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RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
10/03/12 7:17 am

It's situational. If its a "sandwich" based question than my answer would be Swiss. However since I LOVE pizza, mozzarella is my obvious choice.

Way to over think the question! Lol!

calloveca California
10/02/12 5:48 pm

i prefer swiss. besides it's much better for you.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/02/12 10:15 am

Mozzarella is for food purposes like pasta..but Swiss FTW a

10/01/12 11:56 pm

One of the hardest questions I've answered on Show of Hands...

10/01/12 10:18 pm

Swiss cheese smells like butt. And that's not even a joke.

DeathSheep Michigan
10/01/12 6:11 pm

Mozzarella was a country :o

The sad part is, a lot of you prolly thought I was serious lol

MittR0mney Wisconsin
10/01/12 2:02 pm

Yes I can totally agree with what you say

You should vote for me and I will represent your views

10/01/12 12:56 pm

Kerry gold, Irish Swiss is the best!

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
10/01/12 12:19 pm

Mozzarella for the melting properties. Monterey jack is my favorite though.

Liberatheist Mustafar
10/01/12 11:46 am

Anything other than pizza it's swiss. Swiss to me has a more standoutish flavor.

10/01/12 11:35 am

As you get older, Swiss gets better apparently.

10/01/12 11:24 am

This isn't fair. On Pizza & Lasagne it's Mozzarella, on sandwiches and to munch on it's Swiss - Two great cheeses but two totally different types -

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/01/12 11:00 am

Wow my two favorite cheeses! I'm prejudice I only like white cheeses.

10/01/12 10:11 am

Ask me if I want to chop a leg or arm off instead. Both cheeses are oh so good.

10/01/12 9:21 am

I would choose mozzarella if I could only have one, but cheese in general is just a fantastic item.

BriD Illinois
10/01/12 8:30 am

Both -- but I do really love Swiss!...

mememms WI
10/01/12 8:01 am

I love both so it's hard to decide. But I love Swiss more. Just has a certain great taste to it.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/01/12 7:40 am

My brain cell just short-circuited!

10/01/12 6:43 am

I've never actually tried Swiss. I can't get past the foot smell it has.

10/01/12 6:34 am

Both, along with parmesan, are my favorites.

CAKE is good for the soul.
10/01/12 6:24 am

Mozzarella is definitely more versatile, but Swiss is great too.

10/01/12 6:06 am

Mozzarella is a good everyday cheese, but Swiss is really delicious.

ncbuc Get Over It
10/01/12 4:57 am

I love practically all cheeses. Swiss is one of my least favorites.

EarlyBird Portland
10/01/12 4:51 am

I never met a cheese I didn't love!

angiebrite Gallifrey
10/01/12 4:42 am

That's tough..... If it's Swiss vs FRESH mozzarella, definitely mozzarella all the way. But if we are talkin French onion soup topper, Swiss

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
10/01/12 4:38 am

Swiss any time Mozzaerella is just to strong for my taste.

osouless Whats Next
10/01/12 3:55 am

Quite trolling. Some people commenting on these questions don't want to have to deal with that.

snafu Washington
10/01/12 12:45 am

I like both but mozzarella is more versatile and delicious.

10/01/12 12:01 am

I love mozzarella and Swiss both.

MittR0mney Wisconsin
09/30/12 11:33 pm

Yeah I hate Obama too

We have so much in common!
You should vote for tax cuts and deregulation
It'll work
Trust me!

Romney 2012

emsies Seattle
09/30/12 11:04 pm

Yeugh, always hated Swiss.
Love mozzarella, though.

MittR0mney Wisconsin
09/30/12 10:54 pm

Howbout just tax cuts and deregulation?

I'll put that on my food any day

Romney 2012

09/30/12 10:36 pm

It's a tie,
Mozzarella for pizza
Swiss for sandwiches
But neither for a cheese plate.

09/30/12 10:30 pm

Fresh mozzarella is best used to make pizza margherita!

monkees19 New Jersey
09/30/12 10:28 pm

Absolutely love both. The only two cheeses I actually like

09/30/12 10:24 pm

@elgazmo : now we're talking :)

Wert A picture of my junk
09/30/12 10:14 pm

Tough choice. I like both, but prefer very sharp cheeses.

09/30/12 10:07 pm

Both are pretty bland: how 'bout we choose between feta and blue, or goat cheese, or Gouda, or Irish cheddar, or emantaler, Camembert?

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
09/30/12 10:02 pm

Swiss with a strong walnuty flavor. Just like Marshall Fields used to sell. Yummy.

dbrat East Coast
09/30/12 9:45 pm

I like 'em both just on different things

AnnieM The Island
09/30/12 9:23 pm

I make basically that from time to time, but I toast the bread with olive oil and add cold diced Roma tomatoes.

AnnieM The Island
09/30/12 9:21 pm

Mozzarella easily. I can't stand the taste of Swiss. Never could. Though it is on a very, very short list of cheeses I've tried and don't like.

09/30/12 9:17 pm

Swiss cheese tastes like sweat

Kyonkichi Memphis
09/30/12 9:10 pm

Mozzarella. Duh.