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Show Of Hands July 30th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think our current political process in DC is filled with honest differences of opinion between parties, or widespread corruption and dishonesty?

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08/09/11 3:26 pm

I have not been happy with this president and I was not happy with Bush's 2nd term. I don't see anyone out there that will be a uniter of the people. When this country is united there is nothing we can't accomplish!

08/09/11 3:22 pm

I'm not sure how this country has become so divided, it has come down to the haves and have nots. when our poorest people have flat screens and cell phones and a guy that ran Enron has a 20 million dollar golden parachute things just don't add up!

Rousseau Illinois
08/09/11 2:07 pm

I am surprised to see this little faith in elected officials...very sad. you know, perhaps the problem is you are all expecting too little from your elected officials

Rousseau Illinois
08/09/11 2:05 pm

Jopat, only one of those two presidents cabe brought up on charges though =D

08/09/11 9:59 am

kamakazi; I. agree we as a country need some tough love. I think if you check Bush did get a vote of congress to go to war. Obama did not I guess he thinks bombing people from 30,000 feet doesn't count. I respect your right to vote for anyone you want!

drnatural Hawaii
08/09/11 12:45 am

ban special interests, corporate or governmental lobbying and return personhood to real people and make government corporations and federal reserve type organizations illegal.

08/08/11 9:03 pm

@jopat We elect them hoping for change. For example President Obama! Running for Election he criticized Bush for not using congress to declare war. An today we are in 5 illegal wars. It's All BS "Yes We Can". This year I will vote for Ron Paul. He represent REAL Change for Americans.

08/07/11 4:54 pm

@jr410...I 100% agree....term limits are a must.

08/06/11 6:51 pm

If there was term limits for ALL PUBLIC POLITICAL OFFICES (2 consecutive terms ) there would be more honest productivity.

08/06/11 10:07 am

most of that kind of corruption doesn't touch everyone's life like it does coming from Washington though. We elect them so we get the government we deserve....

arborfamilia on top of the hill
08/06/11 9:27 am

...bit just so we're clear, EVERY organization of similar size and scope if full of corruption and dishonesty. Humans don't change form just because they get elected.

08/04/11 7:46 pm

As many of you know the POTUS is required to submit a budget at the beginning of each year. this year after it was submitted the senate voted it down 97 to nothing, who says they can't work together. his budget was so out of touch with reality they didn't post it on the White house website.

08/04/11 4:54 pm

I need to revise the new cost of the executive orders it's 9 billion. gee I don't know why anyone isn't hiring.....

08/04/11 3:57 pm

It's time to start a new fire everyone no more elections usa citizens are randomly chosen for one and only one 2 yr term that's from president on down and only paid what you would make on jury duty!!!

08/04/11 8:46 am

speaking of corruption, while most of us were watching the debt debate the POTUS actually added over 3 billion dollars worth of new regulations to the books. he says hrs friendly to business but what a crock!

08/04/11 3:25 am

I love how tough everyone is when their sitting at home behind their keyboard.

08/04/11 3:22 am

Revolution! Oh, I forgot, we're a country full of people who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. We fear the government when it should be the other way around.

08/03/11 8:47 pm

DC is filled with one-minded dumbasses

08/03/11 7:45 pm

This is the funniest poll yet.

Wes28 CBus
08/03/11 1:45 am

Oh, and mystweaver, calm down. Nobody wants to hear your temper tantrums.

Wes28 CBus
08/03/11 1:43 am

If anyone believes our congressmen actually care about us, then they're nuts.

08/03/11 1:38 am

It's one big 'good old boy' network... on both sides.

08/02/11 7:23 pm

Neither - it's about posturing and pandering, neither of which involve either corruption or honest opinions

08/02/11 1:12 pm

If you look into this stuff, there hasn't been any real corruption stuff lately that isn't sex/personally related. There hasn't been an Abramoff style arrest in a while.

08/02/11 10:30 am

I hate the spell check, corrected on this I pad.....

