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Show Of Hands August 11th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think riots as bad as or worse than London's will happen in the U.S. within the next 5 years?

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GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 9:22 pm

What a scary question anyways. damn.

Peg-Butt Illinois
08/23/11 12:03 am

It depends who gets elected and what they do

Mike3 Michigan
08/21/11 7:12 pm

If things get bad enough, yeah

08/19/11 10:28 pm

Yeah. But probably over something as lame as football or Jersey shore.

08/19/11 10:30 am

that should have said......I really like your my way or the highway approach.....

08/19/11 10:29 am

drwuribe; wow what a very thoughtful and inspiring message! I know I will sleep better at night! I rely like you my way or the highway approach. have you thought of running for office?

08/18/11 3:38 pm

Anarchy is not the same as chaos. Anarchy is the state of not having any government and people live in peace. You people know nothing and do nothing. Educate yourselves and maybe this country can improve.

08/18/11 3:36 pm

There gas not been riots of that scale in a long time here. Police here are better trained. There will be no riots, anyone who thinks otherwise is a powerless idiot who wants to appear to have power.

08/15/11 8:34 pm

When colleges raise the tuition fee even more then its imminent that a majority of the juvenile population will conduct a protest, possibly even a riot if the board/ government funded will not reach a stipulation.

08/15/11 6:14 pm

notice how the Dem are less? denial

08/14/11 6:32 pm

No. the youth are made to be passive by the elite... through compulsory education, tv, student loans...

08/14/11 9:27 am

yup... I think so... good thing I have my guns... no one is burning my house.... >:)

NYevo NY
08/13/11 11:06 pm

@MDF: Why do you say that? Who will riot? And who will be fighting in this war if our President, Obama is reelected next year?

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/13/11 10:28 pm

Really, people! That's all I have to say.

crewkid New York
08/13/11 4:07 pm

MaleRN- shooting rioters on sight wouldn't solve the problem it would make it worse it gets people to see the rioters as matyrs and then more riots happen.

crewkid New York
08/13/11 4:00 pm

I think that riots and possibly even a full on revolt will happen soon especially if this economic trend keeps going.

08/13/11 9:51 am

Sure, we'll have riots. There might even be a war that's fought here within the next five years. Vote obummer back in next year and it'll happen sooner than later.

08/13/11 9:42 am

notsnooki; yeah we said the same thing back in the 60's but then reality sets in. ya cant fight the man, ya have to change things from the inside you know get involved yourself. my hippie generation put on suits and look where we are now!

NYevo NY
08/13/11 8:16 am

@shorty75: no offense, but I think you underestimate how good we have it here. Yeah, the lower 2/3 classes of our society are having harder times now, but there is still plenty that can be lost. We'll see then if there are riots I suppose

08/13/11 2:33 am

I think If anything was gonna happen, then if already would have.

kitten2cat Unknown
08/13/11 1:17 am

The new generation is pretty messed up, but so were all the previous generations...

08/13/11 1:06 am

Being young, it may be the whole "Teen Angst" thing, but I think that the republicans all live in the past, this generation is new and fast paced, always changing. The old Farts in office cant see that we expect better from those repressenting us, and I think we need a revolution now more then ever!

08/13/11 12:43 am

Riots better happen. A whole generation doesnt even know what resistance is. We just roll over and get screwed by the people who corruptly run this country.

08/12/11 9:07 pm

Anyone who advocates revolution without having fought in war is crazy. War is terrible no matter which side you are on and civil war causes even more terrible things to happen. Look at the French Revolution.

08/12/11 7:12 pm

This question and the comments are making me a little nervous. Peace is so nice.

NYevo NY
08/12/11 6:57 pm

@Mega: In this country, i typically only hear some republicans talking about their 2nd amendment solution to their dislike of our countries decisions. Do I label the whole party as insurgents, or rioters? No. Why? Because that would be a stereotype. Something you clearly have no issue doing

NYevo NY
08/12/11 6:39 pm

No. The kind of legislative change necessary to incite that kind of anger is, at soonest, likely a few senate election cycles away.

08/12/11 3:19 pm

Lets do the damn thang.

pkt1906 Kentucky
08/12/11 3:16 pm

they don't have a second amendment in Britain so that's a no

08/12/11 3:15 pm

with obozo as president I am just waiting for it.

08/12/11 2:45 pm

My proof? Take a look at Europe.

08/12/11 2:44 pm

When you take welfare away from liberals, they will riot. Fact.

08/12/11 11:48 am

Let's hope so... Even my 91 year old die-hard republican grandmother thinks this country needs a revolution. I'd trade everything, starting with this stupid iPhone, to fight a just revolution. For those that think I'm a communist, read Jackson and Washington, or anything.

DOsmond Rhode Island
08/12/11 11:43 am

The way things are going I think we should be rioting.

Newsfeed Illinois
08/12/11 9:11 am

Not if they keep the zoo on lockdown.

08/12/11 9:04 am

If the Tea Party doesn't get their way and Obama is re-elected I can see another Oklahoma City or Waco Texas event. But not riots like in England....unless the Bulls or Lakers win another Championship, that is.

MannishBoy Nebraska
08/12/11 4:03 am

The problem isn't bad policy or overspending. The problem is allowing a private organization to charge us for printing our own money. Our economy is a debt-based economy. Every cent created is created into debt. Nothing will change until we rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve.

Wert A picture of my junk
08/12/11 2:12 am

Ftgal2011, you can. But if you say it like a racist, it's a racial issue.

AverageJoe Oregon
08/12/11 2:09 am

Rioting won't happen, peaceful protests sure, but not burned buildings and looting, maybe a boycott or two but not LA riots style

08/12/11 12:36 am

It's sad that u can't say you don't like president Obama without it becoming a race issue.

08/11/11 11:47 pm

People can riot and protest... It's the looting that will get you shot. * correction, attempted looting*

08/11/11 11:42 pm

@RJ1969 Haha I suggest not starting a riot here in Texas then, we don't just have one gun... We have a collection:)