Illinois
12/10/15 5:42 pm

There have been 23 shootings within a 10-mile radius of this point in the past year, 5 fatal and 18 non-fatal. The closest shooting was 8.28 miles away.

knetzere Illinois
12/10/15 5:46 pm

My old apartment in the ghetto

There have been 22 shootings within a 1-mile radius of this point in the past year, 4 fatal and 18 non-fatal. The closest shooting was 0.2 miles away

knetzere Illinois
12/10/15 5:50 pm

The differences are a radius of 10mi from current location vs 1mi from my old apartment.

Our house is about 12 miles from that place

knetzere Illinois
12/10/15 10:26 pm

The river keeps them at bay lol. I used to hear gunshots daily at the apartment though. It is a sketchy part of town which is sad because there's some nice property and houses that could be great if they weren't in disrepair. Not to mention all the businesses that have been run out of the downtown

jlong105 Indiana
12/10/15 5:06 pm

None in my city or within 15 miles

lcamino Florida and Georgia
12/10/15 2:44 pm

3 shootings, two fatal in my area, according to the map

getupbaby South City
12/10/15 12:52 pm

Shootings here at least weekly. Heard some shots last night.

IamPriscilla Idaho, USA
12/10/15 12:26 pm

1 shooting in my area. I know that one, it was mob related incident. A prostitution ring was busted earlier that year and the ones caught went to trial. Which is when the shooter (who had mob connections) went into town and shot 3 people who Ironicly were all selected as jurys to the pimp case.

IamPriscilla Idaho, USA
12/10/15 4:28 pm

Actually it's in Spokane.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/10/15 12:18 pm

22 shootings with 1 mile radius from where I am atm... I'm at the hospital (work) in the shopping district. The little ghetto near my town has 13. These seem VERY low. We always(!) have at least 1 GSW patient. But awesome link.

cpaswr just say the letters
12/10/15 11:54 am

There was one shooting in the last year that was 3.5 miles away from where I live.

brentwho Home
12/10/15 10:41 am

The thing with sites like this is that you have to be careful about whose running them and what their motives are

kspells TheOtherOtherside
12/10/15 10:32 am

7 shooting within 2 miles. 4 fatalities. People with guns make us safer.

jlong105 Indiana
12/10/15 5:08 pm

None in my town and I guarantee you the hillbillies here have plenty of guns

I know I do.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
12/10/15 5:16 pm

No one wants to rob hillbillies either.

jlong105 Indiana
12/10/15 5:22 pm

Because they know they will be out gunned.

Don't be foolish by thinking hillbillies still live in the sticks in shacks without running water. Their beat up pickups have been replaced with $50,000 jacked up trucks. And hillbillies definitely know how to spend money on stuff they don't need. Plenty to rob, but well guarded.

12/10/15 10:22 am

I sincerely hope all of you who've used this site notice that there is not one single incident of gun violence in the entire Squidtopia (tho we are all armed to the teeth)!

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/10/15 10:18 am

Cool website. Thanks for the share.

On this, things that make you go hmm: Cali has the strictest gun control. Utah has the least strict. Greater LA has well over 500 shootings. Greater Salt Lake doesn't even break 100. Hmm.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/10/15 10:31 am

Interesting....a little research says the Greater Salt Lake population has a population of about 1.2M. Greater LA population has a population of 18.5M. Statistically, you are far less likely got get shot in LA. I wouldn't have called that.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/10/15 10:43 am

How are you coming up with that "far less likely" result for L.A.? Unless my math is way off, I've got a 3.3% chance in L.A. and a 1.4% chance in Salt Lake when I take population into account. So, it's statistically far less likely one will get shot in Salt Lake, not L.A.

Regardless, my point was that, according to the gun control zealots, you shouldn't be at any risk of getting shot in L.A. or shootings should be at statistically much, much lower levels, but they aren't at all. So, all that gun control doesn't much look like it's working in Cali.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/10/15 10:54 am

I'm not a gun control advocate and I don't think anyone believes the risk can be zero. However, the difference between LA & SLC is the statistical problem of volume vs. rate. LA has a higher volume, SLC has a higher rate. 500/18.5M gives you a .0027% chance of being shot in LA. 100/1.5M gives you a .0066% chance of being shot in SLC. Both are minute, but SLC's risk is higher.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
12/10/15 11:06 am

Doh! Idiot me did make a math error, a big one. I was dividing the wrong way. You're right.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/10/15 1:59 pm

@chimama since you ask.....I've lived in LA and I've visited SLC many times. Both have some sketchy parts of town. Overall? I'm far more comfortable walking around LA at night than I am SLC. That's my personal experience. You can try to ignore, spin or rationalize numbers but the fact is someone is 3x more likely to be shot in SLC over LA this year.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/10/15 2:21 pm

The population of LA is >15x greater than the population of SLC. If you ever get into a college, I highly recommend you take a statistics class.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/10/15 10:07 am

Around me. Around the border. Lol

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/10/15 10:05 am

3 within 20 miles in the last year, 2 fatal, 1 non-fatal. The nearest one was a little over 6 miles away. Threat level? Zero.

FarmerManE djent
12/10/15 9:10 am

Does it count shoot outs between civilian and police? My town had one but didn't show it

Happy Hong Kong
12/10/15 9:54 am

I was looking for the same thing. I can't find the police on civilian violence near me either.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/10/15 10:03 am

It should be, it's a non profit group that compiles these stats. The source for the map is at the link can dig deeper into the data there:

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/10/15 8:47 am

Love this squidboy. Great post.

Axl752 NY
12/10/15 8:46 am

This is so fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
12/10/15 8:30 am

Too depressing.