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HopefulChaos December 10th, 2015 1:30pm

Zombie Apocalypse! Your team is your last ex-lover, your favorite deceased famous person, and the last person you shared a drink with (non-alc if you don't drink). Is most your team surviving?

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OldAccount No longer active
12/19/15 4:55 am

Well I haven't shared a drink with anyone because I have no friends . . . I've never had a "lover", again, I'm lonely . . . and I don't have any favorite dead people. Leaving just me. I think I survive.

12/17/15 1:05 pm

What if there is no ex, just a current lover, and even with out her I'd still live, my dad and Paul Walker

Lefty7375 Somewhere in the South
12/14/15 7:21 pm

Patrick swayze bitch and my dad bitch im good.

12/13/15 7:56 pm

I have babe ruth on mi side

12/13/15 2:08 pm

Well my famous person is deceased, and he ate my ex lover.

baskins The Foothills
12/13/15 12:44 pm

Bruce lee, ex is deceased, and brother in law. Feeling ok about it.

Ellock Perpetually Tired
12/12/15 5:20 pm

So me, my brother and Einstein. I don't have an ex... I feel like my brother and I could make it. We are different enough and work well together I think we could manage. But Albert would be death fodder and would be the scape goat. Sorry al

Ellock Perpetually Tired
12/12/15 5:28 pm

NO ALBERT CAMUS! I love him. We'd still die... But at least we could have a nice talk about life and such lol

offbeat California
12/12/15 10:24 am

How does this question not have a million up votes, so good. 😂

CassieLee the moon
12/11/15 4:44 pm

I thought you meant recent dead celebrity by famous person, so I'm pretty much screwed with Michael Jackson, my best friend who just broke her leg, and my ex with Crohn's. I myself have hyperthyroidism and have the body shape of a precooked spaghetti noodle. I'd give us about 30 minutes

wilgeno Saint Paul, MN
12/11/15 2:22 pm

I shall survive. The rest of my team will die at my hands.

beauthedog Washington
12/11/15 1:29 pm

Abe Lincoln is a terrific zombie warrior

BrandoBourassa New Mexico
12/11/15 12:05 pm

With Carl Sagan on my team, it shouldn't be too hard to outthink a bunch of dead bastards.

CAModerate California
12/11/15 9:39 am

Feed the ex lover to the zombies as a diversion and John Wayne, my boss and I are OUT! Winning!

cass95 Jesus 2022
12/11/15 6:35 am

Hell yes!
*Undercover drug/gang detective
*Ronald Reagan
Although having my current lover and previous lover together could get sketchy!

BrandoBourassa New Mexico
12/11/15 12:07 pm

Yeah, it didn't work out too well for Lori.

ladyniner81 I hate people
12/10/15 10:29 pm

I don't really have a favorite dead person and my sister and nephew and nephew will whup some ass, and my ex is an asshole. I'll leave him for a snack.

dboatright Virginia
12/10/15 9:57 pm

Myself (a helicopter mechanic and Marine), an infantry Marine, and Chesty Puller... We're not only surviving the zombie apocalypse we're going to be the guys founding the next society. My ex gf is really gonna be dead quick though... 4'11" and 95 lbs wet... Can't shoot and can't run...

12/10/15 9:52 pm

I got George Washington. So of course !!!

12/10/15 9:32 pm

Ex lover would be the first to die. By my hand

MrWalrus Undergrid
12/10/15 8:37 pm

I don't have an "ex-lover" so I'm down one person there

Xidena Washington State
12/10/15 7:20 pm

I'd feed myself to the zombies before I'd work with my emotionally abusive ex.

princess26 Trump Card
12/10/15 6:53 pm

A Navy Seal, Sinatra, and an Army Ranger? Ya. We're good.

aclincoln memphis
12/10/15 6:16 pm

my ex, aka my twin, mark twain, and one of my best friends
when we die at least we'll die entertained

gross12dozen Minnesota
12/10/15 4:47 pm

A brainiac, Robin Williams, and my cousin's husband? Well, we might not survive but is sure gonna be a fun time.

omniku dot com
12/10/15 2:50 pm

With a renowned pacifist like Gandhi on my team we are screwed so I hope brains taste good. As a vegetarian I don't know what he's going to eat once he's a zombie, but then again I guess he's used to being hungry.

clfs34 Florida
12/10/15 2:46 pm

My ex did pass away so.... I would have 2 in the deceased catagory. The last person I went out with my friend at ESPN so unless they were interested in sports info, we'd be dead. Lol

bryceman101 Catholic
12/10/15 2:35 pm

Richard the Lionheart will cut a swath through them infidel zombies

GodBLessAmerica Death to All
12/10/15 1:59 pm

Thomas Jefferson was brilliant. He'd find a way

osouless Whats Next
12/10/15 1:56 pm

I don't have an ex (or current) lover so i'm already down a person, JFK would suck in the zombie apocalypse, and my roommate wouldn't last very long either.

ocaptain O Captain, My Captain
12/10/15 1:46 pm

Robin Williams was a brilliant man but I don't know how well he'd do in a zombie apocalypse.

furbabymama Indiana
12/10/15 1:41 pm

A stalker. Eleanor Roosevelt. My youngest sister. We totally got this!

lcamino Florida and Georgia
12/10/15 1:04 pm

No, I think we'd kill each other.

SocialSuicide Gay Punk
12/10/15 12:46 pm

Theodore Roosevelt and pretty much that's it

hockeykyle Michigan
12/10/15 1:03 pm

No one, genghis khan, and no one...khan and I could do it for sure 😉

TheSocialist INTJ
12/10/15 12:33 pm

Just Genghis Khan and me. The others don't apply.

IamPriscilla Idaho, USA
12/10/15 12:06 pm

Oh ya! Leonard Nemoy and my husband. (I don't have an ex-lover, so I just I would just have two people on my team.)

Kerplin Indiana
12/10/15 12:02 pm

A famous dead person? I think it'd be counterproductive to travel with a zombie, regardless of who.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/10/15 12:01 pm

I've never had a lover but I guess it'd be this weird kid my age I went on a date with, umm someone artsy, and probably one of my friends who are all smart but know nothing about survival. I would probably off myself rather than live miserably and eventually get eaten alive.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/10/15 12:01 pm

Dead within the first few months

greg234 New Jersey
12/10/15 11:44 am

The ex, Ronald Reagan, and my friend

lcamino Florida and Georgia
12/10/15 1:08 pm

I picked Ronald Reagan too. It would be me, RR, my ex husband, and my SO. We would be on the zombie menu pretty quickly.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
12/10/15 11:36 am

Heath ledger or Paul Walker and my roommate not bad

RINOTom Peoria, IL
12/10/15 11:29 am

Oh God, we'd be f^cked. Mostly because of the ex-lover.

gunluvr NOT a Gun Free Zone
12/10/15 11:26 am

90 percent of the people I share drinks with are gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters...we would win ...

LadyA Earth Explorer
12/10/15 11:21 am

We'll have a blast, that's for sure.

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
12/10/15 11:21 am

At the very least Im getting laid.