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Should polygamy (marriage between more than two people) be legal? (UserQ)

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11/01/11 9:34 pm

It would be really hard. Having kids from two different people and live in the same house, how would the marriage work, and introducing your family to people. It would be weird, and how would it work with money and everything.

10/30/11 9:58 am

Not gay in a three way

10/27/11 7:36 pm

it's just as wrong as homosexual "arraign"

10/26/11 11:40 pm

Taryn- if it's legal it doesn't mean you have to practice it.

ATHEIST1 shamokin pa
10/26/11 8:50 am

What adults do should be between them I would do it myself but if someone does why should we stop them it a "free country" so they say

Taryn Nevada
10/25/11 11:15 pm

I don't want polygamy to be legal here, simply because I am much to jealous & so is my boyfriend.

10/25/11 8:37 pm

Yah Muslims are terrorist trying to take over

10/25/11 9:41 am

@durza are you an idiot? we have freedom or religion here dick. just because it's different does not mean they are trying to take over the government. WTF is wrong with you?

10/25/11 1:18 am

Spoiler- I agree ;)
Tops- I'll have to second that! I can barely deal with one man... He drives me so freaking nuts... I love him but couldn't deal with any more of him!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/25/11 12:38 am

@ Rosebud the other term is nuts. Who in their right mind would want more than one.

10/24/11 10:14 am

Kandy we can use artificial insemination. One can argue that we don't even need men anymore to keep the race alive.

Adonis New York
10/24/11 3:33 am

It's that Mormon sacred underwear that women find so enticing

10/24/11 12:13 am

Spoiler- the technical name for a woman with multiple husbands is polygandry.

10/23/11 10:49 pm

Just as long as no additional benefits from 2+ wives. Other than that it's all conservative culture control.

kandykane California
10/23/11 9:30 pm

@fairydust- hypothetically, a man marrying a woman could never be outlawed because that would ultimately kill the human race.

spoiler Michigan
10/23/11 2:11 pm

Who says polygamy has to be one man multiple woman? Couldn't it be one woman multiple men? Population and all these other arguments change a little now dont they?

SwolePatro Georgia
10/23/11 2:09 pm

America has an issue with entitlement. I don't agree with every law however they are in place for the betterment of society. Polygamy is a joke. Just because there are mentally unstable people in the world that think they are entitled to do what they want, doesn't mean every law should be questioned

10/23/11 1:25 pm

First of all, the population is already high enough, secondly we have to stop giving in to all of these stupid cultures that want to take over.

Caspey Pennsylvania
10/23/11 12:26 pm

sw77- I agree entirely... it's a privilege to live in a monogamous society. it means we don't have shortage of men from war and poverty which is why polygamy naturally occurs in the first place.

10/23/11 10:01 am

Get my drift?! I didn't make this up, I got it from one of the polygamy family's practices. It makes perfect sense regarding how they manage to pull it off without being extremely wealthy enough to afford it. For this reason alone you should be choosing NO!

10/23/11 10:00 am

If a man can legally be married to only 1 woman at a time, then the other women are technically single mothers. As a single mother with multiple children, you now qualify for state and federal assistance.

10/23/11 12:46 am

Marriage is between one man and one women. No exceptions

Caspey Pennsylvania
10/23/11 12:25 am

completely degrading towards women. the idea that, through wealth, one man can 'own' many women is disgusting. if your a woman and support this than shame on you...

kellybell3 California
10/22/11 11:10 pm

Why are people bringing gay marriages into this? It's two different subjects. Also I say no because it's degrading to women.

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
10/22/11 8:29 pm

Shame on anyone who votes no. I'm willing i bet many of you support gay marriage but not this? Why are people so unwilling to embrace anything but the social norm?

10/22/11 7:57 pm

<---Braindead today! Duh I meant don't vote yes, vote no!

10/22/11 7:56 pm

I still can't believe people are voting no?! How do you think these men can afford that many wives and children? Not all families have working mothers. Think real hard about it. If you hate entitlements, then you should vote yes...

Violinist2 Arizona
10/22/11 7:51 pm

How can you marry more than 2 people?? It's just.... WRONG! There I said it.

yesmaam socal
10/22/11 3:27 pm

Sure why not. If u think it's wrong then don't do it that's all. All people have the same rights so they should be able to do what they want. What if a man marrying a woman was wrong and you loved the opposite gender but you couldn't get marries just because the law says so

SwolePatro Georgia
10/22/11 1:27 pm

Yes Gay marriage is just between two people but my point is it's still morally wrong.

kandykane California
10/22/11 10:37 am

Isn't polygamy kind of degrading to women?

10/22/11 3:55 am

Why are you liberals capping on the Romney-family's polygamist past? I thought you guys were all about tolerance, acceptance, and equality? You should be openly embracing Romney's decision to practice Mormonism.

redrose32 Louisiana
10/22/11 12:50 am

this involves more than one marriages still would involve being married to one person...what is the world coming too..

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
10/21/11 11:58 pm

if gay marriage should be legal then so should polygamy.......u can't ask for equality then ban it for others..........

PHP North Carolina
10/21/11 10:37 pm

Would I use this right? No. Should other people have it as an option? Yes. No true reason to restrict it.

10/21/11 9:45 pm

The punishment for having many wives is having many mothers in law!

10/21/11 6:54 pm

I guess the law is somewhat useless. A man can legally live with 40 women and get them all pregnant without marriage. Of course some people are addicted to wedding cake.

blutuesday California
10/21/11 6:16 pm

Suggested reading for some insight on the issues surrounding polygamy: Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer.

drpoup Massachusetts
10/21/11 3:29 pm

If it consensual all around what is wrong? Just cause you don't want to do it doesn't make it wrong. Socially it might actually have a positive effect as wealthier ( aka better off to raise children) will most likely have more wives and children

10/21/11 1:49 pm

Be careful how you love your car, you may end up with auto erotic asphyxiation! :oD

scooter Tennessee
10/21/11 1:43 pm

I guess anything goes as long as everyone is treated good. I wanna marry my car I love it and I have a right. Forget the rules, I'm a living being.

scooter Tennessee
10/21/11 1:41 pm

@skep I believe in treating people well too but that doesn't mean I have to like what they do or ignore what I believe to be the truth in the "rule book".

10/21/11 1:36 pm

I believe trying to ban gays from equal rights is immoral. I believe morality to be tied to the treatment of living beings, not adherence to a set of rules.