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Is the vehicle you drive (or ride in) most frequently more than five years old, i.e. 2007 or older? (UserQ)

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Flooded Virginia
03/21/12 9:49 pm

1994 BMW and I love it. I just wish it had cup holders...

03/17/12 11:26 am

who has the money to buy a new one

03/15/12 4:09 pm

My horse and carriage has yet to fail me.

03/14/12 6:58 pm

Nope. Only a few months old =D

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
03/13/12 4:03 pm

No my 2002Taurus gave up at 200,000 miles,so I bought an 2012Ford Fusion which I like.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/13/12 3:24 pm

Shit my chevy cheyenne (big damn truck) was made in 1989

03/13/12 12:56 pm

mine is like 15 years old ugggghhh -___-

MadJefrson West Virginia
03/12/12 10:49 am

It's a 2010, but was a rental car for one year and cost less than $12k

03/12/12 9:26 am

Drive an '89 most, then '91 and sometimes an '01. This question made me realize I'm backwards.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
03/11/12 6:25 pm

'02 Acura CL Type S. bought it new in '02 and now have 233,000 miles on it.

joey513 California
03/11/12 3:12 pm

1983 Mercedes turbodiesel, bought for 1800 dollars, and I'm happy with it.

bclee33 Texas
03/11/12 1:21 pm

1999 Chevy Malibu got it 'almost' new and can't bring myself to have another car payment as long as maintenance is cheaper!

03/11/12 1:21 pm

older cars are better, they are made out of REAL metal, not plastic :)

moonshot More often I know nothing
03/11/12 11:41 am

2010 Cadillac SRX and a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible

03/11/12 11:36 am

My dad is retired from GM so he gets a good discount and he gets a car every 3 years or so. But he's in his upper 80's so this is his last one. He got a 2010 Equinox. And that sucker rides like a bus..

Kommandant Indiana
03/11/12 11:23 am

Each purchased about a year apart. Just got the Taurus last month

Kommandant Indiana
03/11/12 11:23 am

I paid cash for each of my vehicles and they are all older. With careful searching and a little mechanical know how you can get great cars for "cheap" and not have to pay an expensive payment for years. I currently own a 99 ranger, $1200. 98 F150, $5500, 99 Taurus, 1200. 97 Honda shadow $3300

03/11/12 11:08 am

2001 VW turbo diesel beetle, over 176,000 miles. A few minor problems here and there but overall great car, still running.

scottstots Georgia
03/11/12 8:31 am

20 year old p/u, not very fuel efficient, but I typically drive less than 50 miles/week

03/11/12 7:46 am

the bus I ride in is from the 60's I swear...

redheeler Texas
03/11/12 7:26 am

I'm Rollin car not stolen, prolly never will be its much too old. I will get where I'm going two quarts of oil will get back. Lackville 79.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
03/11/12 6:31 am

@Zod: I believe it. I bought my '08 Mercedes brand new in early 2009. They still had a few '08's that were new on the lot when I got mine. I guess it happens sometimes.

03/11/12 6:25 am

2003 Honda element. hoping it keeps running until my mortgage is finally paid off in 2104.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/11/12 6:20 am

Since I was kid Ford and Toyota have consistently given the best overall value. We drive our cars hard and long. Our family have kept some of them 24 years with minimal failure.

2 Chevy cars cost me much more in repairs. Not on my list anymore.

03/11/12 5:01 am

It's a Toyota Sienna and it's 12 years old 

03/10/12 11:44 pm

'89 Ford,'02 Pontiac and '03 Chevy all been very dependable.

03/10/12 11:06 pm

Blakestr ... seriously?! You don't know anything about cars, eh?

03/10/12 10:25 pm

95 mustang... but it's in the shop :(

03/10/12 9:45 pm

Yep. 1998 Mustang. Got some little issues but overall it's still kicking :)

Nerdz Texas
03/10/12 9:32 pm

I don't drive yet so it doesn't matter

Nerdz Texas
03/10/12 9:31 pm

2007 2006 1999 3 cars. BMW is 2007, avalanche 2006, and lincoln navigator 1999

blakestr San Diego
03/10/12 8:14 pm

Lease is the best. Always a new car and always a payment. I can afford a payment for the rest of my life. I love having a new car then 3 years later pick the latest greatest model. Screw old cars; Warranties expire, cars need maintenance they get old and die. I like em new with all the new gadgets.

03/10/12 8:10 pm

2011 mitsubishi lancer. like a boss

03/10/12 8:10 pm

2012 Toyota Tacoma(:! best ruck ever.<3

03/10/12 8:10 pm

2012 Toyota Tacoma(:! best ruck ever.<3

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/10/12 7:52 pm

At least one Ford dealership in southern MO was selling "new" '07s as late as spring of '09, so the clarification seems reasonable. I'll leave it to tony to take a stab at the first part of your question.

03/10/12 7:46 pm

1998 Audi!! Best car ever!!