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10/31/11 8:43 am

What kind of question is that ,I chose LnM anyway

10/30/11 8:08 am

I could always loose weight! Because if I was fat, I would be happy and thats what more important! :)

10/29/11 12:35 pm

Srry I meant self conious ppl in this nation

10/29/11 12:34 pm

There are a lot of VERY self conios

10/28/11 7:08 pm

give me a break! I live in Wisconsin and it's fat, fat, fat!

10/27/11 1:03 pm

I couldnt live with myself if I was fat. Im already happy and lean so there!!:)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/27/11 4:53 am

@ilovekfc He/she ;) Was only correcting your grammar, speaking of which I think I have a spot that is always bad grammar here in my own posts, yet I don't know 100% since posts aren't covered in grammar lessons :(


10/26/11 10:37 am

Huh, I'm my right weight for my height, but I ain't no twig, lol and happy as a clam :p so I choose happy, screw the mean, life is to short!!!

10/25/11 10:37 pm

@sw77 idk their gender geez stop creepin :D

10/25/11 9:02 pm

U can always lose the wieght

TheKilling New Jersey
10/25/11 7:30 am

I've been at both over the past 5 years

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
10/25/11 5:44 am

I freer to be lean and mean. I am currently overweight and I am not happy about it.

drhawkeye CA
10/25/11 5:35 am

I read it as what I favor. Although taken as what I am, More lean and happy.

I feel these results are the perfect example of how superficial the American society has become with favoring physical appearance over personality. Yikes

10/24/11 11:13 pm

@ripe you must be really unintelligent because you spelled disgusting discussing I find your face disgusting sir/mam.

10/24/11 11:10 pm

Usually when people are "bigger" they are mean but im lean and im NICE.

Colcat Kentucky
10/24/11 10:48 pm

Cmon a Twinkie every now and then . It can help improve your life.

10/24/11 8:05 pm

eric: it's a hypothetical exercise, stop whining.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/11 7:59 pm

Yes you can be very mean to your self when you diet. I found being kind to yourself is very important. You can be strict and kind at the same time.

10/24/11 5:53 pm

Tops I totally agree that folks who are unhappy (or mean) will generally be that way regardless of their weight. 'Wherever you go, there YOU are.' It's like when a person thinks they'll solve all their problems by simply moving - in AA we call it 'pulling a geographic'. Similar with weight I think.

Eric Wisconsin
10/24/11 5:01 pm

Jesus. The people in this discussion are quite rude. I guess most here ARE lean and extremely mean. I guess you just think you're better than everyone.

10/24/11 2:04 pm

Over weight ppl are generally kinder than "regular" people. Im not fat but not lean either. My sympathy goes out to those husky ppl who are sweethrts.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/24/11 12:25 pm

oops, my overweight finger hit send too many times ; )

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/24/11 12:24 pm

I answered fat and happy because being mean just plain sucks

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/24/11 12:24 pm

I answered fat and happy because being mean just plain sucks

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/24/11 12:24 pm

I answered fat and happy because being mean just plain sucks

alizesmom Pennsylvania
10/24/11 12:23 pm

been lean and unhappy, lean and happy, fat and unhappy, fat and happy; one has nothing to do with the other

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/24/11 11:23 am

Guys, who cares how many mussels you ate? We're talking muscles, please be kind to auto-correct ;)


10/24/11 10:44 am

More mussel than fat?

10/24/11 8:17 am

this q sounds a comparison between two bacon products

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/24/11 6:36 am

Friday night at dinner we watch The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix—laughing all the way through!

Our family has laughter in it a lot!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/24/11 6:35 am

@DenverDM You bet! I can get past her in the kitchen to get water now! And she is SOOO much happier now.

@BadBadger If all of us are at the dinner table, the laughter that comes up over a serious conversation (or nothing at all) makes the whole family laugh…

10/24/11 5:24 am

Discussing what? Grammar? Literacy?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/11 12:53 am

Yes, my father found iterating ( annoying ) can't spell. Said I had an awful laugh. But you can teach an old dog new tricks for us older gals I'd recommend the Red Hat Society. 

BadBadger Georgia
10/24/11 12:13 am

Seriously, Tops? Forbidden to laugh as a child? That's terrible! Humor was encouraged and treasured in my family. We all like to laugh, but we wish it was all the way to the bank!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/11 12:08 am

Got that from a nutritionalist. Had that birthday July 4. So I am slightly curvy and happy. Not over weight. More mussel than fat. Self image rather than weight has more to do with happiness.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/24/11 12:03 am

People who hate themselves fat feel the same way skinny. You need to heal the within. The hardest thing in loosing weight and keeping it off was accepting my self. I was forbidden to laugh as a child. It's a skill I'm learning as I age. At 62 you are allowed to be a littler than the AMA chart.

10/23/11 8:17 pm

Fiat, how proud you must be of your Mom!!! She sounds like she's a Rick star!

DarrellJay Georgia
10/23/11 7:58 pm

It's funny most of America says Lean and Mean but most of America is always obese.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/23/11 7:48 pm

@leftocenter Hey, my mom was morbidly obese for 14 years and it took MOTIVATION to lose the weight. In theory it's simple. In practice it is REALLY hard to break free from those secret habits. Not to mention the small % that are incapable of losing weight due to some medical problem.


Feerzz Missouri
10/23/11 5:35 pm

It'd be easier to just lose weight than try to become happy

10/23/11 5:26 pm

Cont'd -The burden also extends to our health insurance rates, as you said.

10/23/11 5:24 pm

@Left, I wished *no* hardship for anyone you loved. Didn't say obesity was one. Myself, I'm a drunk who hasn't drank for 13 years. Idk why my sister eats the way she does - but we each have problems whether we share them here or not.
Btw I agree it can be a burden on our taxes - I'm sorry for that.

leftocentr Oregon
10/23/11 4:40 pm

Fat ain't a hardship. It is lazy. Eat less move more. Bingo, not fat. It's fat hogs that drive up my health insurance rates. No sympathy at all. Like I said, only in America. Food ain't love fatties!!!

musiclovr Colorado
10/23/11 3:56 pm

1) it's not are you FaH or LaM but would you rather.
2) Fat does not nessiscarily mean giant or obese or unhealthy.
3) You can lose weight and become lean.
With that in mind I say FaH all the way

10/23/11 3:17 pm

Having watched the finger-pointing and name-calling that my sister has endured all of her life, sadly I can see how the phrase 'lean and mean' came to be.

I've always 'defended' overweight people, for lack of a better word, for her.

Which one of us is perfect, for crying out loud?????