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If a self service check stand is available at the grocery store, is it your preferred choice? (UserQ)

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10/02/11 6:21 pm

I pay enough for groceries . Give someone a job and I get service.

10/01/11 11:38 pm

If I'm in a grumpy mood or if I just ate and I'm not sure if my teeth are clean I prefer self-service; otherwise, I prefer a human because they check me out much faster than I can do on my own; plus, I feel like I'm helping to protect their jobs.

MadJefrson West Virginia
09/30/11 7:22 am

This is situational. If I have only a few items I like self checkout, but if it's a full-blown grocery trip give me a cashier. But I do prefer to bag my own groceries. Comes from being a bag boy throughout high school.

09/30/11 4:19 am

iDrew, are you a profit-hating, anti-business individual?

09/30/11 3:08 am

Sorry high schoolers.

09/30/11 3:07 am

No cashiers = drop in food prices! So my steroid, antibiotic beef might be cheaper if the CEO's don't take the money.

09/30/11 2:41 am

It was until the third time ever, and the third time with "WAIT FOR A CLERK PLEASE" coming up. After that I never touched one again.

I never look for them anymore. Three strikes = 1 out.

09/29/11 11:40 pm

Lol Phoenix. I went to the store today, and my tortillas got their own bag. One pack of tortillas. I was just glad watching the kid that I didn't get bread and that I pre-sorted everything prior to him scanning... I had to correct him several times even so.

Priceless Kentucky
09/29/11 11:16 pm

Amen atka1971 :) exactly my opinion, too!

09/29/11 10:38 pm

When the cashiers stop treating my avocados like baseballs, I will stop using self check. When the are on top, not under the beets, I'll start trusting someone else to bag my groceries.

Nerdz Texas
09/29/11 10:05 pm

my choice is whichever has the shortest line

BadBadger Georgia
09/29/11 7:19 pm

mcluke595, I like your way of thinking. The cyborgs have to be stopped!

atka1971 Elgin, IL
09/29/11 6:06 pm

no thanks I pay enough at most places I am not going to do their job for them.

09/29/11 5:25 pm

It's fun doing it yourself.

09/29/11 4:12 pm

Thank you geoag... I love the local police and fire fighters. I know a lot of them. I have the local police even entered into my phone... And had to call the fire dept 2 weeks ago when I went to my parents while they were gone and the alarms started going off.
Plus my bro's becoming a firefighter :)

geoag02 Dallas, TX
09/29/11 4:01 pm

I also like how people who are trying to defend big government list off all the things that (local) government does that we all agree with. Things like police, fire, roads, municipal water and garbage collection. The fed gov does not and should not do any of that stuff.

09/29/11 3:44 pm

Spoiler and danjulmom, we're receiving assistance, yes. But I'd like to point out one thing most people NEVER seem to get- small government is NOT no government! I'm not an anarchist. I like gov't. I don't like total gov't. Especially total federal.
Mcluke- lmao. Good point ;)

09/29/11 12:25 pm

I agree that these things cost jobs- just like calculators, computers, assembly lines, conveyor belts, telephones, power saws (chain AND radial), self-serve gas pumps, self-serve soda machines, washing machines, carpet cleaners, and anything with wheels.

09/29/11 8:36 am

Heck of a lot faster when it's a few items vs. a whole grocery list.

09/29/11 7:12 am

@theoritic lol. The novelty of it wore off after the first time I needed to get the actual worker over to get the stupid thing to work right

NotAsheep Nevada
09/29/11 4:42 am

Self checkout all the way. If I go to the 17 yr old bimbo cashier I always get stuck behind a woman trying to write an out of planet check, and the bimbo trying to page the never available, always overweight manager.

Soitgoes Missouri
09/29/11 2:36 am

Quit being racist and use the self checkout already.

09/29/11 1:29 am

I like self checking because it's fun :3 makes me feel like I have a job for a few minutes.

09/29/11 1:28 am

I generally save my shopping so I buy a bunch at once and the self check doesn't work well for the big trips, and I'm not old!

09/29/11 12:50 am

wwhhooaa look at the age!!!

jrgklovell Illinois
09/29/11 12:48 am

Honestly depends on the lines and number of items. I do like me a self check line though.

09/29/11 12:09 am

be a scary day when you could just be scanned as you exit with your hovercart full of stuff in an effort to remove shoplifting

leftocentr Oregon
09/28/11 11:31 pm

Yes if I have less than 5 items. More than that and the auto-checker is a pain in the ass.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 11:18 pm

Especially if our descendants are ... cyborgs. lol

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 11:07 pm

So, next time you see one of those loathsome self check out stations, LINE UP! Embrace the future! Your descendants will thank you!

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 11:05 pm

Even if fewer machines meant more jobs, more of those jobs would suck, and our standard of living, even for the poor, would be far lower.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 11:05 pm

Machines need people to make, sell, operate, and maintain them. In general, machines allow people to contribute in more productive ways than standing there doing some menial, repetitive tasks.

09/28/11 11:04 pm

I have no idea what my fetch man uses when he buys my food at Whole Foods.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 10:58 pm

The long touted belief that automation hurts the economy is a fallacy. The opposite is clearly the case.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 10:58 pm

Those machines can mean fewer employed cashiers, but more workers manufacturing them. And the savings to the store means lower prices. Lower prices means more money to spend on other things that employ people.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 10:52 pm

Regarding the perceived negative effect of self checkout machines on employment and the economy: I would like every person who wants a job to have one. However, the picture is far larger and more complex than can easily be discussed in a forum like this. Here is a simplified, but relevant example.

marchule66 Colorado
09/28/11 9:57 pm

those people are payed to do something!

Britton Louisiana
09/28/11 9:46 pm

Definitely depends. Less than 5 items and I'll self checkout. Otherwise it's just too slow.

Jzz California
09/28/11 9:36 pm

i don't like looking up the codes for produce. the cashiers know them so much better. once in a while you get a new cashier who doesn't recognize celery, but they learn.

09/28/11 9:29 pm

God I hate those things, and they don't help the economy at all. How can you stand to use them if you know that your hurting your country

JDP 77096
09/28/11 9:15 pm

No thanks, we have enough unemployment as it is. I'd rather wait for an hour at the cashier register. At least that way I can help someone keep a job.

09/28/11 9:02 pm

if I have a lot of items, I prefer just letting the cashier ring it up. Otherwise I like just checking it out myself.

BadBadger Georgia
09/28/11 9:00 pm

Depending on the store, I would guess the percentage of self checkouts that require some human intervention range from 5 to 20. Just a WAG, but on occasion it can seem much higher.

09/28/11 8:42 pm

the part I hate about the machines is when they demand that you bag the item when it's like 0.0001 oz. It gets stuck and won't let you move on

DamageInc California
09/28/11 8:33 pm

Depends on the number of items. If under 10 then usually the answer is yes.

brbug Florida
09/28/11 8:29 pm

Most people say yes, it's sad we rely on computers and machines to do work then blame the government for unemployment and not having jobs...