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Show Of Hands June 12th, 2012 12:00am

Since the SOH 1.9 update and the introduction of categories, I have doubled the number of daily questions. Like or dislike?

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GirlOnFire Ohio
06/18/12 11:40 am

Oh and tony, maybe there could be an option where you could see all the questions in one category at a time and switch back and forth between them. For example if I wanted to see all the "funny questions" I could press "funny" and it'd take me to all the questions. Idk if this makes sense to u...

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/18/12 10:42 am

@optimist, what device do u have? I'm using an iPod touch and I can't load old polls. Unless I'm doing something wrong...
Maybe there should be an archives or something, just putting that out there.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/17/12 11:12 pm

@girlonfire, u just need to scroll more. If you go down to the very bottom then wait, it will update and reload the comments. Then you scroll down some more and there they are . U may not revive this comment, do I'm gunna put it on another poll.

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/17/12 8:37 pm

But I still love the update and increased questions:)

GirlOnFire Ohio
06/17/12 8:37 pm

I wish you could see old questions…at the bottom they just disappear.

Tony SOH Founder
06/14/12 7:07 pm

@wedaslaves. yes - currently to disconnect two devices that share a single account you need to delete and reinstall on one of them.

monkeyy Ohio
06/14/12 6:18 pm

You know what I don't like? I had to change my username from "monkey:)" to "monkeysmile" because there can now only be alpha numerical characters. The first one is totally better! :(

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/14/12 3:37 pm

Tony, my boys are curious about soh. I could be grandfather, but our boys are younger... I had problems with new accounts etc. however, I want to break their touch into another name. Should I delete app and start fresh? It is joined with my ipad3 currently. Not sure if internal Id is used.

monkeyy Ohio
06/14/12 2:29 pm

Like! I enjoy the excess questions. I get bored if there are no new polls for a long time.

gonk In a psychology textbook
06/13/12 11:20 pm

Tony, I don't have a Facebook, but I'd be interested to see that information... :/

Tony SOH Founder
06/13/12 10:07 pm

optimist - for soh it's myself and a couple partners at this point. all part time (for the moment)

Tony SOH Founder
06/13/12 10:05 pm

2katz I posted a series of breakdowns on the demographics on the soh Facebook page a couple weeks ago

06/13/12 9:24 pm

Maybe release them in two batches - every twelve hours - so there's always something new

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/13/12 9:08 pm

Tony, is there a place here that shows the overall demographics of the SOH crowd?

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/13/12 9:05 pm

I like the update. Tony, I notice again the rapid jump in Obama's percentage here in the last 2 days, seemingly not in sync with national polls and many sources' reports of voter disenchantment.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/13/12 8:01 pm

Optimist, if you do some homework you will see that Tony has quite an impressive background, in a gentle way. He is also quite the Entrepreneur. He is da boss man of many IT people. However, this is more of a passion. If you keep misbehaving, he might give you a timeout ;-).

06/13/12 6:44 pm

Oops that was people who Can't play nice! I wasn't complaining optimist just thinking someone had a like mind :)

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 6:16 pm

How many people work with you, Tony? Do u have a crew, cooperation or a one man job?

Tony SOH Founder
06/13/12 5:50 pm

@weda yeah they do, in fact my son is sitting next to me now as we talk about some of the interesting poll results.

I don't do a ton of coding myself right now, although I dabble still. Mostly I do design, strategy, content, support, and begging for ad clicks to pay the bills. :-)

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 5:27 pm

Now that I think of it, I could've said it wasn't my joke...

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 5:26 pm

Yes aw, I thought that was funny so I used it! However, I couldn't find who posted that, so I though the person would show up. :) that was funny!

juiceman1601 Alton Il.
06/13/12 5:24 pm

Lol guess that answers your question.

06/13/12 3:40 pm

@optimist. That's like what I said the other day when a certain Floridian said it to someone. Either that, or start banning people who can play nice.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/13/12 3:36 pm

There needs to be an auto- changer that changes "go **** yourself" to "I respect your opinion, but value my own."

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/13/12 2:35 pm

Tony, do Debbie and your boys like this app? It sounds like it takes time to have the changes made and go through the apple testing and approval process... Do you still do hands on coding on this project?

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/13/12 11:07 am

I just read where Tony said in the update he'll try to add photos, the ability to like and dislike comments and all those things, very smart move! In my previous comment I said this was a awesome app, those upgrades would take this app over the top! Can't wait!

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
06/13/12 11:03 am

I love that there are more questions! SOH is a awesome app! Good job, Tony :)

timeout Boston Strong
06/13/12 11:02 am

Yes Tony that is a problem I've accidentally blocked people while scanning. Especially on smaller i pod or i phone it's very easy to do. Should be a better option to retrieve.

06/13/12 9:19 am

Hey! Something we all agree on!

katniss Dallas, TX
06/13/12 6:18 am

@ziggy I still see the states. Have you updated?

ziggy Arkansas
06/13/12 6:12 am

I wish the comments still said which state the commentor is from

06/13/12 5:55 am

Unblock everyone cuz I've blocked by accident

ilikepie Pieland
06/13/12 5:17 am

LOVE LOVE LOVE this update love that there's more questions (although there can never be enough questions) categories are cool so I don't have to feel obligated to answer questions I don't know the meaning of and I like having more showdowns than just the election. 5 star app

Rhymez Alaska
06/13/12 5:06 am

When will the update be available for Android?

FrankZappa New York
06/13/12 4:50 am

I said, what happens if you block yourself?

FrankZappa New York
06/13/12 4:50 am

What happens if you block yourself?

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
06/12/12 11:02 pm

Tony I am open to reset all but unholy babble. I think I accidentally blocked one or two people when I was learning app.

BushyTop Seattle, WA
06/12/12 10:59 pm

I wish more showdown topics were up. Baseball teams, who do you think will come out of the closet in the next year. Favorite vehicle to drive? (trucks, muscle cars, family cars, motorcycles, schwinn.....etc. Most hated person in sports (tiger, lebron James.....etc every week someone gets knocked out

gonk In a psychology textbook
06/12/12 10:53 pm

I do love how you've made it very easy to find your comments. Very sexy.

Tony SOH Founder
06/12/12 10:47 pm

I hear ya Gonk. These are just ideas...and even if we implement them users would still be anonymous unless they choose to announce themselves somehow. Anonymity, simplicity, transparency, and interesting/enlightening content will remain the pillars of soh. :-)

gonk In a psychology textbook
06/12/12 10:42 pm

Video comments? Friending? Profile photos??? Tony...! We're not Facebook! We're Show of Hands! Anonymity, please!

But no such thing as too many questions...

blutuesday California
06/12/12 10:05 pm

Lisa, you can always block them again in the future.

06/12/12 10:03 pm

What categories?? I don't see any categories. No I blocked em for a reason

06/12/12 10:02 pm

I didn't know we could block. Go for it!

blutuesday California
06/12/12 9:57 pm

YES, Tony...great interim solution. UNBLOCK PLEASE!!!

Tony SOH Founder
06/12/12 9:52 pm

Folks - what would you think about me "unblocking" everyone all at once? I know we need a way for y'all to do so on your own, but that's gonna take a while. In the meantime, should I just push the big RESET button and let people re-ignore if they choose to?