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BibleProphecy December 10th, 2015 5:31am

Bible Scholars agree there are over 1,800 Prophecies in the Bible contained in over 8,000 verses. Should a Christian Study Bible Prophecy?

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12/09/15 11:06 pm

People have studied those prophecies and they only come up with nonsense, for example, Issac Newton and William Miller. William Miller, a founder of Ben Carson's faith (seventh day Adventists), predicted that Jesus would come back to earth on 1844. He then changed the date a few more times but nothing happen, now they have another theory for what happened that year which is a core belief to them. They also believe pope Francis is the antichrist. Anyway, it is truly the most wonderful religion. Of course, not many people know about this.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/10/15 12:36 am

I wouldn't put it exactly as you have here but I basically agree that this happens.