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Show Of Hands September 10th, 2012 12:00am

Do you tend to procrastinate on tasks/assignments that you don't enjoy, or get them done and out of the way ASAP?

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monkeyy Ohio
09/12/12 6:41 pm

I'm the biggest procrastinator.
But somehow i get everything done on time.
Funny how that works sometimes.

09/11/12 6:28 pm

Why do you think I'm on here now?

09/11/12 2:20 pm

Wait long enough and it might never need to be done, if the wife forgets too!

09/11/12 12:14 pm

Later. It's the American way!

gonzoboy Arizona
09/11/12 11:07 am

I tend do diligently get some tasks outta the way, so I can procrastinate on others...

timeout Boston Strong
09/11/12 8:22 am

I am the biggest procrastinator since I retired. I put everything off, get to it sooner or later. Most of the time later.

EarlyBird Portland
09/11/12 7:10 am

I wish our senators had to ask this question

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/11/12 4:18 am

Honor student and procrastinator here!!! I'm going for high honors next year :P.

09/11/12 1:12 am

Hey, who says procrastinators can't be perfectionists? I leave everything until the last second, then I make everthing perfect, making me sleep late every night...

zomj South Carolina
09/10/12 9:54 pm

no wonder why nothing gets done in this country...

dabrat East Coast
09/10/12 9:10 pm

Depends on what it is
Project at work = get a start while it's fresh
I can't think of anything I procrastinate on but I know I do it

09/10/12 8:28 pm

Overachiever type a perfectionist here. Guess which I chose ;)

yesmaam socal
09/10/12 8:11 pm

What's wrong with 77% of the nation!?!? Either that, or I'm just some overachieving Asian. No I'm not even that bad... You should see my friend. She actually colors nicely.

09/10/12 8:10 pm

Doing that right now but I should put my iPod touch down and start cheeping away at his mounting chemistry homework and Lab work some of which is already late ugh this is my hardest class ever I hate chemistry

09/10/12 7:52 pm

Look at Hawaii, being pro active

burdman Nowhere
09/10/12 6:59 pm

For school, I always do stuff the day before. The pressure of getting it done makes me do it 20 times faster than I would have if I had a longer time. I like where I work so there are not many unenjoyable tasks, but when there are, I do them asap.

dudley northern Virginia woods
09/10/12 6:08 pm

Would rather look forward to fun and get the icky stuff over with.

PurpleAsh Nowhere Land, CO
09/10/12 4:09 pm

I might be the worlds worst procrastinator, maybe I should move to Hawaii...

teaparty Cleveland
09/10/12 4:08 pm

I procrastinate by going on soh.

Sam95 Nebraska
09/10/12 3:54 pm

I'd rather get things done and out of the way and then I don't have to worry about them.
But I procrastinate too.

09/10/12 2:52 pm

I, too, wait until it cannot be delayed anymore, hoping it turns out not to be necessary or simply goes away.

chrismisen atlanta
09/10/12 1:46 pm

im a procrastinator, but i get stuff done early enough that i have some time to take breaks and therefore do a good job.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
09/10/12 1:34 pm

I'm with Zod on this one. Rational Procrastination for the win.

09/10/12 1:25 pm

I always procrastinate. I'm doing it right now, I should be doing homework...

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/10/12 1:02 pm

Wait 'till the last possible nanosecond, because maybe by then somebody else will have done it, or maybe the End of Days will have come. It makes no sense to do early what I don't WANT to do, just in case it turns out I don't really HAVE to.

SillyNiner New York
09/10/12 12:47 pm

I am a procrastinator, but I try to get it over with or it will never get done

09/10/12 12:41 pm

I swear there is only one person in Maine that votes just to be different

09/10/12 12:30 pm

I am a huge procrastinator and I HATE it. But it's a tough cycle to break.

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/10/12 11:26 am

How else would we find time to use SoH? :)

09/10/12 10:58 am

First week of school I was given two weeks to get a book for my English class. Still no book and I need it by tomorrow haha. I think that answers that

MGLC New Mexico
09/10/12 10:53 am

I'll answer this question later ;)

RJ1969 SoCal
09/10/12 10:51 am

Hard work pays off in the future, but laziness pays of now.

Wert A picture of my junk
09/10/12 10:17 am

pro-cras-ti-nay-yay-tion... it's makin' me wait.

09/10/12 10:02 am

I perform best when i do it early. I don't perform well when i procrastinate. Better now than never.

snafu Washington
09/10/12 10:01 am

I'm a procrastinator, not gonna lie.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
09/10/12 10:00 am

I get more house chores done trying to avoid doing stuff I don't want to do. Study for that test? Well... The house does need tidied up a bit first though. I'll study right after I vacuum... and throw a load of clothes in.

niteowl Hold Fast
09/10/12 9:24 am

If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.

09/10/12 9:21 am

Haha love the quote earlybird

EarlyBird Portland
09/10/12 8:56 am

"Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?"


BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
09/10/12 8:35 am

I love this question. I just loaded SOH i order to avoid a task just as this.

lastjedi Florida, US
09/10/12 8:12 am

I usually do it half-way between the assignment given date and the do-by date...don't ask why

katniss Dallas, TX
09/10/12 7:50 am

So close... And I tend to do them later (in a responsible way). I'm not going to do it at midnight the night before, but I might not do it a week early either.