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Are both Obama and Romney Christians? (UQ)

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dannoman Missouri
11/03/12 9:43 am

To enter his heart and be lord of his life. That is what it means to be a Christian. Many people have a falsified view of Christians because they are ignorant of these facts.

dannoman Missouri
11/03/12 9:41 am

Chanzilla- you are incorrect. It is historical fact that Jesus Christ existed. To "not believe in him" would be ridiculous. A Christian is a person who believes that Jesus is God's son, believes he died for all mans sins, believes he rose three days later, then repents of his own sins and asks Jesus

austinr96 Alaska
11/03/12 9:28 am

Romney is wearing magic underwear!

sgeisler18 Illinois
11/02/12 9:33 pm

No. Mittens Romney is a robot, therefore he has no religion.

11/02/12 9:24 pm

Islam and Jews believe in Jesus.

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
11/02/12 10:53 am

... and so no other church can be a "Christian" church unless it agrees with the Catholic Church? That's not reasonable. Don't know why you're intent on attacking Mormons while ignoring the evidence that were Christians too. Are you a religious bigot? So biased that you have to attack? WWJD?

Guru Maryland
11/01/12 7:49 pm

Romneys mormon obama is something

monkeyy Ohio
11/01/12 6:06 pm

His death and resurrection was to conquer temporal death, the atonement was to overcome spiritual death.

monkeyy Ohio
11/01/12 4:27 pm

That's true, but it was corrupted by men after the death of Jesus and the apostles. Many changes were made overtime.
We, members of the LDS church, believe that our church is the original church restored to its pure form, as Christ established it while he was on the earth.

11/01/12 3:11 pm

Doctrinal differences? By that definition Moonies and Muslims are Christian too. You can't be as different as you are and claim to be the same religion. I am an atheist, I don't have any stake in theological debates, but I am familiar with your beliefs and "Christian" is a huge stretch.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
11/01/12 6:50 am

...therefore, the original Christian church

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
11/01/12 6:49 am

Yes, the Catholic Church is the first Christian church. Jesus told Peter, "You are Peter (which in Greek means "Rock"), and on this Rock I will build my church." So, through 2000 years of Apostolic Succession, you can trace the Papacy all the way back to Peter.

11/01/12 1:34 am

You know what? I've had it with this app and all of the right-wing BS that goes with it. Delete-goodbye!


11/01/12 1:33 am

That's BS! Snopes has since proven that wrong.

fuknhaus California
11/01/12 12:20 am

why do you think their both delusional.

Phauxmcleod PacNW
10/31/12 3:25 pm

A Christian is defined by someone who believes in Jesus Christ. Which both politicians do.

toadocean Salt Lake City, UT
10/31/12 2:32 pm

Mormons are threats to the "self proclaimed Christians" and don't listen to what Mormons have to say about their own religion... Instead they listen to their pastor or some Baptist radio station... Howbout, ya just ask a Mormon what they believe? Fastest growing faith in the world.

dannoman Missouri
10/31/12 8:13 am

Neurokeen- right on! I totally agree!

dannoman Missouri
10/31/12 8:11 am

As a Christian myself, I understand the criticism that these men encounter from the general public. I just pray that they will both seek God's counsel in making decisions.

dannoman Missouri
10/31/12 8:08 am

It's not my place to judge. My Bible tells me that I have the ability to discern things like this by the actions of others. Being a Christian doesn't mean you don't sin, however I don't share the same beliefs as either candidate. But I don't personally know the heart of either man.

Think Lovin Life
10/31/12 7:21 am

Hyn ... You need to check your facts. The Roman Catholic Church isn't the "original church". It was formed hundreds of years after the apostles were dead.

gateway18 New Jersey
10/31/12 5:25 am

I honestly believe that Obama practices satanism. I saw a pic of him sacrificing a goat behind a mantle with an upside down cross in the background on the white house lawn.

whatsername Hawaii
10/30/12 10:41 pm

Does it matter?

10/30/12 10:01 pm

Christianity branched off of Judaism as did Islam. Mormonism, along with all the other sects of Christianity that exist now, is exactly that: a sect of Christianity.
So I'm curious as to what you think they should be referred to.

10/30/12 8:57 pm

To be fair, I find calling Mormons a subset of Christians equivalent to calling Christians a subset of Jews...


10/30/12 8:36 pm

So who decides if someone is Christian? A council or Jesus Christ?


10/30/12 8:34 pm

Agony? Where in the world did you get that? I'm a Mormon and was a missionary. I know the doctrine. What you're saying just isn't true.


10/30/12 8:30 pm

True redemption huh? Where in the scriptures is "true redemption" mentioned?


10/30/12 8:29 pm

Yeah so...I'm a devout Mormon and that's not true at all. Just for the record everybody. I would certainly hope that if someone went about spreading fallacies about your religion, you'd clear it up.


10/30/12 8:27 pm

Oh boy! Here we go again!

10/30/12 7:49 pm

Mormons are actually Christians. I think of them as the red headed step child of Christianity, because people like to act like Mormons aren't Christian because they can come off as being a little "different". And I dont even like Romney. But Religion and politics shouldn't go hand in hand.


10/30/12 7:06 pm

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation UNDER GOD (it's even in our own Pledge if Allegiance), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Randfan72 Hoosier Nation
10/30/12 7:04 pm

Mormons are not Christians. Therefore Romney isn't Christian.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
10/30/12 6:35 pm

Just saying; all of the sects are really just protesting (hence the term PROTEST-ant) the original Christian church; the Roman Catholic Church.

wiildkat Propertarian
10/30/12 12:19 pm

And what do different Christian sects not disagree on?

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/30/12 10:52 am

Funny, Churches disagree about re-marriage, divorce, musical instruments in church, baptism (needed or not) and whether babies that die go to heaven. Christians can't agree on baptism, sprinkling, immersion, faith v grace, etc. yet they carve a concocted definition just to exclude Mormons.

TempName14 Everywhere but nowhere
10/30/12 10:45 am

I've never heard true redemption as the legal reason for why we're not Christian's. Usually the trinity is what's cited, among others. It seems everyone picks their own legality to explain their reasoning. In any case, the reason is legalistic and has nothing to do with following Christ.

wiildkat Propertarian
10/30/12 10:38 am

You're a little confused about what Mormons believe. I'm not sure where you heard anything about aliens, but as a Mormon, I can tell you that is not what we believe.

wiildkat Propertarian
10/30/12 10:33 am

Mormons worship Jesus Christ as the Savior. Why else would their church be called the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints?

wiildkat Propertarian
10/30/12 10:30 am

I am Mormon. That isn't true. We believe he had to die for all men.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
10/30/12 9:54 am

Jesus stated over and over that He had to DIE for man to be saved from sin. The LDS church just thinks that all He had to do was shed blood; therefore, not in line with Christian belief.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
10/30/12 9:47 am

Look Okie, I'm not saying that the LDS church loves Jesus any more, or any less. I'm simply saying that the Christian majority does not consider them Christian because they don't believe in the true Redemption.