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You're having a dinner party with friends and family. Would you rather host it at your own home, or be a guest at one of theirs? (UserQ)

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02/01/12 1:08 am

Guest... So u don't have to clean ;) and u feel to OCD-ish over everything when your in your own home

KudosToYou California
01/31/12 11:24 pm

I feel awkward in homes other than my own. I'm good at planning and at cooking, but I can't say much about my socializing skills. All in all, I'd rather host.

01/31/12 1:40 pm

No clean up involved just go home:-)

01/29/12 3:51 pm

My grandmother is a host and I'm a guest, but sometimes I have to at least help clean up.

mamita Alabama
01/29/12 2:48 pm

Cheaper to be a guest. Plus u can leave when u want and no clean up the next day.

01/29/12 8:40 am

Keep it up pickled and you'll be famous

01/29/12 2:44 am

@plato why would spoil the fun of milfs at dinner parties? Their very good hosts you know.

HRocinante Ohio
01/29/12 12:00 am

Guest. That way you can leave when it gets awkward.

01/28/12 10:47 pm

and by Montana I totally mean north dakota.

01/28/12 10:46 pm

It seems like in the polls where there is an obvious majority Montana is the sole dissident. Are iOS users in big sky country just a strange batch of folks?

SoCalSon SoKal
01/28/12 10:11 pm

@pickled abs- I'd bet money that you're making this up just for attention

DrKelly Wisconsin
01/28/12 9:15 pm

My dinner parties are legendary and a blast to plan and host!

01/28/12 9:11 pm

Then i dont have to clean when its over. I just go home. :)

01/28/12 8:27 pm

At dinner parties i also like to show everyone especially the milfs my hard pickled abs at the dinner table. Milf dig it when they eat their food while they see the most gorgeous abs that their husbands can never have. Its always fun to flirt w/ the hosts wife, it just shows that im better than him

01/28/12 8:24 pm

Im always into dinner parties. I like eating anything i see. I like to drink with the milfs once their husbands are off to watching their football games. Then i get their number, and they give me the schedule of when their husband is at work and their children at school. And then we get it on.

thinker2 nc
01/28/12 8:17 pm

I'm a very picky eater, so I'd rather be the host even though it's extra work. At least I'll know I'll be able to enjoy the food.

monty New York
01/28/12 7:58 pm

I always feel uncomfortable in others houses and hate answering all their questions

01/28/12 7:42 pm

Nothing like kicking back and not stressing out about guests

marls Ohio
01/28/12 7:30 pm

U mess up their house, and leave. Guests guests guests! Hey, u git ta watch football hockey baseball and basketball because they try to be homely and say sure!

01/28/12 7:19 pm

I love in a small apartment so I rarely have more than one or two people over at a time.

01/28/12 7:11 pm

I actually know how to prepare a good meal (and an entire meal), myself ;)

MGLC New Mexico
01/28/12 6:56 pm

Guest no clean up my parents make me do it all if we host :(

01/28/12 6:08 pm

I don't like going to other people's homes.

01/28/12 4:59 pm

i would love to host but I can't right now. our apartment is only 500sq. so its hard to have more than 2 ppl here. let alone a dinner party. plus we don't even have a dining table

01/28/12 4:50 pm

Host without the cleanup or prep work. Lol

rtwilly16 New Jersey
01/28/12 4:49 pm

You don't have to clean up if you go to someone else's house. You don't have to plan, you just have to show up!

Rosebud Ohio
01/28/12 3:37 pm

For those who think it sounds odd/stuffy- for me, dinner parties are a set time to see friends. You enjoy good food. My parents did this growing up- every month they switched who was host(ess) and saw their friends and ate good food. It was good for them, and as a stay at home mom good for me now!

Rosebud Ohio
01/28/12 3:34 pm

Host! If I had a bigger place. Which we will soon. But I love throwing parties dinners and events. Although it is nice to go to others places - I have dinner with my parents a few times a week at their house usually.

stinkypete In the Sky
01/28/12 2:52 pm

This was my question and was on ongoing debate between my and my wife. I hate having her parents visit but love to visit there!

01/28/12 2:51 pm

Hosting means my home is extra clean and my family are more inclined to be on their best behavior on my turf. Plus I get to keep the leftovers :-). I feel more at home in my own house even though it can be stressful getting ready it is worth it to see the result.

01/28/12 1:52 pm

Guest. Hosting is too stressful. I always help with cleaning when I'm a guest in someone's home.

Nerdz Texas
01/28/12 1:52 pm

I don't like to show ppl my house

01/28/12 1:50 pm

Guest only because I don't like cleaning up afterwards. I like cooking and all the other stuff so i'd like to be a guest and bring something I cooked with me :)

bbk teacher of math
01/28/12 1:40 pm

I'd want to be the one who cooks... But do it at their house.

01/28/12 1:10 pm

Host because I know where fart without anyone noticing.

01/28/12 12:58 pm

I love hosting. I like to cook and I like being at my own house. I am also picky and want everything done right. I have people at my house all the time.

01/28/12 12:28 pm

definitely be guest. it sucks to prepare before & then clean up after.

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/28/12 12:27 pm

I had to Google "dinner party" to see what it was. I'm guessing it's not a painting by Judy Chicago.

So it's neither. Sounds too classy for me. Can't see planning an event around food.

01/28/12 12:18 pm

I'm a nervous hostess, but I can be a delightful guest. Being a guest is more relaxing.

01/28/12 12:07 pm

My house is tiny and there's not enough seating.

01/28/12 12:05 pm

if I'm having the party, then I'm the host. if they are giving the party, I'm a guest or co-host.

01/28/12 11:41 am

I'm not organized enough

01/28/12 11:30 am

I am antisocial and don't like a bunch of people in my house.