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Show Of Hands September 18th, 2011 12:00am

Gauging interest in a possible feature: would you want to view your own historical voting stats, including stats about how often you agree with different segments of people, whether you have a SoH doppelgänger, etc.?

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09/22/11 11:53 pm

how do I vote twice for this. yes yes!!!

09/20/11 9:11 pm

that sounds awesome. I love that this app asks us for feedback for new features. why I love it!

09/20/11 5:33 pm

So if someone in Idaho polls exactly like me, how would I use that info? Do I invite him over for a beer?

09/19/11 5:19 pm

How can we have a doppelgänger? I mean, my app was messing up so I had to delete it. You have it set so no one can take another's name- I know bc it won't let me take mine :(

09/19/11 10:24 am

Stop talking about it and make it so!

09/19/11 6:14 am

I'd rather have the comment features improved, i.e. actual threads that groups only discuss a certain topic, one on one private discussions (chat), etc.

09/18/11 8:41 pm

I personally believe this app should also let me track down and fight anyone who disagree's with me as well.

09/18/11 8:30 pm

we obviously left topic on the English only please...but can't help myself I don't care what languages you know...more is better. however citizenship requires English

leftocentr Oregon
09/18/11 11:20 am

Would love to know the peeps on SOH that share my points of view.

09/18/11 11:11 am

...Well happened? He learned how to speak Spanish fluently just working nxt 2 them, made friends and they got the job done...That's actually "generally" how it works for most. So again, it's all an excuse... and I'm done..I'm just really sick of ignorant ppl who say things like orig comment

09/18/11 11:07 am

The problem is not the language, the problem is that Americans don't like ppl different than them and it's an excuse to weed those ppl out. Also my father worked somewhere 4 years with majority of mexicans speaking only spanish?

09/18/11 11:06 am

To all...yes it is a dominant attitude and Its not necessary. how would it not be to say one language should be set, by a group of immigrants who took over land? Who are they to say who should speak what? besides We have functioned for centuries with ppl that speak different languages....

T0nyiPhone Oregon
09/18/11 9:42 am

@Vanguarde for you, only a million dollars. You won't even miss it. :-)

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/18/11 9:26 am

@veritas...semble que nous allons avoir besoin de changer notre language.

anonymom Virginia
09/18/11 9:11 am

That sounds complicated but very cool!

AdamT Boston, MA
09/18/11 8:44 am

Sounds like a really great idea Tony! I'd really love to use it.

09/18/11 8:22 am

Yune, oh but people seem to like looking at what they don't like... Take commenting for example lol.
I absolutely love the idea though!

DaKernal Colorado
09/18/11 8:21 am

Only if it does not require a log-in process. I like the unobtrusive way SoH works.

09/18/11 8:21 am

Aquamom, we need a national language. My in laws all are Spanish speaking Mexicans. I speak a bit myself. But English needs to be the main language. Otherwise, everyone will have to learn 20 languages just to talk to everyone.
And yes, I am American. I'm not an immigrant. I was born here.

LicensedNe North Carolina
09/18/11 8:07 am

That would be awesome. Besides, if people don't like the feature, they just won't have to look at it.

katniss Dallas, TX
09/18/11 7:47 am

It would also be cool to show a top voters list of the people that had voted the most overall.

Hestia Vermont
09/18/11 6:17 am

I think that knowing who votes in a similar way to you would be a cool feature.

NotAsheep Nevada
09/18/11 4:20 am

Are Spanish speaking people suddenly a new thing in Texas? lol

09/18/11 3:08 am

Vanguarde demands new features. Vanguarde wants the ability to directly post new polls, like Tony does. How much for that ability?

09/18/11 3:02 am

Aquamom, it's not a dominance attitude at all. Texas isn't falling behind in education because of curriculum and funding. It's falling behind because of the amount of students that can't understand English. I can't speak for other states but Mexico is currently swallowing Texas with no assimilation.

09/18/11 1:20 am

but thanks for informing me of that

09/18/11 1:20 am

@dondiego..what ethnicity sweetie or veritas is doesn't really have any relevance to the point I was making. The focus of my point was the specific comment he made..I can't say I'm aware of the background.

09/18/11 1:16 am

@AquaMom. Actually, both veritias and Sweetie are Gringos. I, however, am a Peruvian......Paso.

09/18/11 12:53 am

...well guess what, it's a bunch of ignorance! so get over it! Pretty soon we should be saying "speak Spanish only" based off immigration rates...Sounds ridiculous huh? Well it does the other way around

09/18/11 12:52 am

.....This "speak English only" Bull crap is nothing but a way for the dominant culture to maintain it's other words, a way for them to keep this superior I'm better than you attitude...

09/18/11 12:52 am

@th3---this is America for gods sake!!! What were you thinking ?! A country FILLED with immigrants; immigrants who originally came from Europe "forcefully" taking over American land...UNLESS your Native American, your pretty much an immigrant just like the rest, this is not "our" land!...

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/18/11 12:46 am

@TH3. Don't worry. Christ can understand any language.

09/18/11 12:38 am

This is America. Speak English, for Christ's sake

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
09/18/11 12:35 am

@veritas...Si, es cierto. Tu tienes uno....el caballo mas perfecto en todo el mundo. Pero, hay otro también. Eso es Dondiego cuando busco los criminales en Baja California.

Peaceful Minnesota
09/18/11 12:25 am

I've thought about something like this but as always Tony you manage to put it in to better words :) ...& also the iggy list thing..& the @whoever convo thing

Topgun California
09/18/11 12:00 am

This would be a great addition, I pondered this myself.

veritas… Texas
09/17/11 11:54 pm

Oh. But the User Profile should be an opt in thing to preserve the anonymity of those who want it. And you Gould be able to pick which parts of your profile are public. Please? I think people would like this feature.

veritas… Texas
09/17/11 11:51 pm

This may surprise people, but I think I'd have voter with the republicans 55-60% of the time and with the dems 40-45%. I'd love to see this feature. And maybe user profiles as well (see their party, age, gender, etc).

@Sweetie. Es claro que los dos son Ud. y Dondiego. No? Creo que sí :)

09/17/11 11:39 pm

I want a search bar in each comment area so I can search specific user comments. Pisses me off when I have to search a 200+ comment flame war to find ONE comment.

09/17/11 11:30 pm

I totally agree with rosebud on the blocking thing... A little heavy on the scrolling and BAM- blocked someone else! And it's really frustrating to read all the @_personyoublocked posts when they're gone! :(

09/17/11 11:12 pm

I'd also like to see a comparison between my votes and the popular vote - a running history would be awesome.