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wolf124 December 10th, 2015 12:47pm

Kenneth Branagh turns 55 today. Have you seen the movie "Henry V?"

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alynn Somewhere wonderful
12/10/15 6:08 am it any good?

wolf124 California
12/10/15 6:21 am

I'm not a fan of Shakespeare lingo. But for others this movie was considered very good.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
12/10/15 6:37 am

The language definitely takes some getting used to. When my commute was really awful, I listened to his plays in the car. Focusing some attention on the language helped me stay calm. I got more Shakespeare in the car than I ever got in school. Plus, his insults are epic. 😆

wolf124 California
12/10/15 7:10 am thanks for the link.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
12/10/15 7:14 am

You should always have at least one Shakespearean zinger in your head, in case you get into a duel or have to defend some fair maiden's honor...or something. ☺