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Show Of Hands December 10th, 2015 3:10pm

Have the repeated E. coli infections that have been traced to Chipotle restaurants recently made you any less likely to eat at Chipotle in the future?

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ethannelson61 Ft. Collins, CO
12/14/15 5:18 pm

My discovery of Qdoba has caused me to be less likely to eat at chipotle πŸ˜‚

12/13/15 8:54 pm

Good restaurant but I wasn't a regular anyhow so waiting until it blows over isn't a big deal to me. But I will say this food scare has been weird. I'm beginning to wonder if it's sabbatoge.

drself Gated Community
12/13/15 7:53 am

Maybe they should stop their liberal way of thinking meat process and go to traditional. That could be the problem.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/11/15 3:42 pm

They suck compared to Baja Fresh. I don't eat at Chipotles anyway, but voted No.

ladyniner81 Embrace your inner dork
12/11/15 6:54 am

I've wanted to go there for weeks when this thing hit. Grrrr

kanji401 SoCal
12/11/15 12:18 am

I ever ate there in the first place. But, if I did, I think it would be safer now than ever because they want to be extra careful to protect their future image.

otto Olean, NY
12/11/15 12:13 am

No. Never eaten there. Never had an urge to. E. Coli outbreak in relation to Chipotle has no effect on me at all.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
12/10/15 11:07 pm

Can't change my restaurant choice since I don't eat their anyway.

12/10/15 10:21 pm

No. I don't support organizations that are anti gun and spread lies about agriculture. Would have no problem with them being GMO free and organic expect for the fact that they misled so many consumers about actual industry practices. Kind of like being a politician. I will pass.

12/10/15 9:38 pm

I don't eat there anyways.

abusara i drink and i know things
12/10/15 7:39 pm

No. The fact that there isn't one where I live has.

musiman28 Cotton country
12/10/15 7:32 pm

Chipotles holier than thou attitude has so far kept me from setting foot in one so far. This doesn't help.

musiman28 Cotton country
12/10/15 11:27 pm

And in case anyone is wondering what I'm referencing its this

--->anti-gmo, anti-antibiotic usage, anti-conventional agriculture

Think Lovin Life
12/10/15 7:11 pm

I've eaten there a couple of times, but don't see the draw. The food isn't noteworthy, and now with this, it suggests that they don't value cleanliness. I won't go back.

blw1104 Pennsylvania
12/10/15 6:50 pm

Wasn't eating there to begin with.

kjs Minnesota
12/10/15 6:46 pm

I have not eaten there and never will, so it's not a problem for me.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
12/10/15 5:59 pm

Meh. Doesn't really matter to me. I went back after the E.coli scare here in the NW, and I'll keep going back. Those fajita veggie burrito bowls are addictive.

12/10/15 5:56 pm

worth living for

shiculka optimistic realist
12/10/15 5:52 pm

I have never eaten there and I'm not planning to either.

bnnt Los Angeles
12/10/15 4:52 pm

I haven't been to one since it became more than an isolated occurrence.

Brilliant10 Ioway
12/10/15 4:37 pm

I don't like chipolte in the first place

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/10/15 4:19 pm

Not at all. I doubt I'm any more likely to get sick eating there than anywhere else, and their monster burrito is worth taking a chance on.

Ernest Make it so
12/10/15 4:19 pm

I stopped eating chipotle when they started quoting communist writers on their products.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/10/15 4:01 pm

I've only eaten at Chipotle once, becuz the ppl I was w/wanted the go there & I didn't care either way. Wasn't impressed. It wasn't bad or anything, just not my of my taste.

So, no, this won't impact future visits. I wasn't particularly inclined to return regardless.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/10/15 4:15 pm

Besides, it's a roll of the dice *anywhere* one eats - just happens to be Chipotle this time. We've had food poisoning 3-4 times... you eat out often enough, it's a statistical possibility regardless name on the sign.

Allsports my world
12/10/15 3:56 pm

Never eat there again. ✌🏾️

JHawk3205 MD
12/10/15 2:34 pm

Chipotle alone is enough reason to not eat at chipotle..

jadeburt Ann Arbor, Michigan
12/10/15 2:17 pm

No because I live hundreds of miles from the nearest chipotles so my chances were near zero anyways.

12/10/15 1:44 pm

Working in an E. coli vaccine. brb

johnnycub Bronx
12/10/15 1:49 pm

I already didn't really care much for Chipotle. There's a lot of hype but I didn't really wanted to eat there.

johnnycub Bronx
12/10/15 1:50 pm

Whoops. I didn't mean to reply to you. My comment was suppose to be by itself 😐

12/10/15 1:18 pm

I'm afraid to eat anywhere. I had E. coli about 15 years ago from a turkey burger I had at a diner...... πŸ˜–

EarlyBird Portland
12/10/15 12:51 pm

It doesn't even phase me.

12/10/15 12:44 pm

I don't eat at chipotles anyway:

bambi069 Anacortes
12/10/15 12:38 pm

Can't be less likely if I didn't eat there before the E-coli outbreak.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/15 12:34 pm

I love chipotle, but I'm waiting until they say it's safe before I go back.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
12/10/15 1:46 pm

Breaking news: chipotle says it's safe to eat at chipotle. True story.

xxclixxx Rhode Island
12/10/15 3:35 pm

Yeah they can never say its not safe lol

Kerplin Indiana
12/10/15 11:58 am

I went once a couple years ago. That was enough for me.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/10/15 11:57 am

No because I don't eat there in the first place. It's basically a Taco Bell without diarrhea right? I hate Tex-Mex and don't eat meat.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/15 12:35 pm

The quality of the ingredients is way better than Taco Bell. There's no promise that you won't end up with diarrhea though - Mexican food can do that.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/10/15 12:42 pm

Looked at their menu. I could eat chips.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
12/10/15 1:47 pm

You can get plenty of diarrhea from some chipotle.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
12/10/15 5:56 pm

I love their vegetarian burrito bowl. It's so tasty! And I'm not even vegetarian...

ltsmith WV
12/10/15 11:51 am

If I'm going to eat at a place like that I'd rather go to a Moe's or a Willy's. I don't really care for Chipotle even if it's supposed to be good quality, non GMO food

12/10/15 11:35 am

Won't go there for the next few weeks, but after that I'm back

tdaddy diversity
12/10/15 11:36 am

Same here, so I'm not any less likely to eat there now. It was just a fluke that I ate there once. Same thing goes for Chilis, Cheddars, and Bananas.

AnnabethWillis mississippian 4 trump
12/10/15 11:17 am

yes the die of rear from their food is bad enough i dont need to be pukin too

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
12/10/15 11:37 am

Ok I have to know if that was intentional or just a really cool auto correct?

gunluvr NOT a Gun Free Zone
12/10/15 11:13 am

I don't go into gun free zones, so no change in my opinion ....

thefreshprintz Bradley, IL
12/10/15 11:09 am

I don't eat meat so not likely anyway.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
12/10/15 11:38 am

You can get sick from a chipotle salad too they don't discriminate. 🌰

12/10/15 11:02 am

The nearest Chipotle is over 200 miles away. I wasn't planning on going there anyway.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
12/10/15 11:39 am

Might be worth a road trip the food is to die for.