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Show Of Hands December 10th, 2015 1:52pm

North Korea has hinted that they have a hydrogen bomb. What do you believe their chances of having one are?

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gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/10/15 7:23 am

North Korea has made some mighty lofty claims over the years, in fact, even with SoH newly expanded character limit, there's still not enough room to list all the majestic accomplishments they've asserted. So, I'm rather suspect about THIS one. I'll go with "50<". To their case, the U.S. has confirmed the North Koreans have conducted nuclear tests, so we know they have at least this component of a hydrogen bomb.
Hmmm... maybe North Korea's been feeding the world a litany of ridiculous claims, so that when they came up with THIS one, it would be disregarded as just another bogus claim!😮