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Preox Earth
12/10/15 10:11 am

There probably was a flood that happened sometime in the past.But the way the Bible says it with Noah's Ark cannot possibly be true.If it was,we would have massive genetic damage from centuries of inbreeding.

professorwho Madness and Genius
12/10/15 8:52 am

I'm pretty sure that the bible is more figurative than literal. And that the writer(s) missed/fucked up some of the things they were supposed to write down.

bubba2526 New Jersey
12/10/15 8:39 am

Most cultures from around the world have a flood story from the same time period so I believe there was a flood. But some
Dude named Noah talking to a fictitious being and building basically a boat the size of a super yacht I don't see that as having ever happened. It's just more propaganda from religious people saying God saved everything through Noah now you have to worship our imaginary friend and give us control of your life.

Jake9473 Mississippi
12/10/15 8:35 am

There was most definitely a great flood. Although it was not as catastrophic as the bible claims. Now on to the ark ... Lets be real if you believe that 2 of every animal in the world ...the entire earth, could fit into a wooden boat smaller than the titanic you are very mistaken.

Obsideon Orbiting Earth
12/10/15 8:51 am

And don't forget about the inbreeding factor as well...

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
12/10/15 8:29 am

There was a flood back in prewritten history. The Mediterranean Sea spilled into the Black Sea when the strip of land between them collapsed. This event was passed down in stories and was incorporated into the Bible and other ancient texts.

PamGH SW Washington
12/10/15 4:42 am

I'm not a bible person. I think there may have been a big flood in an area that felt like the "whole world", but the animals .... Prolly not