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Do you openly discuss politics with coworkers/classmates, or steer clear of the topic to avoid conflict?

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jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/02/12 12:02 pm

I need to show the errors of their opinions.

Jieming Santa Monica
09/01/12 11:13 pm

1SpecialSong you wanna know something really sad? I'm 25 and go to an awesome university and I have only a handful of friends that are concerned with politics. Sad. People rather watch the kardashians

1SpecialSong New York
09/01/12 7:53 pm

No one understands when I talk about politics because people in my age group (15-16) don't focus on it like I do. Lol

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
08/30/12 9:56 pm

Oh no. It creates to much conflict. I believe what I believe when it comes to politics. I don't share it because in the big scheme of things, it doesn't matter that much. :-)

Jieming Santa Monica
08/29/12 9:51 pm

It's fun to call each other stupid ;p

08/29/12 1:11 pm

It's always awkward with this one Obama fan in Louisiana. No ever talks to him.. Lololok

BeNotAfraid missing my sunrise
08/29/12 11:16 am

One of the best ways to gain insight on the passions held by others is to listen. The degree of passion observed drives my decision to either add my position or avoid the issue. NOT necessarily to avoid conflict, mind you. Often I interject out of a conviction to correct misinformation or rhetoric.

cowboy Here and There
08/29/12 8:45 am

LAndrew That's because Obama is a Marxist. So of course Communism would come up when talking about the President.

mac Oregon
08/29/12 7:04 am

I accept people for who they are, appreciate, tolerate and be supportive. I draw the line at wrong and notice those who are conservative around me do not. This election season like no other has brought out hate, anger and racism and accusations of un-American In disagreement. Sad, so much unfounded

08/29/12 5:48 am

It's nice to have a civil discussion with a democrat once in a while and hear their opinion than have to listen to most of the conservative crap I usually do. I may be slightly liberal, but I'm not voting for Obama. Ever.

08/29/12 5:30 am

Mac - if your "friends" lack integrity, where they really friends? Btw, your beliefs/core value decides which party to support, not the comments from morons. I've been an independent for 15 years and vote for the best candidate no matter which party.

08/29/12 5:17 am

Basic guide lines
Republicans/libertarians like fact based debate...
Democrats prefer debating with feelings and bumper sticker slogans.
When you make choices out of feelings, disaster will soon follow.

landrew Southern California
08/28/12 8:42 pm

A few of my classmates I'm actually able to have civilized political discussions with, however most of my classmates can't talk politics without bringing up our president being a "communist", his birth certificate, (which is still an issue somehow) or calling me a American hating socialist. FYI

MchaMp Ohio
08/28/12 8:01 pm

Living in a community with 80% republicans, I try to avoid it when possible.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/28/12 5:52 pm

I wonder why people are so private. People can ask me anything not pertaining to the bedroom. If they wanna talk politics/religion, then I'm all in! I enjoy conversation with people.

08/28/12 11:53 am

Political issues has its place and is a private thing, it's place is the voters box not the screen pulpit or at work

mac Oregon
08/28/12 7:17 am

I am leaving the GOP after 37 years.

mac Oregon
08/28/12 7:16 am

Talk, but tiring of it due to the ignorance, yelling, racism, shameful beliefs of my GOP friends. Not one of them can talk about Obama without making a comment if his birth or parentage...I was almost in a street fight yesterday when one of them called our President the N word. Not appropriate!

08/28/12 4:22 am

Talk with some, avoid with others.

AnnieM The Island
08/28/12 1:33 am

Got in trouble a lot for talking about how awful it was that the district was fighting desegregation. Sorry folks for going so off topic. It took a lot of background info. Also, I am my dad's daughter and it took me until I was 20-ish to learn when to fight and when you're talking to a brick wall.

AnnieM The Island
08/28/12 1:29 am

Because of this as he grew up and started a vending business with his FIL it meant he did business almost entirely with the black community in Ft. Worth. It also meant my dad grew up not seeing them as "the other" like his peers. I'm told that even in grade school my dad ...

AnnieM The Island
08/28/12 1:27 am

What I do know is I admire my dad. He's the one person I can talk politics with because he listens and considers the other's side. His dad went to a "colored school" for several years in north-central TX b/c he was half Native American. He and his brother weren't considered white...

AnnieM The Island
08/28/12 1:24 am

YepNope, I can't confirm it but I'm told that in this tiny corner of TX there was some push for civil rights. Just not as active as in the South. Some people forget that in most places Hispanics were discriminated against too on included under the umbrella of "colored" at the time.

lawstudent Western NC foothills
08/28/12 1:12 am

I'm an open book. No topic is off limits. Half the problem of America is that people don't talk about this stuff face-to-face. Faceless forums, sure. Any wise a** will spout off in a forum. But to converse face-to-face is a dying art.

emsies Seattle
08/27/12 11:58 pm

It can go both ways, often depending on how tired I am.
When tired, I'll talk about anything.

monkees19 New Jersey
08/27/12 11:37 pm

I avoid it like the plague...I know zero about politics (I.e. when people say liberal, right wing, left blah blah blah I have absolutely no idea wtf they're talking about) and I don't care to know. Simply not interested

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
08/27/12 10:16 pm

I don't try to bring it up, but I will discuss it.

08/27/12 8:26 pm

I have friends from all walks, so I never discuss politics; there are so many more worthwhile things to talk about, like whose dark chocolate cola cake tastes better

cowboy Here and There
08/27/12 7:43 pm

Someone's doing a bit of trolling tonight...

yepnope Maryland
08/27/12 7:41 pm

to church without an ounce of regret, sure that they'll get into their heaven.

yepnope Maryland
08/27/12 7:41 pm

Imagine trying to convince someone like Lmurder's or Cowboy's grandfather/dad that black people should be able to vote... Better wear a shotgun proof vest for those psychos. I can picture them lynching a black man and then going

yepnope Maryland
08/27/12 7:40 pm

Annie, I guess you should be glad you don't have to be in that environment before the civil rights act. I can just imagine trying to convince people with ultraconservative views that black people should have equal rights. Probably way harder than convincing them about gay rights.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
08/27/12 7:32 pm

With co-workers I avoid the topic. With classmates I was all about the political debates.

08/27/12 7:30 pm

AnnieM just described it perfectly.

AnnieM The Island
08/27/12 7:28 pm

I also avoid talking politics with my family like the plague. Most of my family is of the fingers-in-the-ears, if-your-ideas-differ-from-mine-your-a-moron-not-worth-using-the-same-oxygen-as-me, I'm-going-to-shout-so-you-can't-talk-to-make-my-views-seem-more-valid-when-you-give-up variety.

08/27/12 7:26 pm

I'll talk if someone brings it up, I enjoy a good debate every now and then. But starting a conversation about politics is dangerous stuff. People take things so personally these days.

AnnieM The Island
08/27/12 7:21 pm

For the most part I avoid it because I lean considerably to the left and I live in south Texas. Talking about how badly we need universal healthcare or that states shouldn't vote on gay marriage, it should be nationally mandated doesn't go over well with most folks around here.

14573 Scary Numbers
08/27/12 7:17 pm

My AP English class and I have solved all of the worlds problems.

08/27/12 7:12 pm

I avoid it because I don't really care to get the facts straight to make a real argument not that it would make any difference as I'm in high school and no one really listens to anyone else's opinions or has opinions of their own, they typically just go along with their parents views.