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05/21/12 6:34 pm

baseball so boring sit there waiting for the ball

crewkid New York
05/21/12 12:46 pm

@Bri-and you have won my respect completely! Lacrosse is my favorite sport to watch (Let's Go Hawks!!!) and Crew is the sport that I do and I love it.

05/16/12 6:18 pm

I play lax way more exciting

05/14/12 2:32 pm

The multi sport athletes that played on my team, it was always the soccer players who were in the best shape. Followed by hockey and basketball players. The football players were in horrible shape. They were big but no conditioning. That high school won state in football multiple times this decade.

05/14/12 2:27 pm

@laxne. I'm sorry when I originally read it I thought you said you won the NCAA tournament last year. Of course I've heard of Hobart. I played for a club in college for awhile.

iyfyuk Massachusetts
05/14/12 12:11 pm

lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America but baseball is far greater

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/13/12 5:45 pm

Lacrosse is a real mans sport. That and Crew.

05/13/12 8:08 am

Yes swole, I am. Paul Rabil and Kyle Harrison would burn them all day. They probably couldn't even throw and catch.

05/13/12 8:07 am

80% of people probably don't even know what lacrosse is.

05/13/12 8:04 am

Also, baseball is the easiest sport to play in the world. You stand around catching and throwing a ball, hardly running at all.

05/13/12 8:01 am

I play lacrosse. It is more exhausting and physically demanding than football, hockey, and soccer because it combines ALL OF THEM. I'd like to see any of you even try to play.

05/12/12 10:54 pm

Well what about girls' lax? And for those of you who call us laxers unathletic, you're probably just jealous. Most girls who play lax play at least 1 other sport too. Soccer, tennis, or hockey.

SwolePatro Georgia
05/12/12 10:22 pm

Catslax, so your telling me Julius peppers, Jared Allen, Demarcus ware, wouldn't dominate the highest level of lacrosse? It wouldn't even be fair

SwolePatro Georgia
05/12/12 10:20 pm

You could pick any professional athlete you wanted outside of lacrosse and with time to train and learn the sport, they would dominate. I'm not saying there aren't good athletes in lacrosse, I'm just saying there are better athletes in most other sports

05/12/12 9:19 pm

Herroguys, are you stupid? Pro football players are more athletic? Your telling me that a lineman who runs in short increments is more athletic than a lacrosse player who runs up and down a field for 60 mins? The least athletic position is goalie, but you have to be tough for that.

chrismisen atlanta
05/12/12 5:26 pm

@fendergirl, didnt say it wasnt. if you read all of my posts, i said i would rather lacrosse over baseball. the point i was making was that football and basketball players are generally more athletic than lacrosse players.

chrismisen atlanta
05/12/12 5:24 pm

@laxne1, agreed. although professional football and basketball players are more athletic than pro lacrosse players. but the emphasis could be on different sports in different places, definitely.

05/12/12 12:12 pm

at my College the best athletes were lacrosse players because we had a winning reputation.

05/12/12 12:10 pm

in reality anyone who players sports is athletic. whether one attracts the best depends on region and reputation. In Georgia the best may gravitate to football or baseball while in central ny or long island and Baltimore it may be lacrosse.

fendergirl Ohio
05/12/12 10:57 am

@herroguys uhm lax is one of the more athletically demanding sports, and definitely more so than baseball. Some of the baseball legends have been very out of shape. Lacrosse is way more physically demanding.

fendergirl Ohio
05/12/12 10:55 am

Lacrosse is a million times more exciting than baseball.

05/12/12 10:13 am

MrRisin, not Virginia, Hobart 76-80. Division 3 but quite a few titles. played high school in Syracuse so I do know a little about the game. thanks for coaching we need more at the youth level.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
05/12/12 9:42 am

No real sport begins with "La".
Sounds French and thus Queer.

05/12/12 5:41 am

@heroguys...that is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard. People play the sport they like. No one plays something just because they are athletic. And if you're not athletic then lacrosse is one of the LAST sports you play. There's too much coordination required.

05/11/12 9:30 pm

Laxne you don't play for Virginia. Quit lying. I played and coached high school lacrosse. I also love baseball. If given the choice to go see a div I or a MLB game in going to the MLB game everytime. The lax team I coached won state last year also.

chrismisen atlanta
05/11/12 9:21 pm

oh, ive played. for 2 years. and i know that 95% of high schoolers who play it do so because they're not good enough to do anything else. now, im not saying every lacrosse player is unathletic; im just saying that most actually athletic people play basketball or football instead. no need to be angry

05/11/12 8:54 pm

SwolePatro How little you know. my college team was NCAA champs so I know a bit about the athletes that play the game

Nerdz Texas
05/11/12 8:15 pm

what is lacrosse? I guess baseball

05/11/12 7:41 pm

baseball is 3 boring hours to see maybe 5 minutes of action.

05/11/12 7:36 pm

I'll be the first to admit baseball is 1 kinda boring if you don't love it and 2 not very physically demanding. However, it is the most skill demanding sport out there. I'm a sophomore in HS so I know. Trying getting a hit off a kid who can throw 80 then 65 curve the next pitch. Very difficult

05/11/12 7:33 pm

White, don't really know what happened there lol

05/11/12 7:33 pm

@yune baseball is the witenagemot mans sport? Really have you ever watched a baseball game? Lol

05/11/12 7:31 pm

Hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in sports. Period.

dedoo14 Texas
05/11/12 6:09 pm

I hate baseball but I don't even know what lacrosse it!!!

05/11/12 5:19 pm

@herroguys Hahahahahahaha!!!! Try playing lacrosse, and THEN tell me who's not physically gifted.

05/11/12 5:15 pm

@SwolePatro lacrosse is a real sport. It's for people who can't play sports? Really? You obviously have never seen a lacrosse game. And FYI I play softball AND lacrosse, and I think they're both equally sports, but if I had to pick, lacrosse is a lot more fun and faster paced and WAY more intense

05/11/12 5:08 pm

Is that even a question?! LAX ALL THE WAY!!! Wayyy more entertaining to play, and to watch, than baseball... Yeah laxers!!!! :)

chrismisen atlanta
05/11/12 4:50 pm

@qwerty13, lacrosse is a sport for those not physically gifted enough to play basketball or football. it's true. i'll take neither of these, but id rather watch lacrosse.

05/11/12 4:48 pm

Lacrosse separates the boys from the men. Or the girls from the women. Baseball? Whoever can catch and hit a ball. Yay. Good job baseball players.

Jack14 Massachusetts
05/11/12 3:43 pm

'mericas pastime. I know they suck right now, but Go Sox!

dbrat East Coast
05/11/12 3:11 pm

really?? who the hell plays lacrosse!