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Show Of Hands September 7th, 2012 12:00am

Whatever you think about his political ideology, do you think Mitt Romney is a person of integrity?

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ishady 86451132020
09/12/12 1:08 pm

Hey wants to start a war to make up for the one he ran out on.

ishady 86451132020
09/12/12 1:03 pm

Romney opens his mouth and loses his integrity with every word.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
09/11/12 4:24 pm

My question is why a man of integrity would have more than a dozen Social Security numbers...

cowboy Dog Father
09/11/12 1:12 pm

@O13 Of course Liberals don't do their homework. It's right there in Barry Soetoro's book. Just listen to them. Veritas is just a typical lemming. Probably on purpose. Nobody can be that dense, on purpose, and still be capable of using a smart phone.

dcsharp29 Wichita, KS
09/10/12 11:14 pm

This country is not a business, and shouldn't be governed/run like one.

dcsharp29 Wichita, KS
09/10/12 11:11 pm

Please! He says he will repeal the health care law that he practically wrote? Also, when it comes to abortion, he's multiple choice!

SillyNiner New York
09/10/12 12:13 pm

he's a politician..politicians and integrity are an oxymoron

EarlyBird Portland
09/10/12 5:38 am

Alien - being a politician, Romney is playing the game. That's all.

ishady 86451132020
09/10/12 2:26 am

He looks nervous and shifty in Interviews, theres something wrong with that dude.

O13 Alabama
09/09/12 10:39 pm

Since you're too lazy to do your own homework.

Alienmoose1 New York
09/09/12 8:01 pm

I don't know how anyone can say yes. He has reversed himself on every major issue. Gun control,abortion,gay rights, corporate welfare, the wars, the bailouts, healthcare... The list goes on. Whether or not you agree with him (now), he clearly will say anything to get elected and therefore has none.

09/09/12 6:47 pm

Tabser don't talk about things you don't understand.

ComradeAlex California
09/09/12 5:41 pm

@ntvxtn alas, your hate consumes you. I pity such people. Why can't we all cooperate as a unit, America? I speak on behalf of justice for the proletariat and all people

veritas1 Panda
09/09/12 4:59 pm

@O13. Not surprising that you are incapable of discerning reality from your insane fantasy world.

@mvr. Not even a page number? Not even one link? Come on. This is getting pathetic.

gummyworms BAAAA
09/09/12 12:27 pm

Nope. Nobody considered his party at all, OBVIOUSLY.

O13 Alabama
09/09/12 11:59 am

@veritas: all I heard from you was: "blah, blah, blah, I'm plugging my ears and not listening to the truth. Blah, blah, blah, Obama is the messiah. Blah, blah, blah, he's going to pay my mortgage."
You really should come up for air once in a while... oxygen is your friend.

09/09/12 10:25 am

@comrade- bite me ya jerk (thank the censors or I'd use words even a moron like you would understand!

09/09/12 10:24 am

And he's a business man that's made $$- not a jerk that's lived on the public dime & thinks lazy folks are entitled to it.

ComradeAlex California
09/09/12 9:58 am

BobC: be tolerant ! Don't call people names that is immature

09/09/12 9:07 am

You an't ask obamas dog because he ate it huh spidergirl?

09/09/12 9:06 am

Veritas; just buy copies of his damned books, this is getting stupid now!

09/09/12 8:37 am

No he changes his opinions too often

09/09/12 1:48 am

He baptized his wife's dead atheist father, despite his well known feelings on the subject. How can this same man have integrity ?

veritas1 Panda
09/08/12 9:55 pm

@O13 Don't even pretend to k ow what this conversation is about. And sure as hell don't call me an imbecile because of your ignorance. Call me an imbecile because you want to or because of my ignorance (or…"felonies" are you think they are).
@BobC I'm a "Stupid libtard?" Oh the irony…

09/08/12 9:46 pm

Smart1 I don't think the people in Vietnam who died would be angry that he wasn't there. I think he showed integrity by serving a mission. Of course it would be hard to understand the importance of that since you're not Mormon. You are free to disagree.

09/08/12 9:41 pm

There are plenty of pictures of Barry smoking pot veritas. Wake up you stupid Libtard.

O13 Alabama
09/08/12 6:17 pm

Holy hell veritas. Are you still on that crap. If you are so stupid that you can't find a single reference to Obama using drugs (especially since he wrote about it in his own "autobiography") you are a first rate imbecile. Seriously, just put down your iDevice and walk away.

veritas1 Panda
09/08/12 4:47 pm

@nvr. When you google those kinds of quotes from his book there are millions of hits. Remember the one about "ingratiating" himself to whites that was taken out of context. Nowhere was there a single result for your booze, pot, and coke quote.

cowboy Dog Father
09/08/12 2:33 pm

Oh no... I mentioned his real name. Watch them go nuts now.

cowboy Dog Father
09/08/12 2:32 pm

@Staind I appreciate the effort but they know I'm right. That's why Rank and little Bri there can only make stuff up. Like, if I smoked with Keith Richards....." That has nothing to do with the Communist, Frank Mashall Davis, torturing a teenage Barry Soetoro. They really can't handle the truth.

09/08/12 2:26 pm

Veritas; go buy the books and you are better then this sniper thing you have been doing lately.

09/08/12 2:25 pm

Smart1; hey I totally understand and certainly am sorry about your brother.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/08/12 1:51 pm

Oh and Cato- do you find Harry Reid creepy? Because he's Mormon, too!!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/08/12 1:50 pm

cato- you don't know all Mormons so how can you say they're all creepy? I'm Mormon and I'm pretty sure I'm not creepy. :-)

09/08/12 1:21 pm brother died in that "stupid war" while others used deferments. Integrity is about standing up for what you say you believe. He said he believed in the war and then he turned tail and used deferments to get out of serving his country. That's some kind of integrity. I'm done.

veritas1 Panda
09/08/12 1:18 pm

Yep. Nvr even had the made-up quotes to prove it.

09/08/12 1:07 pm

And by the way everyone was either protesting, fleeing or using deferments (legally) as a way to avoid that stupid war. You know it and so does everyone else.

09/08/12 1:05 pm

Smart1; so what you do as a pretty young man stays with you forever. I agree now you know why many of us feel the way we do after reading Barrack Hussein Obamas books about him bing a heavy drug user, shoved his girl friend around and his notorious far left radical friends. Integrity right?

09/08/12 11:58 am

OK scalzi04 I'm not giving up on this. It's about integrity. When you very vocally support a war your country is in and then use a draft deferment 5 times to avoid serving your country in that war, you are not a person with integrity. 60,000+ died in Vietnam what do think they would say?

trav Instagram, travisdover
09/08/12 11:32 am

I think I trust him in general; though he does seem like he could be a snake in the grass. Slithering where you can't see him.

BriD Illinois
09/08/12 11:13 am

He is the most wishy-washy pathetically desperate candidate! People who cannot see this are truly blind.

veritas1 Panda
09/08/12 10:49 am

How can one have integrity is they can't even stand by their values if it makes them unpopular?

09/08/12 10:46 am

What proof do you have that Bain is unethical? People get on here and just say stuff, prove it! You sound like Harry Ried!

clvrgrl777 California
09/08/12 10:01 am

Bain capital was unethical hence Romney as he profited.

ComradeAlex California
09/08/12 9:56 am

Romney is awful... He only supports the bourgeois