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06/24/12 9:18 pm

EDIT: Grammar

Good to see, California!

06/24/12 8:34 am

The American league is a joke.

06/23/12 10:51 pm

Yanks!!!!! And oh yeah, FUCK BOSTON :)

sohuser California
06/23/12 9:20 pm

I don't know how anybody could be a fan of an American League team.

sabstorie SoCal
06/23/12 5:12 pm

Go Blue!! Angels fans have only started wearing red in public since 2002....

CNCarsonj Alaska
06/23/12 1:48 pm

Angels all the way, voted top 5 in all sports franchises year after year, and gene Autry the original cowboy started them with nothing. Plus the dodgers are a bandwagon team like the spankees!

SwolePatro Georgia
06/23/12 12:40 pm

Way more history with the dodgers

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/23/12 12:22 pm

Normally in these situations I prefer the more westerly option, exclusive of CA of course. Since both of these call the worst part of the sucking pit two states south home, it's a toss-up. Cunning tricksters or imaginary winged ghosts? Reluctantly, Angels.

06/23/12 10:58 am

Hate the dodgers. Angels are my second favorite team.

06/23/12 10:39 am

but political boycotts are stupid..didn't Gene Autry also own them? or was that the Rangers?

06/23/12 10:37 am

the guy who reported people to Joe Mccarthy and the unamerican committee..I gotta change my vote

06/23/12 10:35 am

I should say Dodgers since my grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, but I remember my mom saying he was so mad they moved to L.A. that he threw their radio out the window & I accidently pressed the other one. but they were once owned by (cont)

Planoneck Guam
06/23/12 10:23 am

Dodgers have so much more history behind them, whereas the Angels were once owned by Disney. Plus they have the worst team name in professional sports.

DamageInc California
06/23/12 9:58 am

Dodgers may have a better record, but the Angels have momentum. Plus, I'm not worried about being abused verbally or physically at an Angels game.

06/23/12 8:27 am

The Dodgers are baseball's Raiders. Fans are nothing but a bunch of low class thugs and drug addicts.

06/23/12 8:26 am

Dodgers because they originated in Brooklyn. :)

06/23/12 8:18 am

I'll go with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Even though my life is devoted to the sole success of the New York Yankees