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Show Of Hands January 24th, 2013 12:00am

Would you classify yourself as a political moderate, or more of a true liberal or conservative?

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01/31/13 9:15 am

Previously moderate but the right has gone so far off the wall conservative that my views are no longer considered moderate or mainstream by both parties. My moderate views are painted as commie liberal by the right wingers.

01/30/13 5:15 am

The difference in political views between Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell is about 4%. Their biggest concern is not about what to do with power, but who will have it.

01/28/13 9:25 pm

The Midwest takes their political matters very seriously.

01/27/13 2:20 pm

Neither. I'm anarchist. Lol

BiscuitJone Florida
01/26/13 10:20 pm

People confuse the word conservative with the word radical these days. If you are moderate, you are more conservative than you are radical. If you believe a person's individual freedoms are worth less than your religious opinion then you are radical NOT conservative.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/26/13 6:11 pm

Conservative. Definitely not Republican...they're not Conservative, they're moderate.

pashn4rshn Virginia
01/26/13 8:58 am

To verily be one side or the other all the time shows a lack of ration and deeper thought. The best thinkers know there are few absolutes and many more colors than black or white on any issue.

01/26/13 8:48 am

VB, you missed the question. It's not Lib/con at the same time. It's asking if you fall in perfect line with one of the two major political parties or are somewhere in between the two of them.

jess1cas Tallahassee, FL
01/25/13 8:38 pm

Annie, I am one of those fiscally conservative, socially liberal people. I consider myself a Libertarian Republican because I'm not really worried about how you live your life socially. It's not the govt's business.

thehopedivision Atlanta
01/25/13 8:01 pm

To be "true" either is to be truly ignorant.

RJ1969 SoCal
01/25/13 5:31 pm

Cheef, the deficit has decreased. Check your facts,

RJ1969 SoCal
01/25/13 5:29 pm

Geee, haven't heard that like 20 times already.

01/25/13 3:54 pm

Because 99.9% of the politicians are spineless and vote the way their party whips tell them to vote!

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:22 pm

Politics isn't all black and white. It's a million shades of grey.

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:22 pm

those issues are taken on the whole.
There's a huge difference between being far right on some issues and far left on others than being both liberal and conservative at the same time on one individual issue.

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:22 pm

equal marriage, but against abortion. Politics is not a choice between one party or the other. It's a choice between two, three, four or even a hundred choices on each individual issue whether it be minor or hugely important.
It is incredibly easy to be a blend of the two major parties when all…

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:20 pm

Lots of people are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. When you read the comments that seems to be the most common view of people saying they voted "moderate."
Very, very few people are going to agree with one party or the other on every little detail. Plenty of people are maybe for…

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:11 pm

supposedly made by famous and historical figures, but they never fact check them or cite sources on them. Then people see the same quote on a dozen websites all attributed to the same person and assume it must be legit.

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:10 pm

It's not even something that is a recent trend. People have been falsely attributing phrases & statements to Mark Twain for more than 150 years for the exact same reasons. It's just more prevalent these days what with the internet and all.
There's all those quotes sites that are filled with quotes…

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 12:04 pm

Yeah, it's ridiculously common these days for people to say something they think is poignant and wise (and sometimes it is) and then intentionally attach some famous person's name to it as if they said it. It means that more people will post it, use it, spread it and remember it.

raiderbob sicklerville, nj
01/25/13 11:43 am

Thanks for the info. I read the quote a long time ago and it was attributed to Churchill. Doesn't matter to me who said it. I still like the quote

01/25/13 11:30 am

Oh ok so making comments about the Jewish lobby? And vehemently opposing a single USO gym which happened to be in Tel aviv. So please explain how he is for Israel in action not just in words? But I guess calling them hymies isn't racist either is it?

DrReid Ever present.
01/25/13 11:14 am

Chuck Hagel is not against Israel, republicans are just moving the goal posts.

01/25/13 11:08 am

I think that's one reason people like to identify as libertarians. Same with many conspiracy theorists. Its a mentality that one holds the 'true knowledge' while the sheeple squabble over petty left-right issues. There's not anything wrong with being libertarian, but don't think you're not flawed.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/25/13 11:00 am

I say this from reading people's post, had nothing to do with what Tony said. Read some of these posts. Some people are saying I usually lean far liberal or far conservative. How can that same person have 2 completely opposite political views. They must argue with themselves.

01/25/13 10:37 am

So do you go diving with nitrogen?

chile safer than congress
01/25/13 9:53 am

What president has ever been unyielding? All of the ardent diehards have eventually buckled. If they don't, everything log jams.
Moderates know there is no such thing is pure one-way politics. Decide your top 3 things, and be ready to negotiate on all others.

Sijray21 Northern Virginia
01/25/13 9:03 am

It was also a federal holiday ;-)

commonsense America isnt racist
01/25/13 8:00 am

A million people attended Obamas inauguration. Only 14 of them missed work.

Zackisan VC Member
01/25/13 7:40 am

Why are we lying? I am truly a moderate who shares some liberal views and some conservative views and I am proud to be one

chance Sirnotappearinginthisfilm
01/25/13 7:33 am

I'd say 54% of the people are liars.

01/25/13 7:29 am

I am a conservative who deeply despises the "Republican" party. But that's what I get for trusting in man.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/25/13 5:40 am

54% of the SOH population is moderate. If this statistic is even a partial reflection of our political beliefs as a nation, why do we have so many elected officials who seem to be at one extreme or the other? Where are our people in the middle? This frustrates me to no end.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/25/13 5:36 am

The Obama phones are not smart phones yet, so the dems do not have the money and resources to use this app. They will, I'm sure Obama will say its not fair that poor people don't have smart phones and supply people with them too. I mean we are getting to be completely socialized.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/25/13 5:35 am

I think Tony is asking if you fall to one of the ends of the political spectrum or if you are in the middle. He's not saying that you are both a true liberal and a true conservative at the same time.

01/25/13 5:34 am

Libertarian! Lol.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/25/13 5:32 am

How can you be a liberal and conservative, at the same time.Liberals are all about social, universal everything, controlled population one way and only one way,changing the constitution. Conservatives are freedom fighters. They believe the more laws infringe on our rights within the constitution.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/25/13 5:21 am

When you say biblical bigots, you are calling conservatives=ignorant. Just your statement alone is ignorant. liberals have double standards for everything. You are calling conservatives ignorant, in reality that is just and ignorant statement. Double standards, that is what's ruining this country.

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/25/13 5:07 am

Not a liberal that's for sure. I believe in our constitutional Rights that our founders have based this country.
Another thing, how can someone be far left/far right at the same time. I'm confused I have heard that before. One is north the other is south. Complete opposite. Someone enlighten me

AnnieM The Island
01/25/13 4:53 am

There's no record of Churchill having said that nor any record of anyone having heard him say that.
The Winston Churchill Centre and Museum even says that it makes no sense at all that he would say that since he was a conservative in his teens and a liberal at age 35.

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
01/25/13 4:52 am

You make progress one step at a time, not with giant leaps. Compromise allows change, trying to win creates resistance. You give a little, they give a little. If drawing a line worked, we'd have a balanced budget by now. Lines drawn over the last 4 years have hurt America and stopped progress.

pjatx Austin, TX
01/25/13 4:35 am

Because of decrease tax revenue and interest being paid on previous debt.