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CaseyHolloway December 10th, 2015 3:33am

SERIOUSLY, has anyone posting polls about "Trumps Muslim Comment" bothered 2 take a minute 2 ACTUALLY Google it & read the FULL statement? Or is every1 just playing "FOLLOW THE LEADER" w/out all the FACTS??? If u want the truth, click on the LINK!

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bunnymama5 NH
12/10/15 9:35 am

Mr Sabato just stated he thinks Mr Trump far more savvy a politician than most give him credit...this from a pollster that hasn't had much favorite opinions on him....considering how Mr Trump is running circles around both the candidates and media, I'd have to agree...

12/10/15 7:52 am

Casey: in today's parlance, it's called "drinking the kool-aide". . . . a reference to Jim Jones and Jonestown.

Ebola1 Florida
12/10/15 4:38 am

My faith in Trump is restored!

NewEnglander Caribou, Maine
12/10/15 3:26 am

Started reading it. Large claims were being made (statistics) I Googled the organization from which Trump found this survey, and let me tell you, it's not a reliable source, and the Pew Research poll that mentioned could not be found by me or the BBC.

mac Oregon
12/09/15 11:04 pm

Trump is the loser of a one man rock fight.

CaseyHolloway North Carolina
12/09/15 11:17 pm

I respect your right to choose and say what you want! I just have one question, do I seem to be hostile in my polls? Do my polls seem to have a "Threatening Motive" to them?

mac Oregon
12/10/15 10:27 pm

Casey, your polls are very biased and don't give quarter for people who don't agree with you. Other than that all good :) I believe Trump to be a wrong choice for America and very dangerous for our country.

12/09/15 9:48 pm

I think we should ban caseyhalloway from SOH until we can figure out what her objectives are!!

CaseyHolloway North Carolina
12/09/15 11:10 pm

First of all CaseyHolloway is a 33yr old male!!! Secondly, you want to BAN ME FROM SOH for what again exactly? For telling the truth about something that you disagree with? Please by all means explain to me as well what you meant by, "what my motives are?" Because it seems that your "Motives" are to silence anyone that has a different view from yourself! That is NOT WHAT SOH WAS DESIGNED FOR!!! So if you think that I should be banned from the app for "EXPRESSING MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH, RELIGION, and I guess you would call SOH a place where some people vote on polls of the news of the day, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! But I will contact SOH myself and ask if I am breaking any rules, so u don't have too!!!

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
12/10/15 2:42 am

The user that posted the comment as a comparison to what Trump said... It very clearly wasn't a serious comment.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
12/10/15 2:44 am

Side note, but the "freedom of..." bullshit is irrelevant. That is strictly government, specifically congress, being legally prevented from creating laws establishing a state religion or limiting speech, religion, press, assembly, expression, petition, etc.

Ailuro49 Just MY own opinion
12/09/15 9:45 pm

LOV Trump! Agree with his full statement 100%.

CaseyHolloway North Carolina
12/09/15 11:14 pm

I want your opinion, do you believe my motives are threatening? Or am I just stating Facts that people don't want to hear?

BleuPhilosopher Maryland
12/10/15 11:38 am

Stating facts people don't want to hear. People get upset when information doesn't fit their views or perspective