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Have you ever taken a family vacation that involved driving 1,000 miles or more? (UserQ)

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07/15/12 12:47 pm

California to Canada!

07/14/12 1:31 am

From Lexington KY to Vermont and back

EIT Near You
07/11/12 8:49 pm

Yeah, I drove from SF to LA to LV all they way to NJ.

emt816 Virginia
07/10/12 8:39 am

it sucked - VA to OK in a camper with no a.c. in the middle of july. we broke down twice.

indygirl Oregon
07/10/12 2:08 am

Huge family, in a station wagon, singing most of the way. I was the, "are we there yet?" child. Still dislike road trips. So thankful for planes.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/09/12 11:55 pm

Id shoot myself from boredom or my siblings for driving me to the looney bin

07/09/12 10:07 pm

Just got home from oklahoma today. Hopefully will be moving there this month

07/09/12 8:43 pm

Several times. See, I live in Utah which means if I want to go somewhere besides the desert or Yellowstone, I have to drive at least 1,000 miles. Also, being from Utah, I have a huge family making it cheaper to drive than fly.

applestar Florida
07/09/12 1:45 pm

South Florida to Boston when I was 11. Al over California when I was 8. South Florida to Niagara Falls at 13. Through Germany & Austria at 15. I love that my parents took me everywhere!

veritas1 Panda
07/09/12 5:20 am

Yes. Driving from Texas to Texas.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
07/09/12 2:29 am

I'm from Oregon and at age 6 we drove to Phoenix, at age 12 we drove to LA, and at age 14 we made a loop up to Calgary and down to Yellowstone. My mom & I also road-tripped moving me from Nashville to Oregon, and my dad and his best friend road-tripped my move to Phoenix recently.

Nerdz Texas
07/09/12 2:12 am

Yes, from south Texas to Orlando, Florida

AnnieM The Island
07/09/12 1:48 am

My dad drove a semi-truck when I was a kid, so every summer and winter break was spent in the truck traveling the country with him. I honestly feel blessed to have had that opportunity. I'd seen 46 states by the time I was 12 and often got to see a side of places that tourists never see.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/08/12 11:22 pm

I live two miles from the Pacific went cross country to see our son in VA. Took the Oregon trail home. Went twice. Also visited our daughter in CO.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/08/12 11:19 pm

We regularly took trips to see family when I was growing up. Then I went to college out of state and that was one heck of a drive!! 18 hours in good weather. Far more in the winter!! 2 years ago we took the kids and an RV back for my 20th class reunion. BEST. FAMILY. TRIP. EVER!!!! Oregon coast.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/08/12 11:17 pm

Desert- I grew up out on that highway. It's a fabulous place to take a driving trip!!

MrNarwhal1 Naperville
07/08/12 11:14 pm

I went from upstate new York to Chicago, but apparently it's only 853 mi

FakeSound Arizona
07/08/12 10:35 pm

Or a Chevy Lumina—a normal ass, mother****ing car that gets the mother****ing job done. Road trips are who you take with you, not the vehicle that you use.

07/08/12 10:23 pm

Not yet, but my family and I are about to travel from near Spokane, WA to Las Vegas, NV for a basketball tournament! Looking forward to it! I would much prefer to travel by car than by plane...

07/08/12 9:53 pm

I have driven to San Francisco, LA, Arizona and SF again to see my Padres on the road.

sbakh1012 New York
07/08/12 8:45 pm

I think how long would long island, ny to Virginia be?

07/08/12 8:44 pm

Road trips are only fun if you have a great car. Like a Buick LaCrosse. That thing is built for road trips.

07/08/12 8:36 pm

No never a vacation but I have driven over 1000 miles. :0(

Mr.logic California
07/08/12 7:49 pm

Such a trip would probably involve a plane.

katniss Dallas, TX
07/08/12 7:41 pm

We often do a trip that's 965 miles! So close!

zomj South Carolina
07/08/12 7:29 pm

I hate traveling long distance in both car and plane. farthest I ever traveled in a car was SC to NY (<1000). farthest trip ever was SC to South Australia. After a 38 hour trip (which included a 14.5 hour plane ride) I don't want to travel outside of SC for awhile now.... lol. I'm just not a traveli

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/08/12 6:58 pm

@EarlyBird good one, they'd have to do multiple loops. The DOT reports 9523 lane miles in Hawaii (2008 data), but all the way around the big island the longest way can't be much more than 250 miles.

07/08/12 6:44 pm

Many, many times. About to head out for 1500 miles. To Canada fishing.

07/08/12 6:40 pm

Interesting about mission trips-- why not help those closer to home. Funny map!

07/08/12 6:30 pm

Does it count if we left my brother behind? If not were driving to Canada in two weeks so I'm not lying either way.

EarlyBird Portland
07/08/12 6:27 pm

I noticed people from Hawaii don't take long road trips.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/08/12 6:19 pm

Farthest driving was up to NYC from the Tidewater here.

sabstorie SoCal
07/08/12 6:02 pm

With my immediate family no...with my band yes...

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
07/08/12 5:44 pm

Paco - I, too, have traveled that far on a mission trip, but not for vacation. The mission trip was from AL to upstate NY.

cmblank2 Raleigh
07/08/12 5:35 pm

Drove that much in one day last month

paco921 Pennsylvania
07/08/12 5:33 pm

Not a vacation but a mission trip. Pennsylvania to Montana.

softball1? Florida
07/08/12 5:32 pm

Fl to Ga, exactly half 500 miles

07/08/12 5:21 pm

That sounds ideal Harvard. Would love to visit all of the National parks.

07/08/12 4:46 pm

Utah to Alaska, then California to north Carolina. Love me some road trips.

07/08/12 4:46 pm

My family drove with me from California to Cambridge, Massachusetts stopping by the national parks along the way. It was a memorable experience.

07/08/12 4:40 pm

@PurpleAsh: Wow, I do believe you have me beat there.