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aclincoln December 10th, 2015 3:28am

inspired by praetorianus: which is more important to you when listening to a song - the way it sounds, or the meaningfulness of the words?

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mhart16 Carrying On
12/10/15 11:51 am

It's usually the way it sounds for most all people. As proof I bring forth "Blurred Lines" by Robin thicke. Loved by many who actually hate they lyrical content

12/10/15 6:08 am

If I don't like the music, the lyrics won't change my dislike for the song.

maltz earth
12/10/15 5:45 am

I view this as inner and outer beauty. Once you see inner beauty, everything becomes beautiful. When you have words that resonate with you, you will automatically fall for the way it sounds as well.