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Have you ever been to a corn maze? (UserQ)

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14573 Scary Numbers
10/22/11 1:06 pm

49%* of America needs to go to indiana right now. *r whatever percentage of people have not been to one

10/20/11 12:16 pm

Is a corn maze on the back of a placemat? I may have seen one at a diner.

10/20/11 12:10 pm

I really want to though

10/19/11 5:45 pm

I have been to a normal one and a haunted one! The haunted one was horrible!!!!!! I went with a bunch of my friends but it was still really scary!!!!!! My friends are making my go again this year and we are gonna do an even scarier one :'(

10/18/11 10:09 pm

Yea, and I lost my wallet there too...

Dream Hogwarts
10/18/11 6:50 pm

@raccoonan yay! Another Washingtonian!

10/18/11 2:36 pm

I've gotten a citation for throwing corn into a corn maze...months later I went court and was charged not guilty :)

10/18/11 1:59 pm

They are nothing specil

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/18/11 9:16 am

Sorry about the un-necessary annoyance, but I'm upgraded to iOS 5 now and I'm still me!!! [Thanks Mr. Bacos and Apple team!]


10/18/11 3:46 am

Went to one for the first time on Saturday! :)

10/17/11 11:44 pm

@gleft - Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas do though and I've lived in all those states

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
10/17/11 10:40 pm

Its a northing thing because states like arizona or florida dont really grow corn

10/17/11 9:44 pm

*sarcasm is my only form of communication*

10/17/11 8:40 pm

I've never heard of these either..... Not so sure about riveting though..

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/17/11 6:21 pm

Just to inform anyone looking while I am still FIAT2LUX. I may need to change my username soon due to upgrading to iOS 5 shortly. Just an annoying FYI to most, but nice for some to know.


10/17/11 6:10 pm

Apparently this is just a northern thing...
I've never heard of one but it sounds riveting ;)

10/17/11 7:29 am

Never heard of a corn maze until I moved to Michigan.

galaxygirl Virginia
10/17/11 5:34 am

I got lost, so my parents sent in my Aussie dog to find me and bring me back. It worked, she found
me and then the exit in under 5 minutes. Needless to say, I felt a little "special", so my parents bought me a donut to cheer me up, which it did.=>

10/17/11 1:48 am

I went to one. Although it was hard because of all the extra paths that weren't on the map...

10/17/11 1:02 am

Dream: I know the one you're talking about! Best corn maze eer.

10/17/11 12:55 am

Yup. More hedge mazes than corn, but they're so fun! Next year we're going to take the baby doll, unless they for some reason still have it end of November (when we can actually afford to go...). My husbands never been in a maze period. It'll be fun to take him!

Dream Hogwarts
10/16/11 10:48 pm

Did you go to the same one I went to?

Dream Hogwarts
10/16/11 10:47 pm

On a field trip in elementary school we went to one and it was plowed like the highways of Washington with landmarks and fact boards. We had a list of places to go, it was super fun! We also got Popsicles at the end, and I think we saw duck races. It was an eventful day!

10/16/11 9:54 pm

I got lost in one so I ate my way out.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/16/11 9:41 pm

I've never seen a corn field in person let alone a maze.

10/16/11 9:28 pm

1337-where in nj r u? Corn is everywhere in Sussex, Warren, and hunterdon. Jersey corn is some of the best local you can buy!

10/16/11 9:00 pm

what's up with the south?

10/16/11 8:31 pm

What's with all the No's in the south and nowhere else?!?!

10/16/11 7:51 pm

I made a crop accident. I got pushed and knocked some stalks down

10/16/11 6:44 pm

There was a creep following me and my friends at a birthday party

10/16/11 5:13 pm

The pumpkin patch I brought my students to had a maize maze. Tons of fun for the young ones as long as they can find their way out

Nerdz Texas
10/16/11 5:10 pm

no but I am planning on going to one with my family since it is around Halloween time.

10/16/11 4:09 pm

Going to my 1st corn maze tonight actually :)

10/16/11 3:32 pm

Flanders that'd be corn 'maize' lol

10/16/11 2:48 pm

Lol Flanders too bad the indians call it maize not maze

10/16/11 2:38 pm

my college equine club used to run one for a fundraiser in partnership with the horticulture club

10/16/11 2:06 pm

And I didn't even call the police to help get me out!

10/16/11 1:23 pm

Corn maze is redundant if ur an Indian