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Do you drink unfiltered tap water at home, or filtered/bottled water? (UserQ)

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05/09/12 9:21 pm

It looks like the South realizes the North's poo flows downstream.

kandykane California
05/09/12 4:46 pm

I wonder why the north seems to drink more tap water?

DrKelly Wisconsin
05/05/12 2:21 pm

too many carcinogens in AZ water!

redsox California
05/03/12 8:53 pm

Depends on your area of the country

05/03/12 6:40 pm

Tap or bottled. Neither is 100% safe, neither is horrifically bad ( depending on your region)

05/03/12 6:01 pm

Filtered. But why is it listed with bottled? Bottled water is more contaminated than tap because of all the plastic chemicals. Often only bottled tap anyway.

RJ1969 SoCal
05/03/12 5:40 pm

Mississippi said tap because they don't have a choice. otherwise, the question should have been tap or puddles in the back yard, in which case.....

RJ1969 SoCal
05/03/12 5:39 pm

I will say that the tap water in NYC is awesome! LA...not so great (very safe to drink, but not tasty).

RJ1969 SoCal
05/03/12 5:38 pm

the map clearly illustrates where the water tastes great!! and where it doesn't. it's all about source, distance traveled, and temperature.

05/03/12 11:34 am

Bottled water creates heaps of plastic trash.

05/03/12 1:35 am

Filtered or bottled are not the same this question is invalid.

maireclare Texas
05/03/12 12:34 am

The north/south difference is interesting.

elbow82 Veganland
05/02/12 11:30 pm

Usually use a brita, but don't buy bottled water.

DrBrisha Missouri
05/02/12 9:04 pm

@blackbenz...NWA! nice to meet you!

05/02/12 7:25 pm

Hay babbler, why don't we d some tests on you?! >;)

Nerdz Texas
05/02/12 6:49 pm

well, I drink filtered water from my refrigerator

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
05/02/12 6:21 pm

@DrBrisha: I am in NWA. What about you?

It's pretty terrible after it rains. Even the dishes from the dishwasher smells like fish.

nerdy Massachusetts
05/02/12 6:08 pm

Tap water smells like formaldehyde if it sits too long. Filtered water all the way.

HolyBabble Mississippi
05/02/12 5:13 pm

Tap water all the way!

All other waters are not subject to testing.

JAsher Fishers, IN
05/02/12 3:44 pm

I drink tap water, although I prefer not to. There are so many nasty things in the water around here, which I only know about because the husband of a woman I worked with is an attorney whose office does work for the Indianapolis water co. We have a water filter under the sink anyway.

blutuesday California
05/02/12 1:15 pm

Would GLADLY drink tap and stop paying for bottled water if ours didn't taste so utterly revolting. We're visiting in NYC right now and the tap water is great!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
05/02/12 11:49 am

I drink tap, but VA just got like a worst in the nation water quality assessment...

05/02/12 7:19 am

responses show a general lack of education about the bottled vs tap debate.

05/02/12 7:18 am

bottled water DOES NOT EQUAL tap water. do your research, there are many types of bottled water.

yepnope Maryland
05/02/12 7:08 am

I'll I want to check that bc I only drink tap but I don't trust that the link isn't a virus... Can anyone verify that?

ecchrist Mississippi
05/01/12 11:48 pm

St.Louis honestly has tap that tastes like bottled water! Can't get enough of it!

illbilly Texas
05/01/12 11:48 pm

If you need a reason not to drink tap water, ask yourself if it's fluoridated and then check out this google search.

DrBrisha Missouri
05/01/12 9:57 pm

@blackbenz....sounds like I am from the same area as you!

flyberg Northern Kentucky
05/01/12 9:44 pm

Tap water here has become over chlorinated. It tastes like pool water.

05/01/12 8:16 pm

filtered tap water here in ny. bottled water is an ecological nightmare and it is generally filtered tap water anyway.

eddiej Virginia
05/01/12 8:12 pm

interesting... northern states drink tap water....

05/01/12 8:04 pm

Tap water is disgusting where I live. The water is extremely hard.

seeker7 Pennsylvania
05/01/12 7:57 pm

Filtered tap water. Thank you Britta.

05/01/12 7:48 pm

no option for filtered tap water

05/01/12 7:43 pm

The gov't does not put fluoride in the tap water because they want its citizens to be cavity-free. They put it in to keep the population dumb and docile. Read about how fluoride calcifies your pineal gland.

05/01/12 7:13 pm

i just let the tap run a little the down the hatch it goes

Zack100 Tatooine
05/01/12 7:13 pm

There is fluoride in tap water that helps your teeth! Its like brushing your teeth by drinking