08/02/11 10:29 am

I would guess that since you counsel children you have never ben in any kind of business and clearly never have been responsible for employee payroll. dealing with regulations etc.

08/02/11 10:27 am

mystweaver; I also forgot o mention that the SEIU donated over 60 million to Obamas last campaign election. it's ad to see such a highly educated older person get on a kids webs tie and try to dominate them.

08/02/11 8:33 am

mystweaver; regardless of the hammer, sickle mistake I'm really sorry that you won't honor us with a response! when reality looks you in the face it is scary isn't it?

Overmind Texas
08/02/11 5:50 am

Mystweaver needs to calm down. He's too narrow minded. He's not looking at the big picture. I also think he is still secretly checking on the comments.

08/01/11 10:21 pm

I never understood
Why the political parties of this country coolant just work together and get s***** done it's so stupid watching the
Constantly fight like schoolgirls

08/01/11 8:53 pm

if this ain't a joke of a question I don't know what is

superbill Georgia
08/01/11 8:16 pm

@mystweaver you should stop taking yourself and life so seriously.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 7:32 pm

The Constitution doesn't limit free speech to people. It limits the right to assemble to people (it wouldn't make sense in any other way). So what's wrong with assembling and expressing yourself in a group? They can't influence you unless you choose to let them. That's your fault. Not their fault.

08/01/11 6:25 pm

Kid, I am so tired of arguing with your right wing talking points. This conversation is over. I, unlike you, have better things to do with my time. Don't bother responding. I won't see it.

08/01/11 6:22 pm

At what point did I say that any citizen was not allowed to express any opinion? Don't twist my words. I say it is immoral and un-american to consider corporations citizens. They don't act like one and it is ridiculous to give then such power to influence our country. Period. Argue all you want

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 5:52 pm

Thomas Jefferson would be disgusted at the thought of telling someone else what they can or can't do with their own money.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 5:51 pm

tell them what they can or can't use their money for as long as it doesn't violate your rights. Just so you know, you don't have the right to prohibit others from saying their opinions.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 5:50 pm

I see nothing wrong with allowing people to use their money for what they want. It's their money. Eliminating property rights is an unintelligible position. The facts contradict what you say. The Constitution prohibits what you want. You have no right to limit the speech or expression of others or

08/01/11 5:36 pm

Thomas Jefferson said "ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions." Selling off our country to the highest bidder isn't my idea of intelligible. Or anything but ridiculous and traitorous. Put your juvenile arrogance aside and look at the long view.

08/01/11 5:31 pm

the door for the hyper-rich, and foreign interests, to invest their money in politicians who support their interests, not those of the American citizen. If you don't see the "wrongness" of that paradigm, you need to get the experience that will give you perspective. Quote all you want.

08/01/11 5:27 pm

Citizens United effectively made corporations citizens with the rights humans enjoy, and without the effective restrictions that not being a corporation with large amounts of money at their disposal place on the average American. They are not accountable for the sources of their funds, which opens

fgvggfb New York
08/01/11 5:19 pm

We need corruption so we have something to complain about

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 3:18 pm

While corporations or unions may not give money directly to campaigns, they may seek to persuade the voting public through other means, including ads, especially where these ads were not broadcast.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 3:18 pm

Holding: Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
08/01/11 3:17 pm

Alright, mystweaver. Here is the Court summary of the decision and over 100 links about it.

08/01/11 3:05 pm

Look, austrian... I've about had it with your ignorant assumptions of "fact" that you apparently feel are far superior to my pitiful life experience. You weren't right about Citizens United and I will take your childish prattle seriously when you have real experience to back it up. Until then...

08/01/11 3:00 pm

@jopat: you are confusing Arm & Hammer (baking sode, etc.) with Hammer and Sickle (communist symbol). I won't honor your viewpoint with a response.

08/01/11 1:59 pm

time up..... it was the SEIU 60.7 million. we report you decide....

08/01/11 1:54 pm

by the way what group was Obamas largest donor last election? Come on you can guess.....