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Show Of Hands October 6th, 2012 12:00am

Have you seen the Korean music video "Gangnam Style" on YouTube? (UQ)

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live4Christ Iowa
10/10/12 7:05 pm

HOW COULD U NOT HAVE. At my school it's assumed you have, you can't go 15 min without someone making a reference to it or dancing it

10/10/12 12:49 am

I like the Univ. of Oregon parody video too!

msnell Texas
10/09/12 8:05 pm

Saw the USNA, West Point, and USAFA versions!

10/09/12 2:56 pm

This map of the USA: the only time Texas and Rhode Island will ever be the same color.

HGolightly California
10/09/12 12:51 pm

Saw it after it was hyped. What a let down.

10/09/12 7:11 am

Seen it, and it's just as stupid as Call Me, Maybe, and Friday. Man, music is dying. Whatever happened to good music (no I'm not old, I'm in my early 20's. I just so happen to think music was better before the 90's happened, with the exception of certain metal groups)

10/08/12 9:54 pm

it gets addicting after a while!!!

iloveu Michigan
10/08/12 5:52 pm

Opp opp opp opp. Oppa gangnam style

papaJohnD28 Tennessee
10/08/12 4:35 pm

heyyyyy sexy ladies !


10/08/12 10:22 am

my husband loves this song.

jghskkfm California
10/08/12 10:06 am

Literally the most annoying song I have heard. I hate it. I can't believe it is actually played on the radio. I want to tape my ears shut.

andithinkthat Texas
10/08/12 5:18 am

The 50/50 results on here just show that this is an old person app.

10/08/12 1:47 am

Oh no. I'm turning into one of them!

10/08/12 1:45 am

Aaaaaaay sexy layyydayyy

10/07/12 9:57 pm

My bf is addicted to that song/vid lol

10/07/12 8:15 pm

Ohio 110....:D

jenniebtzlbrgr Kansas
10/07/12 7:35 pm

Does the mirandasings08 music video count

23 Texas
10/07/12 5:43 pm

Of course! We have several S. Korean students, so we watch it incessantly. I just need to have a dance-off with them now...

GirlOnFire Ohio
10/07/12 4:29 pm

Age filters are hilarious! And yes I've seen it many times:)

illinois217 Illinois
10/07/12 4:16 pm

Lol most people saying no are lying lmao

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
10/07/12 3:29 pm

The song was just released July 15th. So, all of you snobs trying to make others think you're superior, recognize the track was only released 10 weeks ago. It's not that old.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
10/07/12 3:26 pm

Korea is actually ahead of the USA in terms of electronica and most women's fashion trends. A lot of American fashion trends come from Korea. The Korean subculture styles always make it here.

Sam95 Nebraska
10/07/12 3:19 pm

Yes. Well I only watched half of it. I thought it was really stupid so I didn't even bother watching the rest of it.

FearToFall what is this for
10/07/12 12:26 pm

One of my friends made me watch it a few weeks ago and then announced it to everyone that I had been converted, lolwut.

10/07/12 12:22 pm

Yes... ironically just minutes before I read this vote question.

commonsense America isnt racist
10/07/12 7:40 am

Not saying its not popular, I'm saying its not new.

MGMT Across the Universe
10/07/12 7:32 am

I've seen a parody of it on SNL, but not the real thing. And I think it looks pretty dumb so I probably won't ever see the real thing.

10/07/12 7:08 am

And that's why gangnam style is now the number one song in the iTunes Store in the US

10/07/12 6:30 am

I had been avoiding it! Now, thanks to SOH, I have watched it. I don't get it "Macarena 2: Straight from the Seoul?" I hate these fad things!


10/07/12 4:11 am

That one video made more money in a week than you make in a year


10/07/12 3:20 am

I think it's a fun song, like most kpop.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
10/07/12 2:47 am

This is old news to me


10/07/12 1:23 am

Open condom style...

centexken Republic of Texas
10/07/12 12:31 am

Caught a few seconds of it in the news. Not my style.

10/07/12 12:24 am

Made me think if the good ole US of A are the only country with an obesity problem ;)

10/07/12 12:16 am

Little Dick Durbin was in the background pop-locking.

Confetiman west coast best coast
10/07/12 12:07 am

The song actually has a good message if you look at the english translation


10/06/12 11:17 pm

Yeah I watched when it first came out about 5 months ago

emsies Seattle
10/06/12 11:03 pm

It was... strange. We watched it in Chinese class.

yesmaam socal
10/06/12 10:15 pm

My parents watched it too... And now they're like Heyy sexy ladayy!!! OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!