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Show Of Hands September 28th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe that Presidents Bush and Obama have both honestly tried to do what they believed to be best for the country?

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AmorPatriae Mississippi
10/12/11 12:34 pm

This question does not specify who we believe to be doing what they believe is right. I think PRESIDENT Obama BELIEVES that he is doing the right thing despite mistakes or failures. I think Former PRESIDENT Bush may believe but or the wrong reasons or through selfish means. The question is vague.

bluboxbandit Michigan
10/10/11 12:32 am

Raising taxes does nothing to stop the rich from investing. It is ALL they know how to do.

10/08/11 3:28 am

O - No.
B - Yes.
Most Americans didn't and still don't want Obamacare, but that's gone through.
O wants to raise taxes and slow down the rich from investing.
B cut taxes which increased consumer spending.

thecaptel South Dakota
10/07/11 8:17 pm

Obama just does what he thinks will get him reelected, like all politicians.

10/07/11 6:29 pm

not fair, everybody will think one or the other or neither

10/07/11 1:59 pm

both yes. doesn't mean either is right.

davylj Florida
10/06/11 11:40 pm

Bush no. Obama... Yes , and what he believes is best for this country.... Is deplorable.

kaylablant Texas
10/05/11 7:10 pm

Yes for bush but a bug freaking no for Obama 

EER1 Florida
10/05/11 12:51 am

President Obama, yes! Bush? Hell to da no!!!

akdad Alaska
10/05/11 12:15 am

The question needs to be split if u lump both bush and Obama together I have to say Obama when I don't believe he has

DogBskit Texas
10/03/11 11:58 pm

Side Note: It is not just the President that needs to do what is best for the country, we have a Congress! They need to learn how to listen to the people. I would vote for term limits.

DogBskit Texas
10/03/11 11:48 pm

As long as the job gets done, it does not matter where it is done from. The issue is it is not being done! Bush had his faults so does Obama. I don't feel Obama has America's best interest at heart, Bush started out that way but then failed America in several ways.

10/03/11 5:06 pm

@jopat: agreed on the vacation thing.

@Trapps: even if you were going to make an issue of the aforementioned vacation thing, which I think is silly, Bush had taken more vacation time at this point in his presidency than Obama has. And y'know what? I don't care about either of them vacationing.

trapps ND
10/03/11 4:58 pm

Bush showed some heart. Obama is too busy vacationing all the time.

10/02/11 8:57 pm

They both honestly try. I mean you don't wake up one morning and say " Hey! Why dont I waste a ton of money, get a shit load of criticism and death threats, so I can run the U.S into the ground!" Yeah, no one would do that!

10/02/11 8:50 pm

Loaded question you can't lump them together like that!!

10/02/11 7:11 pm

Bush yes Obama noooo

10/02/11 5:23 pm

I think it's time to stop with the vacation thing, these guys never actually get to leave the job. the office and much of the staff travel to camp David or private home anyway.

10/02/11 5:20 pm

Linton: I'm thinking you are right, but really in the scope of things which is worse the water board with a doctor standing by or being blown to a thousand pieces? As I recall Obama was pretty hard on Bush for his tactics of harsh interrogation.

10/01/11 11:46 pm

Obama, yes. Bush, no.

10/01/11 4:42 pm

@Gunfighter: as of August 17th of this year, Obama had taken 61 days of vacation. Bush had taken 180 days of vacation at that point in his presidency.

10/01/11 4:11 pm

Bush did his best. Obama is too busy vacationing to run the country

10/01/11 4:42 am

Bush also allowed, wait, he didn't allow he was just to dumb to realize what the rest if his cabinet really wanted along with his ivy league quest to defend his father.

10/01/11 4:38 am

@maleRN Obama killed Bin Laden... No
President did any of these! They were present.

09/30/11 11:28 pm

@maleRN: Is that an AC/DC song? Should be.

@Jopat: I share your ambivalence. I wonder if the drones are done more for convenience and to avoid trial/detention issues.

@Purple: Bush didn't execute anything himself either. Or Bin Laden for that matter. What's your point? Leaders call the shots.

09/30/11 10:52 pm

@Linton: one shot one kill good for the booty good for the thrill!

Or something like that?

EzCu Illinois
09/30/11 10:43 pm

It's hard 2 answer because they are both different types of leaders.

09/30/11 8:23 pm

Let me clarify-- I think Bush did care about our country and did amazing things. He made few mistakes and admitted to them.. Obama is a moron who's only notable deed was catching/killing Osama and he did that because of Bush's intel.

09/30/11 7:53 pm

fishtung: I think the Bush administration tried to capture them to gain info. Remember Gitmo? Obama just likes to make it easy and kill them all I guess. I can't decide which is best.......

09/30/11 7:21 pm

while mostbon the post believe that both presidents acted with what they thought was right. a good amount of people think what? that both presidents were intentionally acted on what ? evil?

09/30/11 7:19 pm

veritis really bush got no one? us sure about that?

veritas1 Panda
09/30/11 6:40 pm

@purple Lucky? He got Osama, Al Queda's #2, almost al Queda's #1, and today, radical al Queda cleric in yemen. one.
He's getting lucky a lot…

teaparty Cleveland
09/30/11 5:59 pm

I think they both did what they thought what was best for the country, it doesn't mean I agree with them

Strawberi Michigan
09/30/11 5:40 pm


It took eight years for President Bush to establish a plane to kill Osama Bin Laden. Obama was just lucky enough to be able to give the order and take all the credit. Was he executing the operations? Not a chance.

09/30/11 5:00 pm

@maleRN: say what you will about Obama, but he's done a lot of terrorist killing as well. Drone attacks anyone? It's funny because he may have done away with "enhanced interrogation", but he's replaced it with "shoot them first so I don't have to mess with their legal rights."

09/30/11 1:46 pm

Neither tries to do best for the country, they try to increase profits of the corporations they work for. Then they lie to us for votes.

09/30/11 12:56 pm

I agree more with bush than obama

09/30/11 8:54 am

I am a conservative. But I do indeed think that both of these presidents tried to do the best for the country. I don't believe all presidents, especially Democrats, actually DO the best for their country, but none of them actually want America to go down the drain.

09/30/11 4:04 am

@iDrew: he killed terrorists.

09/30/11 4:03 am

In its quest to promote taxpayer-funded entitlement programs, the Obama Administration has actually rewarded one state with a $5 million bonus for its efficiency in adding food-stamp recipients to already bulging rolls. I guess the stoners up in Oregon won't mind though.

Buy them votes!

09/30/11 3:24 am

Obama is an Ab Lincoln believer (not Reagan)! Please judge him on what he's trying to do. Obama has been far from perfect but he's agreed to buy a run down house - thats a "fixer upper" - so give him a chance. We, I voted for bush a 2nd time, voted for Bush twice so let's give Obama equal opprtnty!

09/30/11 3:17 am

Thank You @chilcary10!

09/30/11 3:16 am

@maleRN so what did Bush do?

09/30/11 3:14 am

@hands-down for once right!? Bush was republican right. So Romney or Perry will make everything? Don't think so'

09/30/11 3:12 am

Obama 1st term no, due to Washington. Bush flat no. Obama, if gets 2nd term, will be more true to his original message... Hopefully! IMO Bush never had any control, that's why he's been so quiet since leaving office.