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Will Google be successful entering home entertainment electronics?

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02/16/12 3:28 pm

hold on, lemme google the answer to that question

dlyliny1 New York
02/12/12 8:23 am

believe Big Bro gives a crap what u do? Seriously, it's a bit psychotic & arrogant & suggests a Cluster B personality disorder (Narcissistic, Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic). Lighten up, man or get some help! Nobody's after u and u'r paranoia is going to drive u 2 an early grave or institution!

dlyliny1 New York
02/12/12 8:23 am

U can "opt out" when registering on a site so they don't contact u or sell ur info. Mkt research responses r "blind" so ur answers and demographic info is just pooled w/ 1,500 other ppl so to use 4 stat analyses). As for co's spying on u, are u really so hot, rich, fascinating (or dangerous) that u

dlyliny1 New York
02/12/12 8:23 am

@2katz, do u live in a log cabin, 20mi from anyone? Do u have tinfoil on ur roof, windows, car? Man, I've not seen such paranoia about common, everyday actions (i.e. mktg ??s, web registrations, asking for ur name, etc.) I'm in mktg and assure u co's r not "out to get u"!

02/11/12 11:02 pm

@army- yeah im only half kidding lol

evo Tampa
02/11/12 9:37 pm

I said yes, but it might has tried multiple times to break into social media...and (sorry google fan boys, google+ is a flop. ) I can see this turning into the same kind of thing

2katz I live in Nebraska
02/11/12 9:33 pm

Great. Built in secret monitoring and tracking devices in my living room that they've even gotten me to pay for. Glad I'm not paranoid.

02/11/12 8:46 pm

Yes, especially now that chrome is becoming an extremely popular browser. There technology will be further optimized, and people will be attracted to the idea of unity between internet, hardware, and software.

02/11/12 7:09 pm

Any company that can make a car drive it self can do anything!!!

02/11/12 6:58 pm

Google hardware doesn't have any market credibility. Their software maybe, but I wouldn't have any confidence in google branded hardware. Hardware isn't google's mainstay so the bulk of it is probably outsourced junk.

iVoteMe The long and Short
02/11/12 6:52 pm

the level of their success will depend on whether or not, if or when Apple enters that market.

02/11/12 5:20 pm

They're making home entertainment stuff???? Where have I been?? o_o

02/11/12 5:09 pm

@jjc My friends and I joke about that too... Although some of us may be serious. Lol

OFMafia Oklahoma
02/11/12 4:02 pm

No, Apple TV FTW! Google is a great search engine. And I love my gmail. But for entertainment in my home, I can't see anything being better than my Apple TV's. Googles TV will still be competing with Steve Jobs innovation. Good Luck with that! Lol

AxeBitten Ohio
02/11/12 3:35 pm

It depends on what they go into ......

LicensedNe North Carolina
02/11/12 12:18 pm

Well, so far they are doing pretty good with their phones and tablets. So they may not be as successful as big brands like Sony, but they'll have a good start.

02/11/12 11:42 am

With their search engine to back it of, theres no problem for advertising Google electronics.

02/11/12 11:35 am

They have enough money to

02/11/12 11:19 am

Yeah and also when they take over the world.

02/11/12 10:49 am

depends on if they can make something truly groundbreaking. I think it may take a while but it will eventually succeed

02/11/12 10:42 am

after Google+ I would say no

02/11/12 9:54 am

I'm gonna go with no. too late to the market, and there's not much I foresee them offering that I can't already get from a mfg that I KNOW will have a good product

KudosToYou California
02/11/12 9:49 am

Google has no place reading my mail And no place in my home.

waaazzaap Arizona
02/11/12 9:32 am

Google stay creating software your good at that , I would rather keep seeing a google tv with a Sony logo and buy that then seeing google making their own tv from scratch

02/11/12 9:23 am

What Moore wntertanrnr do

leftocentr Oregon
02/11/12 9:14 am

Nope. Too many established producers. The market is saturated.

dlyliny1 New York
02/11/12 9:01 am

They already have access to content + excellent brand recognition. The component devices will be manufactured for them and they'll just slap on the Google name (as retailers do w/ their store brand products). As long as they use a good quality manu, they should be able to garner share pretty easily.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/11/12 8:57 am

It'll likely take time, but I'd expect them to.


DavesNotHere where am I
02/11/12 8:48 am

Too late to the party. They don't have a portal like Amazon and their Kindle line. They should just stick to software and be happy with being the 21st century Microsoft.

02/11/12 8:42 am

Define "successful".

02/11/12 8:38 am

It's google enough said.

Nerdz Texas
02/11/12 8:37 am

google is almost always successful at everything

Tobi Ohio
02/11/12 8:19 am

I always say no, that would be a flop... but then Google proves me wrong... every. time.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/11/12 7:48 am

No reason that they can't be. But I'd be too worried about a TV from Google watching me back and selling my reactions to ads to marketers. Google spies on you. So does Facebook.

02/11/12 7:41 am

It's good that someone can step up and fill the entertainment void. I have been concerned.

02/11/12 7:41 am

Google will be successful in most any business venture-with the warehouses of cash they have, even something going wrong wouldn't hurt them too badly. The one thing about google that sets them aside from competitors like bing/yahoo is google has always had more user-friendly services than the others

02/11/12 7:34 am

Google's a great search engine, but I don't think they'll be very successful.

02/11/12 7:30 am

Google is incredibly innovative and adaptive. They will make it work.

02/11/12 7:20 am

I love google tv, works great. I have high hopes for google.

Lulzy New Jersey
02/11/12 7:18 am

Sup guise, I'm a typical poster who adopts the opinions of popular media. Google will crash and burn because I said. I said. So yeah

I don't give a damn about home media garbo. I want eye tracking technology.

02/11/12 7:17 am

Also. The other thing that I love about Google tv is the ability to use my phone as my tv remote. How many times do people loose their remotes? Google tv makes turning my tv on and controlling it with my phone possible.

02/11/12 7:11 am

Google will be successful. There is no question. I personally have the Google tv. I love it. It make finding things on tv way easier. And I love the easy access to netflix. As time goes on Google will perfect it. As they do with everything they touch.

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
02/11/12 6:44 am

They're probably overextending themselves. But I guess they have to try, it's what businesses do. But the odds are against them succeeding.